Burials in Nebraska of Civil War Veterans
updates complete 12/29/2013 VET=known to be Civil War vet but unit unclear vet??=may not be Civil War veteran
NSM=no service mentioned in obit (pen)=date widows pension filed  (++)=known to be alive then
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Unit Rank/Company City of Burial Cemetery County
Quackenbush Reuben W. 1837 10/31/1895 1 WI Hvy. Art. Batt. F Carleton Carleton Thayer
Quante August 11/16/1839 4/23/1920 1 IN Cavalry Cpl. Co. L Glenrock Glenrock Nemaha
Queen Wesley 11/24/1836 12/12/1915 2 NE Cavalry Sgt. Co. F Lincoln Wyuka Lancaster
Queenan Anthony 1832 5/2/1890 17 WI Infantry Co. A Albion St.Michael's Boone
Queenan Michael 1/12/1839 11/10/1924 11 WI Infantry Cpl. Co. A Omaha St.Marys Douglas
Quenin Thomas 1831 1/29/1903 17 IL Cavalry Co. K Elm Creek Elm Creek Buffalo
Quest James D. 4/27/1844 2/17/1931 100 PA Infantry Co. F Shelton Shelton Hall
Quick George 9/1/1841 11/9/1916 14 KS Cavalry Co. K Salem Maple Richardson
Quick Henry S. 3/1833 9/26/1902 59 IL Infantry Cpl. Co. E North Bend Woodland Dodge
Quick Lorenzo V. 1/5/1845 9/4/1915 138 IL Infantry Co. D Lincoln Wyuka Lancaster
Quick Thurman M. 11/1829 3/6/1904 2 MO Cavalry Sgt. Co. L G.I. S & S Home Hall
Quiggle Robert H. 9/22/1836 3/16/1921 46 IL Infantry Wagoner Co. A Oak Oak Creek Webster
Quigley Elijah B. 4/1843 7/8/1904 12 IA Infantry+ Co. I Indianola Indianola Red Willow
Quigley George W. 1834 2/20/1897 78 OH Infantry+ Co. D Aurora Aurora Hamilton
Quigley William L. 4/1/1833 5/25/1906 86 NY Infantry Co. D Cedar Rapids Sunset Boone
Quillen William B. 10/12/1834 1/2/1910 vet??   Beaver City Mt.Hope Furnas
Quillin John W. 11/26/1842 10/7/1907 9 IL Cavalry Co. C   Grand View Johnson
Quimby Darius C. 7/13/1813 6/26/1904 37 IA Infantry Cpl. Co. F Grand Island Grand Island Hall
Quimby Freeman B. 6/23/1840 12/18/1928 7 WI Infantry Cpl. Co. C Lexington Greenwood Dawson
Quincy Samuel A. 10/22/1834 5/30/1911 43 WI Infantry Co. I Ashland Ashland Saunders
Quinlan Michael 1844 8/30/1909 4 IA Cavalry Co. G Dawson St.Marys Richardson
Quinlan Patrick 12/10/1842 7/3/1915 26 IA Infantry Co. A Blair Holy Cross Washington
Quinn Amos 2/1844 5/10/1914 7 PA Cavalry Co. K Beatrice Evergreen Home Gage
Quinn Edward 1841 6/17/1923 50 IL Infantry Co. I Omaha Holy Sepulchre Douglas
Quinn James H. 11/27/1837 2/20/1885 29 IA Infantry Co. G Ainsworth Ainsworth Brown
Quivey William W. 7/19/1842 7/29/1928 12 IA Infantry Co. C Mitchell Mitchell Scotts Bluff
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