History of the NE G.A.R. Posts


Provisional Organization 1867-1877    Permanent Organization 1877-1948

By Dave Wells  Omaha, Nebraska
     Nebraska has long noted the role that immigrants in the 1870s and 1880s played in the development of the state, but we have neglected to note the importance emigrants played in our history, in particular, veterans of our Civil War that was fought from 1861-1865.  Taking advantage of special provisions in the Homestead Act of 1862, thousands of former soldiers, both Union and Confederate, came west to Nebraska in the 1860s and 1870s.
     The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), was founded in 1866 in Illinois and became the largest of the groups founded for the benefit of former soldiers.  It was open to any honorably discharged Union veteran who had served in the Union army or navy during the great rebellion. Unlike many other groups of its kind, membership would never be expanded or opened to any others, not even wives, mothers or sons. If you wore the badge of the GAR, it could mean only one thing, the wearer had served his country during the war, had defended the Union, had been one of the "Boys in Blue".  But, this also meant that when the last Union Civil War veteran died, the organization would die with him.  Nebraska's last veteran was Michael Bondell, who died December 24, 1948 in Beatrice.  The last of the "Boys in Blue" was Albert Woolson, who died in Minnesota on August 2, 1956. With his death, the GAR came to an end.
     This history is not just a list of Posts, but is meant to show how they settled over the entire state and by sheer numbers alone, the influence they would have.  There were 367 Posts in Nebraska, covering every corner and section of the state.  For many of the towns a major portion of founders were veterans.  They would wield their influence for the next 50 years, playing prominent roles in all civic and government affairs.  There is hardly a town in the state that does not have a Civil War veteran buried in the city cemetery.  They were not the only people coming west, many others joined them, but their role in the settlement of the state has not been fully appreciated or recognized.
     The largest number of active Posts in one year was 274 in 1896, although 372 towns or locations had Posts during the 71 years the GAR was active in the state.  Peak membership in one year was only 8607 in 1892, but over 25,000 veterans were members over the years.  The 1890 Census listed over 23,000 Civil War veterans residing in Nebraska, although the GAR claimed there were close to 100M veterans in the state.  Many of the veterans did not see any purpose for the census, so they did not bother to register.
      Charter, Peak and total membership numbers are given for each Post, however precise figures were not always available.  Sources and problems with those sources for these numbers are explained at the end of this list.
      Although closing dates are given for each Post, that does not mean the veterans weren't still active in the community.  They continued to represent the GAR, particularly on Memorial Day, until the last one had died.  Whenever possible the last member of each Post (or city) is indicated.
      It was customary to name each Post after a battle or veteran who had died or been killed in the war.  In a few cases the person named was still alive, the death requirement being avoided by using the last name only.  These names are very important for they give a hint of some of the action they had seen.  It was a special honor and the selection was not taken lightly. In many cases it was possible to determine who most likely made the nomination, although we will never know the whole story as to why.  Additional comments concerning the GAR Halls and meeting times, Post names and last members are made at the very end of this report.

W. J. Hahn, Prov. Commander
Provisional Organization - July 10, 1867   
Silas Strickland, Commander

                                    1874   James Philpot, Commander
POST #                       1875   Paul VanDervoort, Commander

1       OMAHA    Chartered Dec. 13, 1866 by National Headquarters
          Omaha, 15 Members
          Attempt to re-organize April 18, 1870 as George Thomas, 12 Members

2        BROWNVILLE      Org. Sept. (10), 1867

E3     NEBRASKA CITY   Mustered by March (21) 1868
         Organized in 1867

4       LINCOLN  Mustered April (30), 1868
         Sheridan        Re-organized in July 1870, 11 Members

7       PLATTSMOUTH     Mustered May 9, 1868
         Plattsmouth     (Organized Jan. 3, 1867)



1      KEARNEY  Organized Dec. 1, 1870, 41 Members

2     SCHUYLER  Mustered Jan. 31, 1872
       Platte Valley   Organized April 15, 1871, 21 Members


E4    FAIRMONT   Organized (March 8, 1873)

5      BEATRICE  Mustered Aug. 2, 1873

      Since no reports or dues were sent to National Headquarters in 1867, Nebraska wasn't considered an active department.  There were no Department meetings and little communication between Posts.  The "Posts" apparently operated independently, and may have been only informal organizations rather than a properly mustered Post, as several of the Posts were not chartered until 1868, months after they initially organized.
      The strong Republican stance by the GAR in the 1868 elections led to disputes within the Posts.  The 1868 national election was very successful for the Republicans, but it had the opposite effect on the GAR.  Many veterans, particularly loyal Democrats, were offended by the use of the organization as a political tool and left the GAR.  Most of the early Posts, both in Nebraska and Nationally, were disbanded or at least in disarray by 1869. The GAR had to be virtually restarted in Nebraska in 1870.  It was much more difficult this time however, as many veterans were suspicious of the intentions of the GAR.
      It would not be until 1876, that a Post could be organized that would not close within two years.  Under the direction of Paul Van der Voort, the GAR would finally begin to take permanent roots. By June 1877, he had 7 active Posts and was able to form a permanent organization.
      Almost no records are available from this period, only a few letters and newspaper articles. The following comments are from the National GAR Journals.

1868 - Prov. Dept. started July 10,1867 with 7-8 Posts. Silas Strickland, Commander. Dept. to consist of State of Nebraska and Territory of Dakota.
1872 - The reports from this Department are not very satisfactory, but little progress has been made in building up the Department, the comrades mainly feeling a deeper interest in local political matters than the work of the order and consequently it is about at a standstill.
1873 - Departments remaining disorganized...Nebraska...
1874 - James E. Philpot of Lincoln, Nebraska Dept. Cmdr.
1875 - Nebraska has 2 or 3 Posts.  A new Commander (Paul Van Dervoort) was appointed August 26, 1874; but he has not thought it possible to do anything without involving the GAR in politics.  No friend of this order will consent to that, but my judgment is, that there is no occasion to fear it, if the right man is at the head.  Some comrade, who has courage and tact, will yet have the honor of establishing the Order in this young but growing state.
1876 - Paul Vandervoort and Wm. Coburn attend Nat'l Enc.
1877 - Permanent Organization perfected.



1          KEARNEY   Dec. 1, 1870-1940      Last member died
            Sedgwick    Major General John Sedgwick-1813-1864...Killed at Spottsylvania
            (Post reorganized July 1874 & December 1879)
            Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Monday***
            Membership: Charter-41   Peak-121 in 1889   Total-300+
            Last member: Joseph S. Wiley died July 29, 1940  Age 92 LIC
            See 1870 Prov. Org & Post 299 in 1890 also

2          FT. OMAHA    Jan. 1, 1876-1896   Post moved to South Omaha
            Phil Kearny
            Met every Wednesday
            Membership: Charter-N/A   Peak-38 in 1890   Total-136+
2-A    SOUTH OMAHA   Oct 5, 1896-1924   Charter surrendered April 30, 1924
           Phil Kearny     Major General Philip Kearny-1815-1862...Killed at Chantilly, Va.
           Met at AOUW Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday    
           Membership: Charter-66   Peak-66 in 1896    Total-304+
           See Posts 7, 110, 262, 282, 300, 337 also

3         WAHOO  March (31), 1876   Charter annulled in 1880
           Ellsworth      Col. Ephriam Ellsworth-11th N.Y. Inf.*** 1837-1861...First Senior Union Officer killed in the war
           Charter members included Pvt. J. A. Murray-40th N.Y. Inf                 
           Membership: Charter-11     Peak-15 in 1876
           Rechartered as Post 90 in 1882                    

3-B     SEWARD   Dec. 16, 1880-1936 Last member died
           Seward          William Henry Seward-1801-1872…Sec.of State in Lincoln’s cabinet    
           Met at Courthouse on 1st & 3rd Saturday
           Membership: Charter-26   Peak-106 in 1889   Total-209+
           Last Members: Alfred Hiller died March 22, 1936  Age 91
           Henry Creighton died March 23, 1936 Age 100 LIC

4         FREMONT    March 2, 1876-1940     Last member died
            McPherson       Major General James Birdseye McPherson-1828-1864...Vicksburg...Killed near Atlanta
            Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Monday
            Membership: Charter N/A  Peak-104 in 1893   Total-330+
            Last member: James Welstead died Feb. 7, 1940  Age 96  LIC

5          SCHUYLER  (April) 1876   Charter annulled in 1880
            Rechartered as Post 34 in 1880
            See Prov. Org. in 1872 also

5-B      LA PORTE    Feb. 2, 1881-1882  Post moved to Wayne

5-B     WAYNE  1883-1940   Last member died
           Casey    Major General Silas Casey-*** 1807-1882...Seven Pines...Died Jan. 22, 1882
           Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Monday***    
           Membership: Charter-18   Peak-44 in 1896    Total-90+
           Last member: Alvin Jackson Hyatt died Jan.13, 1940 Age 94

6        TEKAMAH   (May) 1876    Charter annulled in 1880
          Rechartered as Post 118 in 1882

6-B    STELLA    Jan. 20, 1883-1892   Post moved to Shubert

6-C   SHUBERT    Jan. 14, 1893-1918   Charter Surrendered
         Met at Taylors Hall on 1st Thursday***
         Membership: Charter-20   Peak-31 in 1888    Total-85+
          Last known member: David Smiley died June 2, 1929  Age 87
          See Stella Post 351 in 1902 also

7       OMAHA    June 5, 1876-1946   Last member died
         George Custer   Brevet Major Gen. George Armstrong Custer-1839-1876...Gen. Custer was killed June 25, 1876
         Changed Jan 9, 1922 when last 3 Omaha posts were combined to Old Guard (A reference to their being the last of their kind)
         Met at GAR Hall at 116 No. 15th St. on 2nd & 4th Tuesday    
         Membership: Charter-17   Peak-156 in 1889   Total-477+
         Last member: Erastus Page died May 8, 1946  Age 100  LIC
         See Posts 2, 110, 262, 282, 300, 337 also
         See Prov. Org. Post 1 in 1867 also

8       ST. PAUL   June 12, 1876-1937  Last member died
         Canby     Major General Edward Richard Sprigg Canby-1817-1873...New Mexico...Killed in Indian Wars
         Charter member Wm. Porter-1st Texas Inf served under him
         No reports submitted after muster
         Reorganized Dec. 2, 1879   (16) Members
         Met at Courthouse on 1st & 3rd Saturday. Local Historical Society has flag and records.
         Membership: Charter N/A   Peak-85 in 1891    Total-335+
         Last member: Leander Herron died April 5, 1937  Age 91

9       COLUMBUS   June 14, 1876-1935   Last member died
          Baker           Col. Edward D. Baker-71st Pa. Inf. 1811-1861...Killed at Ball's Bluff, Va.
          Membership included W.W. Mannington-71st Pa. Inf.
          Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday.***    NSHS has records of Post.
          Membership: Charter-29   Peak-40 in 1892    Total-136+
          Last member: Luther H. North died April 18, 1935  Age 89


10     DAVID CITY    June 7, 1877-1943   Last member died
         Abe Lincoln     President during the Civil War...1809-1865
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday P.M.
         Membership: Charter-23   Peak-102 in 1880   Total-254+
         Last Member:  Isaac West died March 22, 1944  Age 98   LIC


11    GRAND ISLAND   Aug. 29, 1877-1938   Last member died
         Lyon   Brig. General Nathaniel Lyon-1818-1861...Killed Aug. 10, 1861 at Wilson's Creek, Mo. (First Union General killed in the War)
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday.  Hall at 215 East Third St is now commercial building.
         Membership: Charter-15   Peak-177 in 1891   Total-494+
         Last member: Henry Bevier died May 15, 1938  Age 95  LIC
         See Post 354 in 1903 also


12     SIDNEY   April 5, 1878-1924     Charter surrendered
         E.V.Sumner     Major General Edwin Vose Sumner-1787-1863...7th N.Y. Cav...Antietam...Fredericksburg
         Charter members included Pvt. Charles Smith-7th N.Y. Cav
         Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
         Membership: Charter-17   Peak-58 in 1890    Total-194+
         Last member: Charles Hower died June 27, 1931  Age 88  LIC
         AKA: Ft. Sidney

13    HASTINGS   May 8, 1878-1943   Last member died
        Strickland      Brig. General Silas A. Strickland-1st Nebr. Inf. 1830-1878...Gen. Strickland died March 31, 1878
        Charter members included Sam Alexander-1st Nebraska Inf.
        No reports submitted after muster
        Reorganized Oct. 5, 1880    (29) Members
        Met at GAR Hall every Friday
        Membership: Charter-15   Peak-116 in 1912   Total-432+
        Last member: Albert Lathrop died May 5, 1943  Age 99  LIC

14   STEELE CITY   May 9, 1878-1906   Last year listed as active
       E.A.Rice        Never identified - Several possibilities  ****
       No reports submitted after 1878
       Reorganized June 13, 1883   19 Members
       Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
        Membership: Charter-16   Peak-30 in 1884    Total-66+
        Last member: Thomas Kelly died Feb. 25, 1929  Age 84

15    NELSON  May 11, 1878-1923 Charter surrendered
        George Thomas   Major General George Henry Thomas-1816-1870..."Rock of Chickamauga"...Nashville
        Changed May (12), 1890 to Hollingsworth  
        Seaman Robert Hollingsworth-U.S. Navy**** 1829-1890...Post member Hollingsworth died April 11
        Changed Aug. 2, 1890 back to George Thomas
        Met at Courthouse on 2nd & 4th Thursday***
        Membership: Charter-15   Peak-53 in 1890   Total-155+
        Last member: Abe Stahl died Dec. 15, 1934  Age 89

16    EDGAR  May 9, 1878-1932   Last member died
        Ellsworth       Col. Ephriam Ellsworth-11th N.Y. Inf. 1837-1861...Union Officer killed May 24th in Virginia
        No reports submitted after muster
        Reorganized Feb. 25, 1882 as Edgar  43 members
        Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 2nd Tuesday***
        Membership: Charter-14   Peak-81 in 1883    Total-140+
        Last member: John J. Walley died Aug. 31, 1932  Age 92

17    HEBRON    May (18), 1878-1937    Last member died
        Morton    Oliver Perry Morton-1823-1877...War Governor of Indiana
        Reorganized March 4, 1882    116 members
        Met at Courthouse on 1st & 3rd Friday***
        Membership: Charter-N/A   Peak-123 in 1882   Total-214+
         Last member:  Daniel Carey died Dec. 15, 1937  Age 95  LIC


18     FAIRMONT   March 25, 1879-1926    Charter surrendered March 13, 1926
         W.A.Webb    Col. William Webb-42nd ILL. Inf. 1830-1861...died at Smithton, Mo.
         No reports submitted after 1880
         Reorganized April 26, 1883   35 Members
         Charter members included Capt. John McFadden-42nd ILL.
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Thursday***
         Membership: Charter-13   Peak-52 in 1884    Total-139+
         Last member: Thomas J. Bender died Jan. 2, 1939  Age 92
         See E4 in 1870 Prov. Org. also

19    SUTTON   March 27, 1879-1925  Charter surrendered Feb. 10, 1926
        George Meade    Major General George Gordon Meade-1815-1872...Commanded Army of the Potomac 1863-65
        Met at Clarks Hall on 2nd & 4th Tuesday***
        Membership: Charter-21   Peak-55 in 1884    Total-119+
        Last member: Phillip H. Schwab died Jan. 2, 1930  Age 88

20    RISING CITY   June 4, 1879-1921  Charter surrendered
         E.M.Stanton     Edwin McMasters Stanton-1814-1869...Secretary of War 1862-1865
         Met at GAR Hall on Saturday before full moon
         Membership: Charter-30   Peak-45 in 1890    Total-122+
         Last member: William Noddings died  Feb. 21, 1929  Age 84
21    SYRACUSE    July 17, 1879-1931  Last member died
        Wadsworth       Brevet Major General James Samuel Wadsworth*** 1807-1864...Died of wounds suffered at the Wilderness
         Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
         Membership: Charter-18   Peak-49 in 1883    Total-94+
         Last member: Charles Kirk died June 29, 1931  Age 86

22    GENEVA   July 21, 1879-1939    Last active member died
         Wilson    Possibly Brev. Brig. Gen. James Grant Wilson****1833-1914...15th Ill. Cav/4th U.S. Col. Cav....
         Charter members include a member of 15th Ill. Cav.
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday
         Membership: Charter-(20)  Peak-90 in 1909   Total-248+
         Last members: John Whited died 11/3/1939  Age 94
         R. W. Stowell died 1/12/1944  Age 97  LIC

23    CENTRAL CITY    July 19, 1879-1940     Last member died
        Buford      Major General John Buford-1826-1864...U. S. Cavalry Commander...Gettysburg
        Charter members include Capt. W. H. Webster-8th N.Y. Cav
         Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Monday***
         Membership: Charter-24   Peak-76 in 1880    Total-237+
         Last member:  Ali F. Flint died 9/1/1940  Age 96   LIC

24    NEBRASKA CITY   Aug. (2), 1879-1935    Disbanded-only two members left
        Black    Col. Samuel W. Black-Nebraska Territory Governor 1859-61; 1818-1862...62nd Pa. Inf...Killed at Gaines Mill, Va.
        No reports submitted after muster
        Reorganized on July 5, 1883 as Wm. Baumer  Lt. Colonel William A. Baumer-1st Nebraska Inf.   22 Members
        1825-1869...city provided two companies to 1st Nebr.
        Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
        GAR Hall at 3rd & Corso now a museum and library.
        Membership: Charter-(13)  Peak-73 in 1891   Total-209+
         Last member: Robert Curtis died 1/12/1939  Age 92  LIC
         See Post 331 & Prov. Org. in 1867 also           

25    LINCOLN    Sept. 8, 1879-1947    Last member died
        Farragut    Rear Admiral David Farragut-1801-1870..."Damn the Torpedoes-Full Speed Ahead"
        Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
        Membership: Charter-34   Peak-402 in 1894   Total-738+
         Last member: Richard Coleman died 3/16/1947 Age 97 LIC
         See Posts 214 & 318 & Prov. Org. in 1868 also

26    OSCEOLA    Nov. 27, 1879-1936     Last member died
         J.F.Reynolds    Major General John Fulton Reynolds-1820-1863...Fredericksburg...Killed at Gettysburg
         Met at GAR Hall every Saturday
         Membership: Charter-37   Peak-70 in 1884    Total-101+
         Last member: Henry Lamont Bond died 5/13/1936  Age 89

27    CLARKS   Oct. 20, 1879-1927     Last member died
         Thornburg     Major Thomas T. Thornburg-6th Tenn. Inf./4th U.S.Inf. 1843-1879...killed Sept. 29, 1879 by Ute Indians
         (Orig. buried in Omaha-memorial window at Omaha Trinity Episcopal Cathedral-Clarks also had an Episcopal Church)
          Met at Full Moon Hall every Saturday at 2 P.M.***
          Membership: Charter-15   Peak-59 in 1892    Total-79+
          Last member:  Horace Willets died 1/28/1928  Age 89

28    SHELTON    Dec. 6, 1879-1924     Charter surrendered
        Joe Hooker     Major General Joseph Hooker-1814-1879...Gen. Hooker died Oct. 31, 1879
        Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Thursday***
        Membership: Charter-24   Peak-53 in 1884    Total-106+
        Last member: Josiah Schultz died 1/17/1930  Age 86

29    SILVER CREEK    Dec. 27, 1879-1925     Charter suspended 2/10/1926
        E.E.Ellsworth   Col. Ephriam Elmer Ellsworth-11th N.Y. Fire Zouaves. 1837-1861...First Senior Union officer killed in the war
        Met at Knight Hall on Saturday before full moon
        Membership: Charter-17   Peak-32 in 1888    Total-57+
        Last member: Darius J. Towslee died 8/11/1931  Age 83


30    FT. HARTSUFF    Jan. 17, 1880-1881     Charter surrendered 4/30/1881
        Jeff. C. Davis  Brevet Major General Jefferson Columbus Davis-1828-1879...Gen. Davis died Nov. 30, 1879
        Members were part of Regular Army-Transfered to Ft.Omaha
        Membership: Charter-16   Total-21

30-B  RAYMOND  March 7, 1883-1926   Charter surrendered 11/13/1926
          Morton  Oliver Perry Morton****1823-1877...War Governor of Indiana
          Changed in January 1884 to Col. Kane   
           Lt. Col. Thomas Leiper Kane-42nd/13th Pa. Reserves 1822-1883..."The Bucktails"...Col. Kane died Dec. 26
           Met at Weller’s Hall on 3rd Saturday P.M.
           Membership: Charter-13   Peak-21 in 1884    Total-46+
           Last Member: Charles H. Kinney died 2/20/1939 Age 94

31    ASHLAND   Jan. 22, 1880-1927   Charter surrendered 6/7/1927
        Bob McCook      Probably Brig. General Robert L. McCook-1827-1862...Killed in Bragg's invasion of Kentucky
        Met at GAR Hall at 1615 Silver on 2nd & 4th Thursday***
        Membership: Charter-20   Peak-57 in 1882    Total-280+
        Last member: James Stootsbury died 3/29/1945 Age 97 LIC

32    YORK   Jan. 23, 1880-1941     Last member died
         Robert Anderson-Brevet Major General Robert Anderson-1805-1871...1st U.S. Artillery...Commander at Ft. Sumter
         Met at AOUW Hall on 2nd & 4th Thursday
         Membership: Charter-30   Peak-156 in 1881   Total-236+
         Last member: William H. Coleman died 7/22/1941  Age 97
33    GRAFTON  Jan. 24, 1880-1901  Charter suspended
         James Shields   Brevet Major General James Shields-1810-1879...Shenandoah Valley
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
         Membership: Charter-10   Peak-43 in 1883    Total-81+
         Last member: William Bosserman died 10/7/1935  Age 93

34    SCHUYLER        Feb. 23, 1880-1936     Last member died
        Phil Sheridan   Major General Philip Henry Sheridan-1831-1888...Cedar Creek...Winchester...
        Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday
        Membership: Charter-10   Peak-85 in 1884    Total-177+
        Last member: Henry Foust died 10/13/1936  Age 90
        See Post 5 & Prov. Org. in 1872 also
35    BEATRICE   Feb. 26, 1880-1948     Last member died
        Rawlins     Brevet Brig. Gen. John Aaron Rawlins-1831-1869...Grant's Chief of Staff
        Post mustered about same time as Rawlin's bithday 2/13
        Reorganized December 27, 1882
        Met at Courthouse on 1st & 3rd Friday
        Membership: Charter-30+  Peak-105 in 1886   Total-366+
        Last member:  Michael Bondell died 12/24/1948  Age 99  (Nebraska's last Civil War Veteran)
36    SCOTIA   Feb. 25, 1880-1927     Charter surrendered 12/29/1927
        Ransom   Brevet Major General Thomas Edward Greenfield Ransom-1834-1864...11th ILL...Died during the Atlanta campaign
        Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
        Membership: Charter-18   Peak-29 in 1894    Total-62+
        Last Member:  Myron C. Pope died 12/31/1931  Age 92

37    BLUE SPRINGS    Feb. 27, 1880-1927     Charter surrendered 7/18/1927
        Gen. Scott      Lt. General Winfield Scott-1786-1866...Anaconda Plan...General in Chief in 1861
        (Post originally requested name of E. E. Ellsworth)
         No reports submitted in 1881-1882
         Reorganized March 27, 1883 & in 1889       (53) Members
         Met at  GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
         Membership: Charter-22   Peak-61 in 1884    Total-118+
         Last Members: Stephen Cole died 6/5/1927 and David Copeland died 2/24/1931 Age 94

38    WAVERLY   March 6, 1880-1932     Last active member died
        Mitchell      Brig. Gen. Robert Byington Mitchell**** 1823-1882...2nd Kans. Inf....in Nebraska in 1864
        Charter members included two members of the 2nd Ks. Inf.
        Met at Waverly Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
        Membership: Charter-19   Peak-33 in 1900    Total-87+
        Last member: Benjamin Showalter died 6/8/1935  Age 90
39    PLEASANT HILL   March 30, 1880-1881    Charter surrendered 3/31/1881
        Lew Wallace     Major General Lewis Wallace-Army of the Tennessee  1827-1905...11th Ind. Inf...wrote Ben Hur in 1880
        Membership: Charter-18   Total-20

39-B  ATKINSON   Oct. 30, 1883-1928     Charter surrendered 10/17/1928
          Ed. Lennox      Pvt. Ed Lennox-139th Ind. Inf. Co. A
         Charter members included Pvt. J.O. Dequasie-139th Ind.
         Met at Courthouse every Thursday
         Membership: Charter-11   Peak-74 in 1887    Total-107+
         Last Member:  Peter Greeley died 1/23/1934  Age 93

40    ORD  March 3, 1880-1925     Charter surrendered 1/1/1926
        Commodore Foote-Rear Admiral Andrew Hull Foote****  1806-1863...Ft. Donelson...Atlantic Coast
        Reorganized June 19, 1882
        (Post included Frank Mallory-Drummer Boy of Stone River)
        Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
        Membership: Charter-16   Peak-45 in 1899    Total-172+
        Last Member: John H. Carson died 7/26/1936  Age 90

41    WACO  March 17, 1880-1924    Charter surrendered 12/31/1924
        Dick Yates      Richard Yates-War Governor of Illinois  1815-1873...Suspended Illinois Legislature
        for suggesting compromise with the South rather than war.
        Met at Rodgers Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
        Membership: Charter-N/A  Peak-35 in 1883    Total-118+
        Last member: James McGrew died 12/28/1944 Age 95  LIC

42    ALBION  March 22, 1880-1927    Charter surrendered 12/31/1927
        Kit Carson      Brevet Brig. Gen. Christopher Houston Carson-1809-1868...1st New Mex. Cav...Frontier Scout
        Charter members included Lt. J.A. DeHague-1st N.Mex. Cav
        No reports submitted after muster
        Reorganized April 13, 1883        20 Members
        Met at Courthouse on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
        Membership: Charter-20   Peak-43 in 1887    Total-76+
        Last member: James Hill died 4/13/1944  Age 97  LIC

43    FAIRFIELD   April 14, 1880-1913    Charter surrendered 1/8/1914
        Geo. C. Oliver  Cpl. George C. Oliver-111th Pa. Inf.*** Wounded at Antietam...POW at Atlanta
        Charter members include Sgt. Oliver Alexander-111th Pa
        Met at Masonic Hall on 1st Tuesday***
        Membership: Charter-26  Peak-92 in 1883   Total-180+
        Last member: Lewis C. Williams died 1/24/1932  Age 87

44    AURORA    April 16, 1880-1932    Last active member died
        Zac Chandler    War Governor of Michigan-1813-1879...persuaded John C. Fremont not to oppose Abraham Lincoln in 1864 Presidential election
        Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday
        Membership: Charter-30   Peak-75 in 1884    Total-155+
        Last members: John W. Grigsby died 2/17/1932  Age 85 and Clinton Condon died 11/29/1937  Age 91  LIC

45    PLATTSMOUTH     April 26, 1880-1935    Last member died
        John McConihie  Brevet Brig. Gen. John McConihie-1834-1864...1st Nebr.Inf...killed at Cold Harbor, Va.
        Charter members include R. R. Livingston-1st Nebr. Inf.
         Met at GAR Hall at 504 Main St. every Saturday***
         Membership: Charter-24   Peak-86 in 1882    Total-222+
         Last member: Abram Shellenberger died 7/8/1935  Age 94
         See Prov. Org. Post 7 in 1868 also
46    ARLINGTON   May 6, 1880-1911   Charter suspended
        Carrigan     Pvt. John Carrigan-66th ILL. Inf. 1843-1880...Washington County pioneer
        (Post orignally requested name of Silas Strickland)
        Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd & 4th Monday***
        Membership: Charter-20   Peak-27 in 1880    Total-36+
        Last known member: William Crane died 11/27/1929 Age 88
        AKA:  BELL CREEK

47    TECUMSEH   May 11, 1880-1938      Post dropped
        Heckathorn      Lt. John D. Heckathorn-146th ILL. Inf. 1844-1880...County pioneer who died day Post formed
        Met at GAR-SV Hall on 2nd & 4th Wednesday***
        Membership: Charter-29   Peak-93 in 1891    Total-227+
        Last member: Charles Halstead died 3/16/1941 Age 98 LIC
        See Post 270 in 1888 also

48     SALEM   May 13, 1880-1928      Charter surrendered
         Commodore Porter-Commodore William David Porter-1809-1864...brother of Admiral David Dixon Porter
         Charter surrendered 9/5/1885
         (Post mustered same month Porter died)
         Reorganized Sept. 2, 1887     23 Members
         Met at Woods Hall on 1st & 3rd Monday***
         Membership: Charter-24   Peak-35 in 1889    Total-58+
         Last member: Silas Combs died 6/21/1932  Age 91

49    ELK CREEK    June 1880-1889      Charter surrendered 1/4/1890
        Wright Woolsey  Capt. Wright Woolsey-7th ILL. Cav. 1820-?...Johnson County pioneer
         Charter members include G.W. & W.H. Woolsey-7th ILL Cav
         No reports submitted after muster
         Reorganized July 11, 1884     20 Members
         Met at Libby’s Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday 3 P.M.
         Membership: Charter-19   Peak-21 in 1884    Total-24+
         Last Veteran:  Wareham Gibbs died 11/15/1931  Age 86

50    WISNER     (June) 1880   Charter surrendered 6/1881
         Reno    Major General Jesse Lee Reno-1823-1862...Killed at South Mountain
         Membership:  Charter-19       Total-19
         Reorganized as Post 129 in 1882

50-B  HUBBELL    March 10, 1883-1926    Charter surrendered 5/15/1926
          Lew Wallace     Major General Lewis Wallace**** 1827-1905...11th Ind. Inf...wrote Ben Hur in 1880
          (Post originally requested name of Sgt. Leroy Key)
          Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday 2 P.M.
          Membership: Charter-29   Peak-54 in 1884    Total-94+
           Last member:  George Shoup died 7/5/1935  Age 91

51    WILBER  June 21, 1880-1911     Post disbanded
        C. G. Harker    Brig. General Charles Garrison Harker-65th Ohio.  1837-1864..Chickamauga..Killed at Kenesaw Mountain 6/27
        Charter member Pvt Irvin Thoman served under Gen. Harker
        Met at Zwonek’s Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.***
        Membership: Charter-20   Peak-85 in 1884    Total-120+
        Last member: George Ross died 5/19/1923  Age 80

52    BLAIR   July 2, 1880-1931      Last active member died
        John Dix        Major General John A. Dix-Kept Maryland in Union  1798-1879
        ("If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot")
        Met at Sheffler Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
         Membership: Charter-113  Peak-130 in 1882   Total-226+
         Last member: J.E. Jake McPacken died 9/5/1936  Age 89

53    BURLINGAME      July 17, 1880-1881     Charter surrendered 9/10/1881
         Sill    Brig. General Joshua Woodrow Sill-1831-1862...33rd Ohio...Killed at Stones River
         Membership: Charter-9    Total-19

53-B  NEMAHA CITY     Aug. 4, 1883-1901      Charter suspended
          Boston Corbett  Sgt. James H. Corbett-16th N.Y. Cav. (soldier alleged to have killed John Wilkes Booth)
          No reports submitted after 1884
          Reorganized on Sept. 30, 1890 as      10 members
          G.W. Culp       Sgt. George W. Culp-50th ILL. Inf. 1799-1875...Pioneer settler near Aspinwall, Ne.
          Charter members included John W. Culp-2nd Nebr. Cav.
           Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday***
           Membership: Charter-16   Peak-39 in 1893    Total-47+
           Last member:  Levi Clifton died 1/17/1935  Age 89

54    PALMYRA   July 28, 1880-1924     Charter surrendered 12/31/1924
        Mansfield       Major General Joseph King Fenno Mansfield-1803-1862...Killed at Antietam
        Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
        Membership: Charter-16   Peak-39 in 1884    Total-77+
         Last member: John O. Moore died 12/11/1936  Age 92

55    PAPILLION       Aug. 21, 1880-1926     Charter surrendered 2/24/1926
        Dahlgren        Col. Ulric Dahlgren-U.S. Calvary *** 1842-1864...Killed near Richmond on cavalry raid
         Met at Sanders Hall on 2nd Saturday
         Membership: Charter-14   Peak-37 in 1887    Total-87+
         Last member: John J. Lutz died 12/30/1934  Age 94
          Last Veteran: Charles Dunn died 5/31/1939    LIC

56    MILFORD    Sept. 1, 1880-1926     Post dropped 12/31/1926
        Winslow         Comm. John Ancrum Winslow-Commander U.S.S. Kearsage. 1811-1873...Sank the C.S.S. Alabama...Died in September
         Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday
          Membership: Charter-18   Peak-37 in 1892    Total-99+
           Last veterans: James K. Lewis died 6/1/1939  Age 91 and John Knight died 8/29/1941  Age 98

57    CAMP SHERIDAN   Sept. 4, 1880-1881    Charter surrendered 3/31/1881
         Heintzelman     Major General Samuel Peter Heintzelman-1805-1880....Army of the Potomac...Groveton
         Members were from 9th U.S. Inf.-Camp closed in 1881
         Membership:  Charter-10       Total-14
57-B  NORTH LOUP    April 12, 1883-1922    Charter surrendered 1/25/1923
          Lombard      Col. George W. Lombard-4th Mich Inf.***  Died from wounds received in the Wilderness
          Charter members included Sgt. Jay Bush-4th Mich Inf.
          (Frank P. Lombard was put on original charter in error)
          Surrendered charter in 1886 and rechartered in 1887
          Met at GAR Hall on every Monday***
          Membership: Charter-10  Peak-37 in 1883   Total-62+
          Last member: Wilbur Greene died 9/12/1936  Age 91 LIC

58    LERTON   Sept. 1880    Never organized-charter reassigned
         Organized as post 71 in 1881

58-B  LYONS     March 22, 1883-1935    Last member died
          A.L.Gates       Lt. Amos L. Gates-10th Wisc. Inf.*** Wounded and POW at Chicamauga in 1864
          Charter members included Pvt. Riley Hart-10th Wisc. Inf.
          Met at GAR Hall (above Farmers Bank) on 2nd & 4th Saturday
          Membership: Charter-16   Peak-50 in 1891    Total-72+
          Last member:  Riley S. Hart died 4/15/1935  Age 92
59    STROMSBURG    Oct. 2, 1880-1912    Last year listed as active
        J.A.Mower       Major General Joseph Anthony Mower-1827-1870...11th Mo. Inf...Vicksburg...Bentonville
        Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
        Membership: Charter-30   Peak-64 in 1884    Total-82+
        Last member: William Fetters died 5/19/1947 Age 102 LIC

60    HARVARD    Oct. 4, 1880-1943    Last member died
        Richardson      Major General Israel B. Richardson-1815-1862...Killed at Antietam
        Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday***
        Membership: Charter-25   Peak-80 in 1885    Total-191+
        Last member: John Henry Allbee died 11/12/1943  Age 98
        See Post 345 in 1896 also

Other Posts started in 1881 were 3-B & 5-B

61    WEEPING WATER   March 28, 1881-1910    Charter suspended
        John Bishop     Pvt. John M. Bishop-1st Ne. Cav...1839-?
        Charter members included Sgt. John Hess-1st Nebr. Cav.
        Changed in January 1882 to LaFayette   Revolutionery War hero-Marquis de Lafayette on the 50th anniversary of his death
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday
         Membership: Charter-13   Peak-90 in 1883    Total-149+
         Last member: William Friesel died 1/28/1943 Age 99 LIC (Nebraska's last P.O.W.-Captured at Gettysburg 7/2/1863)

62    BENNETT    April 29, 1881-1933    Last member died
        Upright         Mrs Elizabeth Upright-Iowan who had 10 sons in the army
         Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday P.M.***
         Membership: Charter-26   Peak-41 in 1882    Total-86+
         Last member: Joseph M. Mahaffey died 11/9/1933  Age 87

63    SUPERIOR        May 16, 1881-1936      Last member died
        Old Abe   Bald Eagle mascot of 8th Wisconsin Inf...Died 3/28/1881
        Charter members included Pvt. John Blivens-5th Wisc. Inf
                Met IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-51 in 1884    Total-158+
                      Last member: Charles Watson died 7/28/1936 Age 87  LIC

64    VALPRAISO       June 6, 1881-1936      Last member died
      Sherman         Major General William T. Sherman        ***
                      1820-1891...Atlanta...March to the Sea...
                      Charter surrendered 9/29/1890
              Reorganized Oct. 31, 1891 as          16 members
      W.A.Easley      Cpl. William Easley-21th ILL. Inf.    ***
                      ...died in Andersonville Prison 10/14/1864
              Reorganized March 26, 1910 as         10 members
      Harlan Baird    Lt. Col. Harlan Baird-5th Iowa Cavalry,
                      1823-1901..."The Curtis Horse"...Dakota City native
                      Charter members included Pvt G.W. Marshall-5th Iowa Cav.
                      (In 1910 first requested name of Custer or Crocker)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Monday
                      Membership: Charter-34   Peak-41 in 1882    Total-70+
                      Last member:  James Lawton died 12/14/1936  Age 94

65    DONIPHAN        June 29, 1881-1901     Charter suspended
      A.J.Smith       Major General Andrew Jackson Smith-         ****
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-57 in 1887    Total-97+
                      Last members: John Spellman died 11/18/1931  Age 88
                                     James Dewitt died 5/31/1932  Age 86

66    HUMBOLT         June 28, 1881-1936     Last member died
      Wm. Mix         Pvt. William N. Mix-32nd Ia. Inf Co. E      ***
                      Charter members include Sgt. Simon Germaine-32 Iowa Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-45 in 1883    Total-105+
                      Last member:  William F. Garver died 7/27/1936  Age 90

67    REPUBLICAN CITY  July 14, 1881-1882    Post dropped 6/30/1882
      Washington       George Washington-Rev. War Hero & 1st President
                       Membership:  Charter-24      Total-24
                              See Post 216 in 1886 also

67-B  LONG PINE       July 4, 1883-1905   *  Charter suspended
      J. P. Mead      Capt. James P. Mead-38th ILL. Inf.
                      ...Killed 12/31/1862 at Murfreesboro, Tenn.
                      Charter members include Pvt. Joseph M. Mead-42 Ind.
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday***
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-45 in 1884    Total-111+
                      Last members: John Hutson died 2/27/1937  Age 96
                                  John Davisson died 5/20/1941  Age 95

68    NELIGH          Aug. 17, 1881-1939     Last member died
      Fremont         Major General John Charles Fremont-
                      1813-1890..."The Pathfinder"...Western Theater...
              Reorganized March 1, 1907 as
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Tuesday***
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-62 in 1908    Total-85+
                      Last member: Leroy Gilbert died 6/7/1939  Age 92  LIC
                              See Post 316 in 1890 also

69    NORTH PLATTE    Aug. 10, 1881-1928     Charter surrendered
      S. A. Douglas   Stephen Arnold Douglas-
                      1813-1861...campaigned against Lincoln in 1858
                      (Post originally requested name of McPherson)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
                Records in Lincoln County Hist. Society
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-95 in 1890    Total-212+
                      Last member:  Cyrus Fox died 6/12/1942  Age 96  LIC

70    CREIGHTON       Aug. 13, 1881-1913     Charter surrendered 7/29/1913
      Schrontz        Sgt. Mortimer L. Shrontz-5th Mich. Cav.     ****
                      1842-1863...Killed 7/5/1863 at Smithburg, Va.
                      Charter members included John Benedict-5th Mich. Cav.
              Reorganized on June 28, 1886 as       24 members
      W.H.Irwin       Brevet Brig. General William Howard Irwin-
                      1818-1886...49th Pa. Inf...Antietam...
                      Charter members included J. L. McKee-49th Pa. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-53 in 1889    Total-114+
                      Last member: Charles Pangburn died 2/1/1934  Age 87

71    GILTNER         Aug. 6, 1881-1899      Charter surrendered
                Met at Wheeler’s Hall on 2nd Saturday 2 P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-35 in 1882    Total-78+
                      Last member:  John Brock died 6/30/1929  Age  83
                              A/K/A SEATON & LERTON & BROMFIELD

72    HARDY           Aug. 18, 1881-1925     Charter surrendered 6/30/1925
      Dick Beadle     Corp. Richard Beetle-40th Ohio Inf. Co. D   ****
                      1838-1863...Killed at Lookout Mountain, Tenn.
                      Charter members included two members of 40th Ohio Inf.
                      No reports submitted after muster
              Reorganized June 2, 1883      12 members
          Reorganized Nov. 26, 1901      14 members
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Thursday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-31 in 1888    Total-45+
                      Last member: Isaac Royers died 7/11/1931  Age 86

73    ULYSSES         Aug. 19, 1881-1923     Charter surrendered
      Farnsworth      Brig. General Elon J. Farnsworth-
                      1837-1863...8th ILL. Cavalry...Killed at Gettysburg
                      Charter members included two veterans of 8th ILL. Cav.
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-40 in 1882    Total-85+
                      Last member: George L. Smith died 3/17/1938  Age 92

74    CEDAR RAPIDS    Aug. 23, 1881-1932     Last member died
      Caddell         Lt. Richard Caddell-11th Wisconsin Inf.
                      1833-1865...Killed at Ft. Blakely, Ala.
                      (Four 11th Wisc. Veterans were members of Post)
                Met at town hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-69 in 1888    Total-120+
                      Last member: Allison P. Rankin died 5/10/1932   Age 85

75    CRETE           Aug. 30, 1881-1929     Post disbanded
      Holland         Major James T. Holland-10th Wisc. Inf.
                      1845-1881...Saline County pioneer...Mayor...
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday
                Library had Post flag and records
                      Membership: Charter-32   Peak-59 in 1883    Total-121+
                      Last member:  John W. Grewell died 10/28/1938  Age 95

76    EXETER          Sept. 7, 1881-1935     Charter surrendered 7/2/1935
      John Brown      Prewar abolitionist-
                      1800-1859..."Bleeding Kansas"...Harpers Ferry...
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-75 in 1883    Total-120+
                      Last member:  Frederick Neuman died 5/7/1937  Age 97

77    FAIRBURY        Sept. 8, 1881-1938     Last member died
      Russell         Major Avra P. Russell-2nd Kansas Cav.       ***
                      ...Killed in 1862 at Prairie Grove, Ark...
                      Charter members include Capt. A. W. Mathews-2nd Ks. Cav.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-66 in 1895    Total-187+
                      Last member: Augustus Deffer died 2/22/1938  Age 92  LIC

78    WESTERN         Sept. 9, 1881-1885     Post dropped
      Norton          Prob. Capt. Samuel Norton-10th Ohio Cav.      ***
                      1842-1864...Killed at Waynesboro, Georgia
                      Charter members included 2 members of the 10th Ohio Cav
    Membership: Charter-24-A   No other records available
                              Reorganized as Post 209 in 1885

79    CATHERTON       Sept. 22, 1881-1884    Post moved to Bladen
79-A  BLADEN          Jan. 1885-1918         Charter surrendered
      A.E.Burnside    Major Gen. Ambose Everts Burnside-
                      1824-1881...Gen. Burnside died Sept. 13, 1881
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-50 in 1899    Total-113+
                      Last member: George Wheat died 12/8/1933  Age 90
                                   A/K/A WELLS

80    RED CLOUD       Sept. 26, 1881-1940    Last member died
      James Garfield  Major Gen. James Garfield-42nd Ohio Inf,
                      1831-1881...President Garfield died Sept. 19, 1881
                      (Post chartered on day of Garfield's funeral)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-29   Peak-66 in 1891    Total-183+
                      Last member: Samuel Kizer died 8/26/1940  Age 93  LIC

81    JUNIATA         Oct. 24, 1881-1933     Post disbanded
      Geary           Lt. Edward R. Geary-Knapps Penn. Battery E    ***
                      1845-1863...Killed Oct. 28, 1863 at Wauhatchie, Tenn.
                Met at GAR Hall every Saturday***
.   Membership: Charter-20   Peak-61 in 1896    Total-171+
                      Last member:  Gurley Chase died 10/8/1934  Age 96

82    OAKDALE         Nov. 23, 1881-1923     Charter surrendered 3/24/1924
      Kilpatrick      Major Gen. H. Judson Kilpatrick-Cavalry Corp
                      1836-1881...Gen. Kilpatrick died Dec. 4, 1881
                Met at IOOF Hall on 4th Saturday 2 P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-35   Peak-56 in 1884    Total-91+
                      Last member:  William Alexander died 8/23/1930  Age 85


83    BELLWOOD        Jan. 11, 1882-1923     Charter surrendered 4/12/1923
      C.R. Lowell     Brig. General Charles Russell Lowell, Jr.-
                      1835-1864..2 MA Cav/Cavalry Corp..Killed at Cedar Creek
            Reorganized in 1890
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st  & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-32 in 1894    Total-42+
                      Last member:  Robert Cleland died 7/11/1939  Age 92

84    FALLS CITY      Jan. 19, 1882-1936     Last member died
      Veteran         named to honor all veterans of the war
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-55   Peak-64 in 1891    Total-194+
                      Last member: Francis Thornburg died 3/29/1936 Age 88 LIC

85    8 MILE GROVE    March 15, 1882-1884   Charter surrendered 11/8/1884
      Sgt. Key        Sgt. Leroy L. Key-16th ILL. Cav. Co. M
                      Started the "regulators" in Andersonville prison
                      (Requested name of Rosecrans on charter application)
                Met at EMG Hall on alternate Thursdays
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-22 in 1882   Total-27

86    O'NEILL         March 15, 1882-1921      Charter surrendered
      "Gen." O'Neill  Capt. John J. O'Neill-17th U.S.C.T.
                      1834-1878...Finian Invasion of Canada...
                      (founded city of O'Neill...Buried in Omaha)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-54 in 1885    Total-66+
                      Last member:  Charles Wrede died 12/11/1928  Age 82

87    STOCKHAM        March 29, 1882-1908    Charter suspended
      Griffin         Probably Major General Charles Griffin-     ****
                      1825-1867...Bull Run...Fredericksburg...Wilderness...
                Met at Woodmen’s Hall on 2nd Saturday P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-29 in 1890    Total-50+
                      Last veteran:  Alfred Driesback died 7/21/1934  Age 87

88    DAVENPORT       March 2, 1882-1916     Charter suspended
      Elliott         Probably Bvt. Major Gen. Washington Elliot    ****
                      1825-1888...1/2/3 Iowa Cav...Postwar Dept. of Kansas
                      Charter members included Pvt. J.C. Lyon-1st. Iowa Cav.
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-45 in 1893    Total-119+
                      Last member:  William H. Hall died 11/17/1933  Age 86

89    DEWITT          March 6, 1882-1934       Charter surrendered
      S.R.Curtis      Major General Samuel Curtis-
                      1805-1866...2nd Iowa Inf...Hero of Pea Ridge...
                      Charter members included Capt. Frank Suiter-2nd Iowa Inf
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-26   Peak-74 in 1883    Total-102+
                      Last member: William Burgess died 9/17/1940 Age 94  LIC

90    WAHOO           March 13, 1882-1926    Charter surrendered 1/1/1926
      John Andrew     John Albion Andrew-
                      1818-1868...War Governor of Massachusetts
                Met at Courthouse on 1st & 3rd Thursday***
                      Membership: Charter-40   Peak-65 in 1884    Total-146+
                      Last member:  Nathan Tharp died 8/26/1938  Age 96
                              See Post 3 in 1876 also

91    MINDEN          March 23, 1882-1931    Last active member died
      Strong          Probably Major General George C. Strong-  ***
                      1832-1863...Died of wounds at Fort Wagner
                      Charter member Lt. John W. Gordon fought at Ft. Wagner
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-70 in 1892    Total-180+
                      Last member: John Allbee died 11/12/1943  Age 98  LIC

92    CAMERON         April 29, 1882-1904    Post moved to Cairo
      Simon Cameron

92-A  CAIRO           1905-1924              Charter surrendered 12/23/1924
      Simon Cameron   Secretary of War in Lincoln's cabinet..1799-1889
                Met in GAR Hall on Thursday before full moon
                Hall sold in 1915 and moved to 4 miles NW to Bluffs
    Center where it was used as a church until (1968).
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-28 in 1882    Total-40+
                      Last member: James Hulett died 2/25/1939  Age 97
                              See Post 236 in 1887 also

93    HAMPTON         May 3, 1882-1886       Charter suspended
      Hurlburt        Major General Stephen A. Hurlburt-
                      1815-1882...Shiloh...First GAR Commander...Died March 27
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Thursday
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-30 in 1883    Total-30
                      Last veteran: Clinton Condon died 11/29/1937  Age 91 LIC

94    ALMA            May 10, 1882-1931      Last active member died
      Van Meter       Capt. Joseph Van Metre-18th Iowa Inf.       ****
                      1840-1863...Killed at Springfield, Mo.
                      Charter members included Pvt. James Isbell-18th Iowa
                Met at GAR Hall on last Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-(24)  Peak-78 in 1885   Total-99+
                      Last veteran: Austin Dixon died 10/26/1937  Age 92

95    PAWNEE CITY     May 18, 1882-1927      Charter surrendered 2/10/1928
      John Ingham     Private John Ingham-2nd U.S. Sharpshooters,
                      1836-1868..Pawnee County pioneer who had suffered from
                      wounds received in Battle of the Wilderness in 1864
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-83   Peak-113 in 1883   Total-216+
                      Last member:  John Boyer died 9/30/1938  Age 91

96    KENT            June 12, 1882-1886     Post moved to Taylor
96-A  TAYLOR          1887-1923              Charter surrendered 1/1/1924
      Tucker          Colonel Ira M. Tucker-2nd New Jersey Inf.   ****
                      ...Killed June 27, 1862 at Gaines Mill, Va.
                      Charter members included Pvt. David Gard-2 N.J. Inf.
                Met at Woodmen Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-40 in 1887    Total-99+
                      Last member:  Henry H. Copp died 9/26/1939  Age 99

97    BRADSHAW        June 14, 1882-1935     Last member died
      Noble Graves    Lt. Noble Wheeler Graves-13th ILL. Cav.
                      1822-1876...homesteaded near Bradshaw in 1871
                Met at town hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-37 in 1884    Total-55+
                      Last member:  John L. Dorsey died 6/19/1935  Age 88

98    BROKEN BOW      Aug. 12, 1882-1937     Last member died
      C.C.Washburn    Major Gen. Cadwallader Colden Washburn-
                      1818-1882...2nd Wisc. Cav...Army of the Tennessee
                Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd & 4th Thursday***
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-54 in 1894    Total-198+
                      Last member:  Thomas Noonan died 7/22/1937  Age 95

99    STERLING        July 31, 1882-1919     Charter suspended
      Gen. Sill       Brig. General Joshua Woodrow Sill-
                      1831-1862...Killed at Stones River
                      Post Commander Col. Nicholas Hitchcock served under Sill
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Monday
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-43 in 1888    Total-53+
                      Last member: John Frankeberger died 11/28/1935  Age 90

100   ADAMS           Aug. 1, 1882-1924      Charter surrendered
      Sgt. Cox        Sgt. James E. Cox-1st Nebraska Inf.
                      1837-1862...Killed at Shiloh...Otoe County pioneer
                      Charter members included James & Egbert Shaw-1st Nebr
                Met at IOOF Hall on last Saturday P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-(26)  Peak-28 in 1890   Total-71+
                      Last members:  William Chaney died 7/16/1934  Age 93
                                   William P. Thomas died 10/27/1937  Age 97

101   FIRTH           Aug. 2, 1882-1929      Last member died
      J.B.Wyman       Colonel John B. Wyman-13th ILL. Inf.
                      1832-1863...Killed at Chickasaw Bluffs near Vicksburg
                      Charter members included J. W. Losee-13th ILL. Inf.
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-42 in 1884    Total-69+
                      Last members:  John Dorning died 8/7/1929  Age 89
                                     Alexander Graham died 6/10/1930

102   SHELBY          Aug. 4, 1882-1913      Charter surrendered 12/19/1913
      R.O.D.Cummings  Pvt. Richard O.D. Cummings-2nd Iowa Cav.
                      1830-1881...pioneer settler in Osceola
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-39 in 1886    Total-52+
                      Last member:  Peter Weiser died 1/22/1933  Age 99

103   BROWNVILLE      Aug. 10, 1882-1887     Charter surrendered
      Pollock         Capt. William A. Pollock-1st Ne. Inf.
                      1817-1882...Brownville native...
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday***
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-31 in 1883    Total-34
                              See 1867 Prov. Org. & Post 309 also

104   BROCK           Aug. 11, 1882-1885     Post moved to Talmage
      Gen. Roberts
104-A TALMAGE         1886-1929              Last member died
      Gen. Roberts    Brig. General George W. Roberts-     ***
                      ...22/27/42/51 ILL. Inf...Killed at Stone's River
                      Charter members included two members of 51st ILL. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall downtown on 2nd & 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-56 in 1892    Total-103+
                      Last member:  David G. Hoerner died 7/23/1929  Age 82

105   NORTH BEND      Aug. 14, 1882-1924     Charter surrendered 1/31/1925
      Sully           Brevet Major General Alfred Sully-
                      1821-1879...2nd Nebraska Cav...District of Dakota
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-45 in 1894    Total-72+
                      Last member:  Elias Elkhart died 2/20/1929  Age 82

106   SPRINGFIELD     Aug. 15, 1882-1919     Charter surrendered
      Kirkwood        Samuel Jordon Kirkwood-War Governor of Iowa
                      First Post Commander was Capt. James Spearman-25th Iowa
                Met at GAR Hall on 3rd Wednesday
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-29 in 1884    Total-58+
                      Last member: Isaac Cornish died 9/6/1932   Age 95

107   DORCHESTER      Aug. 14, 1882-1919     Charter suspended
      F.J.Coates      Sgt. F. Jefferson Coates-7th Wisconsin Inf.
                      1843-1880...Saline County Pioneer who lost both
                      eyes at Gettysburg...awarded Medal of Honor
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-59 in 1892    Total-109+
                      Last member: Jerry Wilhelm died 6/11/1942  Age 97

108   OXFORD          Aug. 23, 1882-1901     Charter surrendered in May
      Crocker         Brig. General Marcellus Crocker-2nd Ia. Inf.
                      1830-1865...Shiloh...Atlanta...Iowa Brigade
                      (Charter members included 5 Iowa veterans)
                      No reports submitted after 1889
              Reorganized Feb. 6, 1892 as      (27) Members
      O. P. Mason     Colonel Oliver Perry Mason-Neb. Supreme Court Justice
                      1829-1891...Commanded Nebraska Militia in 1856...
                Met at GAR Hall on Ewing St. on 3rd Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-27 in 1892    Total-98+
                      Last member: Charles Breithaupt died 7/19/1940  Age 96

109   NORFOLK         Aug. 16, 1882-1928    Charter surrendered
      Mathewson       Lt. Col. Charles Mathewson-11th Conn. Inf.
                      1812-1880...Madison County Pioneer...founded Norfolk
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Tuesday
                Charter and documents at local historical society.    
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-41 in 1888    Total-65+
                      Last member: Louis Musselman died 10/12/1946  Age 103

110   OMAHA           Aug. 18, 1882-1921    Combined with post 7
              changed on July (23), 1888 to
      U.S.Grant       Major General Ulysses Simpson Grant-
                      1822-1885...Gen. Grant died July 23, 1885
                Met at Clarks Hall at 107 So. 14th St. on 2nd & 4th Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-159 in 1893   Total-344+
                              See Posts 2, 7, 262, 282, 300, 337 also

111   PHELPS          Aug. 26, 1882         Post moved to Holdrege
      Sgt. Glover     Probably (Pvt.) Henry D. Glover-22nd Ind. Inf.   ****
                      ...Died Aug. 18, 1862 at Cincinnati, Ohio
                      Charter members included Pvt. John Carter-22nd Ind. Inf.

111-A HOLDREGE        1883-1937             Last member died
      Sgt. Glover     (Possibly Sgt. T.B. Glover-2nd U.S. Cavalry
                      awarded Medal of Honor fighting Indians in Montana)
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd & 4th Saturday
                Local Historical Society has Post records
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-52 in 1884    Total-112+
                      Last member: Landy Walker died 1/12/1937  Age 87   LIC

112   LEXINGTON       Aug. 22, 1882-1937    Last member died
      Reno            Major General Jesse Lee Reno-
                      1823-1862...Killed at South Mountain
          Reorganized Jan. 21, 1889    
                Met IOOF Hall on 2nd Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-93 in 1893    Total-170+
                      Last member: William Horner died 8/2/1937  Age 91
                                   A/K/A PLUM CREEK

113   GIBBON          Aug. 21, 1882-1933    Last member died
      G.K.Warren      Major Gen. Gouverneur Kemble Warren-
                      1830-1882...Savior of Gettysburg...Five Forks
                Met at IOOF Hall on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-48 in 1894    Total-97+
                      Last member: William Gibson died 1/1/1936  Age 90

114   ORLEANS         Aug. 23, 1882-1931     Last member died
      Whitehead       Pvt. Alfred Whitehead-20th Pa. Cav          ***
                      Post Commander was D. E. Baumgardner-20th Pa. Cav.
                Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-47 in 1884    Total-96+
                      Last members: Martin Stowell died 3/20/1932 Age 83
                                     Orson Hopkins died 4/21/1932 Age 90

115   WYMORE          Oct. 7, 1882-1926      Post dropped 12/31/1926
      Coleman         Lt. Col. Augustus Coleman-             ****
                      1829-1862...11th Ohio Inf...Killed at Antietam
                   or Lt. James W. Coleman-2nd Ne. Cav.
                      1827-1969...Gage County Pioneer...Buried in Auburn
                Met at IOOF Hall every Thursday P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-42 in 1889    Total-123+
                      Last member: Christopher Siefford died 7/26/1936 Age 92

116   PONCA           Oct. 4, 1882-1915      Post disbanded
      Stoneman        Major General George Stoneman-U. S. Calvary
                      1822-1894...retired from the Army in 1882
                Met at GAR Hall downtown every Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-47   Peak-53 in 1882    Total-141+
                      Last member:  John Armstrong died 8/2/1928  Age 84
                Last veteran: Cummins Gilmore (CONF) died 12/25/1932    

117   GLENVILLE       Oct. 6, 1882-1887      Charter surrendered
      Collins         Probably Col. William Oliver Collins-11th Ohio Cav. ***
                      1809-1880...Unit served in Colorado...Died Oct. 26, 1880
                      Charter members included C.B. Holbrook-11th Ohio Cav.
                Met at Town Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                Membership: Charter-12   Peak-31 in 1885    Total-37+
                      Last known veteran: Henry Deppe died 3/16/1926  Age 77

118   TEKAMAH         Oct. 10, 1882-1944     Last member died
      Boomer          Col. George B. Boomer-26th Mo. Inf..
                      ...Killed in 1863 at Vicksburg...
                      Charter members included Pvt. T. M. Roberts-26th Mo.
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 3rd Saturdays
                Hall sold to local farm bureau in 1960’s.    
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-72 in 1884    Total-151+
                      Last member:  Isaac L. Wood died 9/6/1944  Age 96  LIC
                              See Post 6 in 1876 also

119   DECATOR         Oct. 11, 1882-1912     Last year listed as active
      Gordon Granger  Major General Gordon Granger-
                      1822-1876...saved Gen. Thomas at Chickamauga...
                Met at town hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-27   Peak-42 in 1883    Total-58+
                      Last member: John Olbrey died after May 1935

120   ARAPAHOE        Oct. 16, 1882-1940     Last member died
      Garrett         Col. John A. Garrett-40th Iowa Inf.
                      Charter members included Capt. J.H.Dempsay-40th Iowa
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
                Membership: Charter-22   Peak-47 in 1884    Total-124+
                      Last member:  Henry Tyler died 10/10/1940  Age 98  LIC
                              See Post 348 in 1899 also

121   BRAINARD        Nov. 1, 1882-1901      Charter surrendered 12/5/1901.
      Col. Cruft      (Possibly Col. Charles H. Cruft-31st Ind. Inf.-Died 1883
                      Charter members included M. S. Marble-73rd Ind. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-26 in 1888    Total-31
                      Last veteran:  Chauncey Cronk died 7/23/1928  Age 83

122   OHIOWA          Nov. 2, 1882-1901      Charter surrendered 12/5/1901
      Hunter          Capt. Abraham Hunter-23rd Ohio Inf.         ***
                      ...Killed in 1864 at Cloyds Mountain, Va.
                      Charter members included Cpl. Ephriam Stevens-23rd Ohio
                Met at Fox Hall on 1st Saturday before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-54 in 1889    Total-102+
                      Last member: Ralph Stowell died 1/13/1944  Age 97  LIC

123   ELMWOOD         Nov. 8, 1882-1933      Last member died
      Kenesaw Mt.     Battle in Atlanta campaign in 1864
                      Charter member Amos Sniff was taken POW near Atlanta
                Met at GAR Hall on every Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-41 in 1893    Total-71+
                      Last member:  Peter Eveland died 1/2/1933  Age 87

124   LOUP CITY       Nov. 11, 1882-1923     Charter surrendered
      Shiloh          Battle in Tennessee in 1862
                Met at GAR Hall on RR St. on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-36 in 1894    Total-97+
                      Last member: T. Jefferson Gregg died 10/30/1930   LIC

125   NIOBRARA        Nov. 17, 1882-1914     Charter surrendered Sept. 1914
      Lander          Brig. General Frederick West Lander-        ****
                      1821-1862...scouted plains for best RR route...
                Met at GAR Hall on 3rd Friday
                Hall was sold, cut in two, and used as dwellings.    
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-37 in 1887    Total-61+
                      Last members: Jack Peniska died 3/28/1920  Age 81
                                   Lewis P. Hathaway died 7/16/1922  Age 77

126   BAZILE MILLS    Nov. 20, 1882-1884     Post disbanded 3/30/1884
      Buckingham      Possibly William Buckingham-                ****
                      1804-1875...War governor of Connecticut...
                Met at public school on 1st Saturday
                      1st Post Commander was Pvt. Andrew Kelley-18th Conn. Inf
                      Membership: Charter-11   Total-11

127   SAXON           Dec. 4, 1882-1889      Post moved to Friend
      Lookout Mountain
127-A FRIEND          1890-1901              Charter suspended 12/31/1901
      Lookout Mountain-Battle outside Chattanooga in November 1863
                Met at Frantz Hall on Monday before full moon   ***
                      Membership: Charter-37   Peak-39 in 1884    Total-63+
                              See Post 130 also

128   SACRAMENTO      Dec. 5, 1882-1884   *  Charter surrendered 2/29/1884
      Mulligan        Bvt. Brig. General James A. Mulligan-
                      1830-1864...23 ILL./13 W.Va...Killed at Winchester, Va.
                      Charter members include Cpl. Abner Johnson-13th W.Va.Inf
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-17 in 1884    Total-19

129   WISNER          Dec. 29, 1882-1923     Charter surrendered 2/15/1924
      Finnicum        Lt. Col. Mark Finnicum-7th Wisc. Inf.
                      Charter members include two 7th Wisc. Inf. Veterans
                Met at Masonic Hall every Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-41 in 1883    Total-80+
                      Last member:  John Mansfield died 3/31/1927  Age 85
                              See Post 50 in 1880 also
Other Posts started in 1883 were 6b, 30b, 39b, 50b, 53b, 57b, 58b & 67b
130   FRIEND          Jan. 3, 1883-1935      Post disbanded 9/16/1935
      W.F.Stacey      Sgt. Walter F. Stacey-33rd Pa. Inf.,
                      1840-1882...Saline County pioneer...
              changed in 1891 to
      W.T.Sherman     Major General William Tecumseh Sherman
                      1820-1891...Gen. sherman died Feb. 14, 1891
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-27   Peak-45 in 1890    Total-82+
                      Last known member: Hiram Shufeldt died 8/21/1938  Age 89
                              See Post 127-A also
131   BLOOMINGTON     Jan. 8, 1883-1925      Charter surrendered 2/5/1926
      Antietam        Battle in Maryland in 1862
                Met at Courthouse on Saturday on or before full moon
                Membership: Charter-29   Peak-42 in 1896    Total-90+
                      Last member: John Weed died 12/18/1932  Age 93

132   WAYLAND         Jan. 27, 1883-1888     Post moved to Gresham
      B.F.Stephenson  No reports submitted after 1884
132-A GRESHAM         1889-1915              Charter suspended
      B.F.Stephenson  Major Benjamin F. Stephenson-Chief Surgeon 14th ILL.
                      1822-1871...One of the original founders of the GAR
                Met at Oak Hall on 1st Saturday
    Membership: Charter-16   Peak-20 in 1889    Total-24
                      Last known member: Ami D. Sperry died 5/26/1933  Age 86

133   HOOPER          Feb. 9, 1883-1922      Charter surrendered 7/20/1922
      Upton           Major General Emory Upton-
                      1839-1881...121 N.Y. Inf...Wilderness...
                      (Post originally requested name of Ellsworth)
                Met at town hall on 2nd Friday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-26 in 1897    Total-55+
                      Last member:  Levi Thorndike died 11/11/1933  Age 89

134   WOOD RIVER      March 17, 1883-1927    Charter surrendered 12/30/1927
      Bradley         (Possibly Lt. Col. George W. Bradley-U. S. Army   ***
                      ...Died Feb. 10, 1882 at Ft. Scott, Kansas...)
            Reorganized May 11, 1902        10 members
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-24 in 1884    Total-77+
                      Last member:  George McGlasson died 3/21/1934  Age 88

135   BLUE HILL       March 16, 1883-1894    Last year listed as active
      John Logan      Major General John Alexander Logan-
                      1826-1886...Atlanta...Early C.I.C. of the GAR
            Reorganized July 23, 1892
                Met at GAR Hall on Saturday after full moon
                Membership: Charter-17   Peak-45 in 1883    Total-66+
                      Last veteran: George Greig died 8/6/1931  Age 90

136   FRANKLIN        March 17, 1883-1924    Charter surrendered 3/4/1924
      Ben Franklin    Revolutionary War hero and founding father
                Met at IOOF Hall on Wednesday on or before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-42   Peak-44 in 1883    Total-111+
                      Last member: William F. Sprout died 9/24/1937  Age 91

137   BEAVER CROSSING  April 10, 1883-1899   Charter surrendered 9/20/1899
      Major Keenan     Major Peter Keenan-8th Pa. Cav...
                       ...killed in 1863 at Chancellorsville in attack
                       that led to fatal wounding of Stonewall Jackson
                       Charter members included Pvt. Joseph Sloan-8th Pa. Cav.
                       (Post originally requested name of S.R. Curtis)
                 Met at GAR Hall*** on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                       Membership: Charter-24   Peak-31 in 1884    Total-55+
                       Last known veteran: Henry Horn died 11/5/1940  Age 92

138   GUIDE ROCK      April 10, 1883-1903    Charter surrendered 2/28/1903
      Timothy O. Howe-Senator from Wisconsin during Civil War
                      1816-1883..Charter members included two from 33rd Wisc.
              changed Jan. 16, 1897 to
      A. Garber       Sgt. Abram Garber-3rd Mo. Inf.
                      1831-1893...Charter member of Post in 1883
                Met at Knapps Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-34 in 1886    Total-69+
                      Last member:  William R. Ryker died 1/28/1935  Age 92

139   UTICA           April 16, 1883-1908    Charter suspended
      Winchester      Series of battles in Shenandoah Valley
                Met at AOUW Hall on 2nd Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-36   Peak-44 in 1895    Total-64+
                      Last member: Harve Robinson died 4/9/1934  Age 87

140   ST. EDWARD      March 21, 1883-1933    Post disbanded
      Kinsman         Col. William H. Kinsman-4th/23rd Iowa Inf.
                      1832-1863...Killed in Vicksburg campaign
                      (Charter membership included 5 Iowa Veterans)
                Met at Woodmens Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-25 in 1884    Total-65+
                      Last member:  Henry Keister died 2/25/1938  Age 89

141   ENDICOTT        March 14, 1883-1897    Last year listed as active
      C.H.Slocum      Sgt. Charles Slocum-136th ILL. Inf.
                      1844-1883...Saline County pioneer...county clerk
                Met at GAR Hall on alternate Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-31 in 1890    Total-34

142   MARQUETTE       April 12, 1883-1923    Charter surrendered 1/20/1924
      Putnam          Probably Pvt. George W. Putnam-58th Ohio Inf.
                      ...Hordville pioneer...buried in Foster Cemetery
                Met at Farley’s Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-42 in 1884    Total-64+
                      Last member: Hamilton J. Willis died 2/7/1935  Age 92

143   MADISON         May 11, 1883-1931      Last member died
      Salmon P.Chase  Sec. of the Treasury in Lincoln's cabinet
                      1808-1873...Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
                Met at GAR Hall on 5th & Pearl on 2nd & 4th Thursday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-56 in 1889    Total-91+
                      Last member:  Golden B. Groff died 12/31/1934  Age 93

144   CHESTER         April 21, 1883-1924    Charter surrendered 10/30/1924
      Parson Brownlow-William G. "Parson" Brownlow-
                      1805-1877...Pro-Union newspaper editor in Knoxville
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-49 in 1884    Total-68+
                      Last member: Daniel Swaney died 2/17/1934  Age 88

145   SOUTH BEND      May 19, 1883-1885      Charter surrendered 6/10/1885
      Bob Mercer      Sgt. Robert W. Mercer-50th ILL. Inf. Co. D   ***
                      ...Killed Oct. 5, 1864 at Allatoona, Ga.
                      Charter members include Cpl George Hendrix-50th ILL. Inf
                Met at schoolhouse every Friday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Total-17
                      Last known veteran:  Samuel Long died 11/16/1915

146   CULBERTSON      April 21, 1883-1901    Charter suspended
      John Kleven     Capt. John E. Kleven-3rd Wisc. Inf.,
                      1837-1881...one of the first settlers in the county...
                Met at Siglinger Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-(19)  Peak-33 in 1887   Total-48+
                      Last member: James F. Henderson died 3/19/1930  Age 86

147   FULLERTON       April 19, 1883-1942    Last member died
      Live Eagle      "Old Abe", mascot of the 8th Wisc. Inf.-died in 1881
                      Charter member Pvt. O. E. Stearns carried Old Abe
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-56 in 1895    Total-125+
                      Last member:  Jefferson Myers died 4/7/1942  Age 95  LIC

148   ODELL           May 1, 1883-1920       Charter surrendered 1/2/1921
      Reserve         (Had an Indian reservation nearby 1855-1881)
                      No reports submitted after 1891
              Reorganized in 1907           9 members
                Met at K of P Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-23 in 1889    Total-32+
                      Last member: Hugh Glasgow died 9/21/1932  Age 84

149   GREENWOOD       May 8, 1883-1924       Charter surrendered 1/6/1925
      Mission Ridge   Battle of Missionary Ridge in Tennessee in 1863
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays***
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-37 in 1884    Total-83+
                      Last members:  Joseph Carnes died 12/20/1934  Age 97
                                 Richard E. Coleman died 3/16/1947  Age 97

150   RIVERTON        April 28, 1883-1916    Charter surrendered
      F. P. Blair     Major General Francis Preston Blair-
                      1821-1875...Kept Missouri in Union...Vicksburg
                      No reports submitted after 1889
              Reorganized Feb. 7, 1896         12 members
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-28   Peak-37 in 1886    Total-81+
                      Last member: John McQuire died 5/25/1918  Age 72

151    MOMENCE        May 24, 1883-1887      Post moved to Shickley
151-A  SHICKLEY       1888-1933              Last member died
                Met at Masonic Hall on 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-27 in 1897    Total-55+
                      Last member: Samuel Strayer died 3/18/1933  Age 90

152   AYR             May 8, 1883-1918       Charter surrendered
      Herron          Probably Major Gen. Francis Herron-9th Iowa Inf.  ***
                      1837-1902...Won Medal of Honor at Pea Ridge...
                      Charter members included two members of the 8th Iowa Inf
                      No reports submitted after muster
              Reorganized Aug. 5, 1887         10 members
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Wednesday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-33 in 1892    Total-65+
                      Last members:  John Marshall died 3/14/1933 Age 88
                                   Marion J. Fouts died 7/23/1933 Age 85

153   GENOA           May 19, 1883-1915      Charter suspended
      Corinth         Battle in Mississippi in 1862
                      No reports submitted after muster
              Reorganized in October 1887       11 members
                Met at Young Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-35 in 1891    Total-56+
                      Last member: Francis Wray died 3/15/1932  Age 85

154   INDIANOLA       May 26, 1883-1932      Post disbanded  4/27/1932
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-24   Peak-69 in 1884    Total-136+
                      Last members: Charles Hotze died 9/25/1937  Age 94  LIC
                                   Albert Johnson died 8/27/1939  Age 92  LIC

155   KENESAW         May 25, 1883-1923      Charter surrendered 10/25/1923
      Mathies         Brig. Gen. Charles L. Matthies-
                      1824-1868...1/5th Iowa Inf...Prussian Army veteran
                      Charter members included Lt. John Hayzlett-24th Iowa Inf
                      Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-9    Peak-32 in 1895    Total-76+
                      Last member:  Isaiah Evans died 1/10/1935  Age 90

156    LOWELL         June 9, 1883-1887      Post moved to Hartwell
       Lowell Valley
156-A  HEARTWELL      1888-1907              Charter surrendered 11/30/1907
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-21 in 1883    Total-39+
                      Last known member:  Henry Huntzinger died 10/24/1927

157   REYNOLDS        June 15, 1883-1916     Charter suspended
      Major Potter    Major Horace S. Potter-105th ILL. Inf.      ***
                      ...Surgeon...Killed June 2, 1864 near Acworth, Ga.
                      Post Commander was Byron Bathrick-105th ILL. Inf.
                      No reports submitted after 1885
              Reorganized June 26, 1888         15 members
                      (Post originally requested name of Col. Reynolds)
                Met at Reynolds Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays***
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-29 in 1890    Total-46+

158   CHAPMAN         June 23, 1883-1915     Charter surrendered 12/1/1915
      Clark Elder     Pvt. Clark Elder-28th Iowa Inf. Co. A
                      1841-1864...Killed at Cedar Creek, Va.
                      Charter members included Sgt. Westley Raser-28th Ia.
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-23 in 1887    Total-46+
                      Last member:  Enoch Aurand died 4/10/1929  Age 86

159   LIBERTY         July 7, 1883-1904      Charter surrendered 5/19/1904
      Wm. F. Barry    Brevet Major General William Farquhar Barry-
                      1818-1879...Chief of Artillery...Atlanta...
                      Charter members included Chamberlin Miller-10th Ind. Bat
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-36 in 1887    Total-77+
                      Last members: Thad Trimmer died 4/19/1931 Age 90
                                    James Goin died 12/26/1934  Age 89

160   HANSEN          June 23, 1883-1885     Charter called in 6/30/1885
                      No reports submitted after muster
                      Membership: Charter-11   Total-N/A

161   MORSEVILLE      July 5, 1883-1887   *  Charter surrendered 9/13/1887
      Rocky Face      Battle during the Atlanta campaign in 1864
                Met at town hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-17 in 1884    Total-18

162   ALEXANDRIA      July 7, 1883-1885      Charter surrendered 4/1/1885
      Thayer          Brevet Major Gen. John M. Thayer-
                      1820-1906...Vicksburg...commanded 1st Nebr. Inf.
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-31   Peak-33 in 1883    Total-35
                              See Post 271 in 1888 also

163   BEAVER CITY     July 14, 1883-1929     Post disbanded 12/31/1929
      Capt.J.H.Freas  Capt. Jacob H. Freas-105th Pa. Inf.
                      1839-1878...Gettysburg...POW...homesteaded in 1875
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-30   Peak-63 in 1888    Total-137+
                      Last member:  Robert J. Scott died 11/28/1936  Age 94

164   DAWSON          July 19, 1883-1898     Last listed as active
      Volunteer       Reference that most of the soldiers were volunteers
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-29 in 1884    Total-40
                      Last member: Ellis W. Buser died 11/25/1933  Age 91

165   TABLE ROCK      Aug. 15, 1883-1933     Post disbanded
      John N. Gere    Pvt. John Nelson Gere-2nd Kans. Cav.
                      1841-1870...Killed at Solomon Fork, Kansas by
                      Indians, son of C.H.Gere, Table Rock founder
                Met at town hall on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-34 in 1891    Total-63+
                      Last member:  John H. Lehman died 9/15/1941  Age 96  LIC

166   RULO            Dec. 18, 1883-1902     Charter suspended
      Trego           Capt. Edgar P. Trego-8th Kansas Inf.
                      ...Killed in 1863 at Chicamauga...
                      Charter members included Cpl. James Davis-8th Ks. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-35 in 1887    Total-65+
                      Last known veteran:  Jerome Johnson died 12/31/1932

167   ST.JOE          Aug. 21, 1883-1888     Charter surrendered Sept. 1888
      Baldwin         Probably Capt. Norman B. Baldwin-1st Ohio L.A.    ****
                      Charter members included Charles Thompkins-1st Ohio L.A.
                Met at town hall on 4th Saturday
                Membership: Charter-15   Peak-27 in 1887    Total-27
                      Last known veteran:  William Hendricks died 10/25/1931
                                   A/K/A  Phillips

168   CARLETON        Aug. 27, 1883-1893     Charter surrendered
      E.O.C. Ord      Major Gen. Edward Otho Cresap Ord-
                      1818-1883...Gen. Ord died July 22, 1883
                Met at Presbyterian Church on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-25 in 1884    Total-30+
                      Last member: Gideon Frownfelter died 4/19/1933 Age 90

169   CRAB ORCHARD    Sept. 1, 1883-1923     Charter surrendered 2/14/1924
      A.L. Mason      Capt. Alexander L. Mason-1st Iowa Inf.
                      1819-1861...Killed at Wilson's Creek, Mo.
                      Charter membership included W. G. Stone-1st Iowa Inf.
                Met at Armory Hall on 1st & 2nd Saturdays 3 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-27 in 1884    Total-52+
                      Last member: Daniel Richardson died 8/9/1924  Age 83
                      Last veteran: Fred Keiber died 5/18/1937  Age 90

170   DAKOTA CITY     Oct. 13, 1883-1893     Charter surrendered
      Crittenden      Major Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden
                      1819-1893...Army of the Tennessee...Retired 1881
                      (Post originally requested name of Mitchell)
              Reorganized June 29, 1889 as           (42) Members
      McBeath         Major William C. McBeath-5th Iowa Cavalry,
                      1833-1886..."The Curtis Horse"...Dakota City native
                Met at IOOF Hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-45 in 1890     Total-46+
                      Last member: Wycoff Endersby died 2/11/1931 at Homer

171   AINSWORTH       July 14, 1883-1940     Last member died
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Wednesday***
                      Membership: Charter-(21)  Peak-50 in 1887    Total-74+
                      Last member: Calvin C. Irwin died 6/22/1940  Age 95  LIC

172   BURCHARD        Dec. 14, 1883-1905     Last year listed as active
      Wm. A. Butler   Pvt. William Butler-120th Indiana Inf.      ****
                      1845-1884...moved to Pawnee County in 1865
                Met at town hall on 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-35 in 1894    Total-61+
                      Last veteran: John Peacock died 12/29/1924  Age 90
173   AUBURN          Jan. 14, 1884-1918     Charter surrendered 11/30/1918
      Auburn          No reports submitted after 1887
              Reorganized in 1890 as           (35) Members
      Carley          2nd Lt. Lott H. Carley-5th Iowa Cav.
                      1840-1885...Nemaha County pioneer...
          Reorganized May 20, 1902        10 members
                Met at Courthouse on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-35 in 1890    Total-70+
                      Last member:  Henry Sanders died 11/24/1936  Age 92
                              A/K/A NORTH AUBURN & SOUTH AUBURN

174    WATERLOO       Oct. 13, 1883-1894     Post moved to Elk City
       Atlanta        No reports submitted after 1884
              Reorganized Dec. 30, 1890        13 Members
174-A  ELK CITY       1895-1904              Post moved to Valley
174-B  VALLEY         1905-1916              Charter surrendered 12/7/1916
       Atlanta        Series of battles in Georgia in 1864
                Membership: Charter-17   Peak-31 in 1895    Total-86+
                      Last member:  Mathew Claybaugh died 4/18/1933  Age 86

175   LOUISVILLE      Oct. 29, 1883-1893     Last year listed as active
      A.B.Fox         Aaron B. Fox-Veteran
                      1842-1882...Cass County Pioneer & Businessman
                      No reports submitted after 1885
              Reorganized on Oct. 28, 1891 as       (13) Members
      Vanscoyes       Pvt. Owen K. Vanscoyes-14th Iowa inf.
                      1831-1883...Charter member of Post in 1883..
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-24 in 1884    Total-38+
                      Last member: George Mayfield died 9/21/1922  Age 84

176   WAKEFIELD       Nov. 24, 1883-1892     Last year listed as active
      Belmont         Grant's first battle Nov. 7, 1861 at Belmont, Mo.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday after full moon
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-23 in 1884    Total-31
                      Last members:  Jacob Rhods died 4/25/1923  Age 79
                                   Robert Sneath died 4/26/1923  Age 80

177   STUART          Feb. 19, 1884-1915     Post disbanded
      Col.R.M.Stewart Col. Robert Stewart-2nd/11th Indiana Cavalry
                      Charter members include Capt. Jeptha Ellington-2 Ind Cav
                Met at Chittick Hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-26 in 1885    Total-91+
                      Last member: Lewis Brown died 5/26/1933  Age 88

178   ELM CREEK       Feb. 23, 1884-1892     Last year listed as active
      Hutton          Pvt. Morris Hutton-24th Iowa Inf. Co. G         ****
                      1833-1865...Died in Andersonville Prison
                      Charter members included Sampson Riddle-24th Iowa Inf.
                Met at Masonic Hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-21 in 1890    Total-27
                      Last veteran: Walter Shreve died 1/24/1937 Age 87 LIC

179   HARTINGTON      Feb. 28, 1884-1929     Last member died
      Ossawattomie    Ossawattomie, Kansas-Village sacked and
                      burned by Pro-Slavery Missourians in 1856
                      Charter members include Lt. P.W. Brown-11th Ohio Cav.
                      (Post originally requested name of John Brown)
                Met at Woodmens Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-34 in 1891    Total-74+
                      Last member: Willimas Stephenson died 9/10/1929 Age 81

180    WESTERVILLE    Feb. 20, 1884-1887     Post moved to Ansley
                Met on Saturday on or before full moon

180-A  ANSLEY         July 30, 1887-1923     Charter surrendered 11/8/1923
       Steedman       Major General James Blair Steedman-         ***
                      (Post originally requested name of James Garfield)
                Met at GAR Hall on Last Saturday 2 P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-37 in 1890    Total-108+
                      Last known member: Joseph Giddings died 8/13/1931 Age 90

181   HUMPHREY        March 6, 1884-1892     Charter surrendered 7/1/1892
      Gratehouse      Possibly Brig. Gen. Lucien Greathouse-      ***
                      1840-1864...48th ILL. Inf...Killed at Atlanta
                      No reports submitted after 1885
                Met at town hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-16 in 1884    Total-19
                      Last veteran:  John Dieter died 2/15/1928  Age 84

182   TILDEN          March 11, 1884-1930    Last member died
      Gov. Harvey     Louis Powell Harvey-Governor of Wisconsin
                      1820-1862..Elected in 1861, was accidentally killed
                      enroute to aid Wisconsin soldiers wounded at Shiloh
                      Charter membership included 2 Wisconsin veterans
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-48 in 1887    Total-64+
                      Last member: John Delaney Askwith died 9/7/1930 Age 84
                                   A/K/A  Burnett

183   INMAN           March 12, 1884-1897    Charter surrendered 2/14/1897
      Wm. Inman       Sgt. William H. H. Inman-12th Wisc. Inf.
                      1845-1882...first settler in County...
                      (only Veteran in cemetery when Post formed)
                      No reports submitted after 1890
                Met at schoolhouse on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-20 in 1885    Total-29+
                      Last member:  George Green died 5/2/1929  Age 87

184   CORTLAND        March 25, 1884-1892    Last year listed as active
      Monitor         First ironclad-fought CSS Virginia/Merrimac March 1862
                Met at Congregational Church on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-9    Peak-22 in 1885    Total-29
                     Last veteran: John A. Dorning died 8/7/1929  Age 89

185   EMERSON         April 19, 1884-1921    Last year listed as active
      C.R. Wever      Brevet Brig.Gen. Clarke Russell Wever-
                      1835-1874...17th Iowa Inf...Vicksburg...
                      Charter members include John Fitch and J. Winder-17th Ia
                Met at GAR Hall on Saturday on or after full moon
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-20 in 1886    Total-29+
                      Last known member: Nelson Feanto died 8/28/1923  Age 83

186   GRAND RAPIDS    May 16, 1884-1889      Charter surrendered 9/30/1889
      J.L. Wright     Unknown - Possibly a relative of William    ****
                      Charter members included Wm. W. Wright-2nd Mich Cav.
                Met at Dustin Hall on Saturday after full moon
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-23 in 1885    Total-29

187   CAMBRIDGE       Oct. 21, 1884-1928     Charter surrendered 6/21/1928
                Met at town hall on Saturdays on or before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-31 in 1893    Total-76+
                      Last member:  Morgan Pollard died 6/24/1934  Age 89

188   TOBIAS          May 22, 1884-1926      Charter surrendered 7/23/1926
      J. Morehouse    Pvt. Jesse B. Morehouse-9th Ind. Inf.
                      184O-1883...Saline County pioneer...
                Met at Masonic Hall on Fridays on or before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-31 in 1886    Total-58+
                      Last member: Dewitt Marsh died 4/15/1932  Age 90

189   FLETCHER        June 24, 1884-1893     Last year listed as active
      Amzi Garrison   Unknown - Never Identified            ****
                Met at Baptist Church on 1st Wednesday
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-34 in 1890    Total-43

190   STANTON         July 8, 1884-1933      Last active member died
      Kendall         Pvt. William L. Kendall-127th ILL. Inf.
                      1842-1884...Local merchant...died 3/6/1884
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-(26)  Peak-30 in 1888   Total-60+
                      Last member: Samuel Lackey died 11/6/1937  Age 91

191   PIERCE          July 9, 1884-1905      Charter suspended
      Pierce          Only one report submitted after 1891
              Reorganized in 1897              (19) Members
                Met at K of P Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-19 in 1897    Total-34+
                      Last member:  Jacob Knouse died 11/18/1929  Age 84

192   EWING           July 10, 1884-1912     Last year listed as active
      Gen. Augur      Major General Christopher Colon Augur-
                      1821-1898...UPRR...Commander, Dept. of the Platte
                      (Post was mustered on Gen. Augur's birthday 7/10/1821)
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-26   Peak-64 in 1887    Total-94+
                      Last known member: Allen Donaldson died 6/5/1930  Age 84

193   PLAINVIEW       Aug. 13, 1884-1929     Post disbanded
      J.G.Lauman      Brevet Major General Jacob Lauman-
                      1813-1867...7th Iowa Inf...Hornets Nest at Shiloh...
                      Charter members included Pvt. S.H. White-7th Iowa Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on King St. on 2nd & 3rd Saturdays
    Membership: Charter-19   Peak-26 in 1894    Total-66+
                      Last member:  Ransom Kile died 7/28/1933  Age 97

194   UNADILLA        Aug. 18, 1884-1886     Charter surrendered Feb. 22, 1886
      Chickamauga     Battle in Tennessee in 1863
                Met in Pierson Hall    
                Membership: Charter-14   Peak-17 in 1885    Total-17
                      Last member: Joseph Keach died 2/10/1932  Age 88

195    WEST UNION     Aug. 27, 1884-1886     Post moved to Sargent
       Sweet          Possibly Josiah B. Sweet killed at Shiloh   or
                Met on 4th Saturday at 1 P.M.    
195-A  SARGENT        1887-1923              Charter surrendered 12/31/1923
       Sweet          Possibly Nelson Sweet killed at Shiloh...
                      Membership included Pvt. George Sweet-146th ILL. Inf.
                Met at Woodby Hall on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-40 in 1886    Total-67+
                      Last member: James Finley died 8/17/1934  Age 96

196   ARNOLD          Aug. 25, 1884-1911     Charter suspended
      Excelsior       Excelsior Brigade-70/71/72/73/74/120 N.Y. Inf.
                      6 Inf. regiments raised by Dan Sickles in N. Y. City
                      Charter members included L. Bornt-120th New York Inf.
                Met in Methodist Church on 1st Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-25 in 1890    Total-44+
                      Last member:  August Morrow died 12/24/1933  Age 98
                      (Rundown by a car while getting gift for fellow veteran)

197   WEST POINT      Aug. 29, 1884-1923     Charter surrendered
      D.S. Crawford   Pvt. Daniel S. Crawford-30th/47th Pa. Inf.
                      1844-1881...Cuming County pioneer...
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-37 in 1888    Total-40+
                      Last member:  Ferdinand Scheibe died 7/8/1930  Age 86

198   HOMERVILLE      April 2, 1885-1887     Charter surrendered
      Stout           Pvt. Albert Stout-7th Wisc. Inf.         ***
                      ...Killed at Antietam...
                Charter members included Jebedee Stout-49 Wisc. Inf.
                Membership: Charter-10   Peak-16 in 1885    Total-16

198-B  ELWOOD         (Oct.) 1889-1905        Charter suspended
       Elwood         Only one report submitted after 1896
                Met at IOOF Hall on Saturday on/before full moon 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-(19)  Peak-29 in 1892    Total-43+
                      Last known member: Charles Lewis died in 1929 in So.Dak.
                                      Gurley Chase died 10/8/1934 Age 96  LIC

199   SWANTON         April 4, 1885-1905     Charter suspended
      Sanford Staley  Pvt. Sanford Staley-40th Ind. Inf. Co. B
                      Died of wounds received at Stone's River, Tenn.
                      Charter members included George Staley-12th Ind. Cav.
                Met at AOUW Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-23 in 1889    Total-27+
                      Last known member: Ernst Ellemier died 12/13/1922 Age 85

200   NAPONEE         May 13, 1885-1889      Charter surrendered 3/31/1890
      U.S.Grant       General of the Armies-18th President
                      1822-1885...Gen. Grant died July 23, 1885
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-N/A
                      Last known veteran: Henry Fox died 2/5/1933

201   PLYMOUTH        June 27, 1885-1919     Last member died
      Strain          Cpl. William G. Strain-83rd ILL. Inf.
                      1836-1880...Jefferson County pioneer...
                Met in home of comrade on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-23 in 1895    Total-71+
                      Last member: Peter Bruenger died 1/13/1920  Age 78

202   AXTELL          June 13, 1885-1887     Charter surrendered 12/6/1887
      Williams        Possibly Col. Thomas O. Williams-25th ILL. Inf.
                      1815-1862...Killed at Stones River, Tenn...
                Met at schoolhouse
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-15 in 1886    Total-15
                              See Post 342 in 1896 also

203   VERDON          July 11, 1885-1892     Charter surrendered Dec. 1892
      Vandeventor        Pvt. Jonas Vandeventor-5th Mo. Cav. Co. G    ***
                ..Killed 5/17/1863 at Blue Springs, Mo.
                      (Son of one of Falls City's first settlers)
                Met at Verdon Hall on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-21 in 1886    Total-24
                      Last member: John Shrader died 12/1/1932  Age 89

204   WILSONVILLE     July 23, 1885-1919     Charter suspended
      A.A.Plumb       Pvt. Alanson A. Plumb-35th Wisc. Inf.
                      1841-1880...first settler in Wilsonville...
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-40 in 1889    Total-62+
                      Last member:  Julius Stone died 7/2/1940  Age 100

205   COZAD           Aug. 1, 1885-1923      Charter surrendered 6/30/1923
      Lindsay         Capt. Samuel R. Lindsay-5th Iowa Inf. Co. H   ***
                      ...Killed 5/16/1863 at Champion Hill, Miss.
                      Charter members included Pvt. George Boyer-5th Iowa Inf.
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-31 in 1895    Total-75+
                      Last member: H. Clay Wilson died in fall of 1932

206   GOTHENBERG      Aug. 4, 1885-1931      Last member died
      Thomas Martin   Sgt. Thomas W. Martin-1st Mass. Cav.
                      1841-1863...killed at Brandy Station...Charter members
                      included Pvts. Wm. Burns & Walter Lynn-1st Mass. Cav.
                Met at Masonic Hall on 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-23 in 1891    Total-39+
                      Last member:  Conrad Reaser died 1/6/1931  Age 85

207   McCOOK          Aug. 2, 1885-1933      Post disbanded
      J.K.Barnes      Brig. General Joseph Barnes-Surgeon General..
                      1817-1883...Attended Lincoln in his last hours
                      Charter members include Pvt Daniel Barnes-24th Ohio Inf.
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd & 4th Monday***
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-42 in 1888    Total-130+
                      Last member:  Samuel Ellis died 1/6/1935  Age 91

208   VALENTINE       Aug. 19, 1885-1906     Last year listed as active
      Col. Wood       Col. David E. Wood-14th Wisc. Inf.          ***
                      ...Died 6/17/1862 from disease...
                      Charter members include Capt. James Camm-14th Wisc. Inf.
                      No reports submitted after 1888
              Reorganized Oct. 24, 1891     32 members
          Reorganized April 23, 1902    10 members
                Met at Cornells Hall on alternate Saturdays***
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-36 in 1892    Total-49+
                      Last member: James Lansing died 2/19/1936  Age 90

209   WESTERN         Sept. 28, 1885-1923    Charter surrendered 5/2/1923
      Mulligan        Brig. General James Mulligan-23rd ILL. Inf.
                      1830-1864...Irish Brigade...Killed at Winchester,Va.
              Reorganized Oct. 27, 1894     19 members
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-35 in 1897    Total-45+
                      Last member:  Horace Wilkinson died 1/15/1934  Age 83
                              See Post 78 in 1881 also

210    GARWOOD HALL   Sept. 10, 1885-1887    Post moved to Doty
210-A  DOTY           1888-1892   *          Last year listed as active
       Garland        Unknown-Never identified    ***
                Met at town hall on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-18 in 1886    Total-20

211   COWLES          Oct. 6, 1885-1888  *   Last year listed as active
      H.S.Kaley       Sgt. Henry Solomon Kaley-123rd Ohio Inf.
                      1844-1881...Webster County pioneer...Legislator...
                Met at schoolhouse
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-16 in 1886    Total-16

212   SPRINGVIEW      Sept. 26, 1885-1901    Charter suspended 6/30/1901
      Springview      No reports submitted after 1888
              Reorganized Sept. 6, 1894             (34) Members
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Fridays
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-34 in 1895    Total-40+
                      Last member: Theodore Smith died 1/20/1935 Age 95  LIC

212-B  BYRON          (This Post was part of the Department of Kansas)  ****

213   BERTRAND        Nov. 18, 1885-1888     Last year listed as active
      McClellan       Major General George Brinton McClellan-
                      1826-1885...Gen. McClellan died Oct. 29, 1885
                      No reports submitted after 1886
                      Membership: Charter-15   Total-18 in 1886   Total-18
                      Last members: William Pedley died 6/11/1930  Age 88
                                   Landy Walker died 1/12/1937  Age 87  LIC


214   LINCOLN         Jan. 28, 1886-1924     Charter surrendered 2/20/1924
      Appomattox      Site where Lee surrendered
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-25   Peak-47 in 1890    Total-72+
                      Last member:  Hudson Nickelson died 8/17/1940
                               See Posts 25 & 318 & 1870 Prov. Org. also

215   OGALALLA        Feb. 13, 1886-1906     Last year listed as active
      John Thayer     Brevet Major Gen. John Thayer-commanded 1st Ne. Inf.
                      1820-1906...Nebraska GAR Cmdr & Governor in 1886
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                Flag and records in Kieth County Hist. Society
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-36 in 1893    Total-53+
                      Last member: John Cannon died 10/23/1932  Age 88  LIC

216   REPUBLICAN CITY  April 28, 1886-1935   Last member died
      Gould            Cpl. Joseph Gould-86th N.Y. Inf.,
                       1814-1882...Harlan County pioneer...
                 Met at GAR Hall on alternating Thursdays***
                       Membership: Charter-20   Peak-29 in 1895   Total-59+
                       Last member:  James A. Smith died 6/30/1935  Age 89
                              See Post 67 in 1881 also

217   BENKELMAN       May 26, 1886-1927   *  Charter surrendered 9/24/1927
      Gen. Edwards    Brig. General John Edwards-
                      1815-1894...18th Iowa Inf...
                Met at Commercial House on Saturday on/before full moon
                      Charter members include Capt. John Beltzer-18th Iowa Inf
                      Membership: Charter-10-A   Peak-31 in 1894   Total-70+
                      Last member:  James Ferman died 3/31/1933  Age 95  LIC

218   CHAPPELL        June 14, 1886-1928   * Charter surrendered
      Harrison        Bvt. Brig. Gen. Benjamin Harrison
                      1833-1901...70th Ind. Inf...19th President
                      No reports submitted after 1887
              Reorganized Aug. 22, 1891 as          (13) Members
      Crocker         Brig. General Marcellus Monroe Crocker-
                      1830-1865..."Crockers Iowa Brigade" 11/13/15/16 Inf....
                      Charter members included Pvt. L.O. Prouty-16th Iowa Inf.
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-27 in 1895    Total-52+
                      Last member:  Walter Ostrander died 6/10/1932  Age 90

219   STRATTON        June 23, 1886-1904     Charter suspended 12/31/1904
      Corinth         Battle in Mississippi in 1862
                Met at Wiffenden Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-(18)  Peak-33 in 1895   Total-64+
                      Last member: Owen Isaac Prindle died 7/30/1932  Age 92

220   RAVENNA         July 15, 1886-1912     Charter Surrendered Jan. 11, 1913
      Cedar Mountain  Battle in Antietam campaign in 1862
          Reorganized May 18, 1893
                Met at K of P Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-32 in 1892    Total-57+
                      Last member: William Fowler died 5/15/1939  Age 92

221   KIMBALL         July 20, 1886-1897     Last year listed as active
      Pickett         Pvt. Joshua C. Pickett-16th Iowa Inf. Co. C    ****
                      1843-1862...First in company to die?
                      Charter members include Cpl. Francis Remington-16th Iowa
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-24 in 1889    Total-25
                      Last veteran:  Matthies Leach died 12/14/1931  Age 83

222   CLEARWATER      July 23, 1886-1911     Charter suspended
                Met at Calder House on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-27 in 1894    Total-44+
                      Last member: Joseph L. Okee died 7/31/1931  Age 88

223   HAY SPRINGS     Sept. 30, 1886-1903    Last year listed as active
      Hay Springs
        Reorganized May 10, 1902    12 members
                Met at Phoenix Hall on alternating Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-13-A  Peak-34 in 1888   Total-54
                      Last member: Cornelius Moore died 8/27/1938  Age 90  LIC

223-B  GORDON         Feb. 29, 1908-1925     Charter surrendered 1/1/1926
       Sheridan County-Consolidation of Posts 223 & 310 & 323
                Met at Hiles Hall on call
                      Membership: Charter-29   Peak-42 in 1909    Total-45+
                      Last member:  Josiah Baker died 2/11/1933  Age 91
                              See Post 323 in 1892 also

224    APPLE CREEK    Aug. 10, 1886-1887     Post moved to Dorsey
       Wm. Whitaker
224-A  DORSEY         1888-1890   *          Charter surrendered 12/13/1890
       Wm. Whitaker   Possibly Pvt. Wm. Whitaker-43rd Ind. Inf.    ***
                      Charter members include George Graham-43rd Ind. Inf.
                      (Post originally requested name of U.S. Grant)
                Met at Dorsey Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-29 in 1887    Total-31
                              See Post 335 in 1894 also

225   ONO             Sept. 7, 1886-1890     Charter surrendered 3/31/1890
      Col. J.R.Scott  Col. Joseph Scott-19th ILL. Inf.
                      ...Killed in 1862 at Stones River
                      Charter members included Cpl. James Meyers-19th ILL. Inf
                Met at Dwight Church on 1st Saturday evening
                Membership: Charter-10   Peak-13 in 1888    Total-18

226   GANDY           Aug. 7, 1886-1920      Charter surrendered
      Alfred Doan     Pvt. Alfred B. Doan-14th Pa. Inf.
                      Charter members included Lt. Jesse Doan-1st/42nd Pa. Inf
                Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-32 in 1891    Total-50+
                      Last veterans: John Kunkel died 12/24/1926  Age 84
                                   Cyrus Fox died 6/12/1942  Age 85   LIC

227   CHADRON         Sept. 29, 1886-1928    Charter surrendered
      Lennington      Pvt. Josiah B. Lennington-31st & 92nd Ohio Inf.
                      1830-1886...Dawes County pioneer...
                      (First Civil War Veteran to die in community)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Thursday***
                GAR Flag at local museum
                      Membership: Charter-20   Peak-41 in 1893   Total-106+
                      Last member:  Henry Sprague died 4/7/1930  Age 87

228   MILLER          Oct. 13, 1886-1917     Charter suspended
      Reason Jewett   Probably Pvt. Orin Jewett-3rd Iowa Cav.     ****
                      Charter members included two members of 3rd Iowa Cav.
              Reorganized 1/13/1894         16 members
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-35 in 1889    Total-70+
                      Last known member: John Ridenour died 2/10/1929  Age 82
                                   A/K/A  ARMADA

229   NEWPORT         Nov. 4, 1886-1902      Charter suspended
                      Only one report submitted after 1896
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-27 in 1888    Total-46
                      Last known member:  Harlow Tyler died 7/22/1922

230    BLYVILLE       Oct. 23, 1886-1887     Post moved to Peoria
       P. A. Porter
230-A  PEORIA         1888-1891   *          Post moved to Bloomfield
       P. A. Porter
230-B  BLOOMFIELD     1892-1910              Charter suspended
       P. A. Porter   Colonel Peter A. Porter-8th N.Y. Heavy Artillery
                      ...Killed in 1864 at Cold Harbor
                      Charter members include Pvt. B.Louis Hines-8th N.Y. Art.
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-24 in 1892    Total-42+
                      Last member: Burlington Cunningham died after 1930

231   LITCHFIELD      Dec. 17, 1886-1919     Charter surrendered
      Perryville      Battle in Tennessee in 1862
                Met at GAR Hall 1st & 3rd  Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-43 in 1895    Total-62+
                      Last member:  Enoch Gowin died 4/20/1940 Age 94  LIC

232   LODGEPOLE       Aug. 28, 1886-1888     Post disbanded 6/30/1888
      Chickamauga     Battle near Chattanooga in September 1863
                Met at schoolhouse on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Total-10
                      Last veteran: Andrew Withers died 7/28/1927 Age 80

233   TRENTON         Feb. 3, 1887-1905      Charter suspended 12/31/1905
      Gettysburg      Battle in Pennsylvania in 1863
                Met at Brittons Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-(19)  Peak-41 in 1889   Total-57+
                      Last member: Sam Lawrence died 8/23/1938  Age 94  LIC

234   WILLOW SPRINGS  Feb. 7, 1887-1888      Post moved to Burwell
                Met on 2nd Saturday 2 P.M.

234-A  BURWELL        1889-1917              Charter surrendered Oct. 1917
       Hancock        Major General Winfield Scott Hancock
                      1824-1886...Gettysburg...Cold Harbor...
                      No reports submitted after 1898
              Reorganized April 23, 1904 as    19 members    
       Vifquain       Brevet Brig. Gen. Victor Vifquain-97th ILL. Inf.,
                      1836-1904...Awarded Medal of Honor...buried in Lincoln
                      (Post originally requested name of George G. Meade)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday***
    Membership: Charter-17   Peak-31 in 1894    Total-67+
                      Last member: Winfield Mattern died 9/16/1932 Age 86 LIC

235   ARCADIA         Feb. 10, 1887-1908     Charter surrendered
      T.T.Dow         Major Tristram T. Dow-112th ILL. Vol. Inf.
                      No reports between 1897-1905
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-28 in 1890    Total-67+
                      Last member: John Dorsey died 6/19/1935  Age 88

236   CAIRO           March 3, 1887-1890     Charter surrendered 5/8/1890
      Hackleman       Brig. General Pleasant Adam Hackleman-
                      1814-1862....Killed at Corinth, Miss.
                      Charter member Cpl. W.W. Mann-12th Iowa served under him
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-14 in 1888    Total-17
                              See Post 92-A in 1905 also

237   MASON CITY      March 9, 1887-1892     Charter surrendered 1/28/1893
      Stone River     Battle in Tennessee in 1862
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-23 in 1889    Total-35
                              Rechartered as Post 339 in 1895
238   HOWELLS         March 7, 1887-1898     Charter surrendered 11/11/1898
      Wauhatchie      Battle near Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga campaign
                      Charter member T. W. Hunt-149th N.Y. Inf. fought there
                      No reports submitted after 1888
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-15 in 1887    Total-16+
                      Last known member:  Hans Nielson died 1/4/1912  Age 73

239   CLAY CENTER     March 11, 1887-1904    Charter suspended 12/30/1904
      John A. Jordan  Capt. John A. Jordan-37th ILL. Inf.
                      1819-1886...(Post membership had 16 Illinois veterans,
                      including Pvt. L. F. Fryar-37th ILL. Inf. Co. A)
           Reorganized May 5, 1902        13 members
                Met at Union Hall on 2nd & 4th Friday***
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-33 in 1890   Total-49+
                      Last member: William S. Hart died 1/8/1934  Age 91

240   BARTLETT        March 11, 1887-1902    Charter suspended
      Gen. Hazen      Major General William Babcock Hazen-
                      (Post originally requested name of John Logan)
           Reorganized Aug. 16, 1901        10 members        
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-27 in 1891    Total-33+
                      Last members: James Berney and Francis Kilmer in 1914

241   TURNER          March 30, 1887-1892    Charter surrendered 7/1/1892
      O'Brien         Brevet Brig.Gen. George M. O'Brien-7th Iowa Cav.
                      1827-1887...Nebraska GAR Vice-Commander died Jan. 9th
                Met at town hall on alternate Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-31 in 1887    Total-31

242    LAWRENCE       May 17, 1887-1896      Post moved to Negunda
A. Arthur
242-A  NEGUNDA        1897-1912   *          Charter surrendered Oct. 1912
       C. A. Arthur   Chester A. Arthur-21st President
                      1830-1886...Inspector General New York Militia
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-21 in 1890    Total-44+
                      Last member:  William Redinger died 4/29/1923  Age 80

243   CAMPBELL        May 2, 1887-1912       Last year listed as active
                Met at town hall on alternating Saturdays 3 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-33 in 1891    Total-49+
                      Last members: Christopher Thurman died 12/7/1928 Age 95
                                     Jacob Gentry died 2/12/1936  Age 92

244   FARNAM          July 4, 1887-1901      Charter suspended 12/30/1901
      J.W. McLane     Col. John W. McLane-83rd Pa. Inf.,
                      1820-1862...Killed at Gaines Mill, Va.
                      Charter members include Eugene Ceder & G.C.Kerr-83rd Pa.
                Met at Gravens Hall on 1st Saturday after full moon 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-22 in 1894    Total-39+
                      Last member: Jacob Kitchen died 2/28/1933  Age 87

245   DILLER          July 2, 1887-1919      Last member died
      Nichajack       Nichajack Creek-Skirmish in Atlanta campaign 7/2-5/64
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-25 in 1891    Total-38+
                      Last member:  David Kelley died 11/24/1919  Age 74

246   EMERICH         July 9, 1887-1890      Charter surrendered 12/6/1890
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-20 in 1889    Total-20
                      Last known veteran:  Smith Grant died 12/24/1923

247   CHAMBERS        July 28, 1887-1911     Charter suspended
      Mark Goodham    Pvt. Mark Goodham-95th ILL. Inf.
                      No dates...County pioneer...Buried in Chambers
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-24 in 1890    Total-49+
                      Last member:  Francis Davis died 1/12/1930  Age 81

248   WILCOX          July 28, 1887-1889     Post disbanded in December 1889
      A.C. Harding    Brig. General Abner Clark Harding-
                      1807-1874...83rd ILL. Inf...Died July 19, 1874
                Met at Potters Hall on 1st & 3rd Fridays
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-16 in 1888    Total-17
                      Last veteran: Rev. William Hampton died 1/20/1921

249   NORDEN          Aug. 24, 1887-1894     Last year listed as active
      Col. Gillispie  Possibly Lt. Col. George Lewis Gillispie    ****
                      ...Awarded Medal of Honor...
                      (Post mustered by E. L. Gillispie of Valentine?!?)
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-(11-A)  Peak-25 in 1889   Total-31

250   STOCKVILLE      July 23, 1887-1906     Last year listed as active
      Heintzelman     Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman-
                      1805-1880...Army of the Potomac...
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-37 in 1891    Total-53+
                      Last known veteran: Ambose Shelley died 12/2/1930 Age 86

251   LEONIE          Aug. (3), 1887-1910    Combined with Post 86
      Gen. Coburn     Brevet Brig. General John Coburn-
                      1825-1908...33rd Ind/22 Wisc Inf...
                      Charter members include Thomas Simondson-22 Wisc. Inf.
                      (Post requested Hartsuff, Coburn, Granger or Col.Dunham)
                Met at church on 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-23 in 1889    Total-35+
                      Last member:  Thomas Harrison died 2/18/1916  Age 77

252   STRANG          Oct. 3, 1887-1899      Charter surrendered Jan. 1900
      Vicksburg       Campaign in Mississippi in 1863
                Met at town hall on 1st Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-30 in 1891    Total-48+
                      Last known veteran: James Jenkins died 3/24/1932  Age 84

253   ARBORVILLE      Oct. 15, 1887-1906     Charter surrendered 4/17/1907
      Gen. Ricketts   Major Gen. James Brewerton Ricketts-
                      1817-1887...Gen. Ricketts died Sept. 22, 1887
                Met at town hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-32 in 1890    Total-42+
                      Last known veteran: John Dorsey died 6/19/1935  Age 88

254   IMPERIAL        Sept. 3, 1887-1888     Last year listed as active
      Carleton        Brig. Gen. James Henry Carleton       ****
                      1814-1873...Led the California Column in Southwest
                      Charter members included Stephen McElroy-1st Calif.Inf.
                      No reports submitted after 1887
                      Membership: Charter-13   Total-47
                              See Post 301-A in 1902 also

255   GRANT           Nov. 20, 1887-1898     Charter surrendered 7/25/1898
      Putnam          Col. Haldiman Putnam-7th N.H.Inf.           ****
                      1837-1863...Killed at Ft. Wagner
              name changed July 27, 1894 to
      John Logan      Major General John A. Logan-
                      1826-1886...Early C.I.C. of the GAR
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Wednesday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-21 in 1889    Total-49+
                      Last veteran: Fletcher Whipps died 4/3/1932  Age 85

256   MERNA           Oct. 22, 1887-1939     Last member died
      Kirby Smith     Col. J.L. Kirby Smith-43rd Ohio Inf.        ****
                      1836-1862..Fullers Brigade..Killed Oct. 3 at Corinth, MS
                      Charter members included Pvt. Joseph Smith-6th Pa. Cav.
                      No reports submitted after muster
              Reorganized Oct. 1, 1889 as           (20) Members
      Samuel Rice     Brig. General Samuel Allen Rice-
                      1828-1864...Died of wounds in Red River campaign
                      Charter member Francis Graham served under Gen. Rice
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-29 in 1897   Total-37+
                      Last member:  Joseph B. Smith died 10/14/1939  Age 90

257   BREWSTER        Dec. 17, 1887-1901   *  Charter suspended
      R.B.Marcy       Brevet Major General Randolph Barnes Marcy-
                      1812-1887...Gen. Marcy died Nov. 2, 1887
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-18 in 1888    Total-35+
                      Last member:  Henry Copp died 9/26/1939  Age 99   LIC


258   WALLACE         Feb. 18, 1888-1906   * Last year listed as active
      Wm. Cody        Pvt. William Frederick Cody-7th Ks. Cav.
                      1846-1917..."Buffalo Bill"...Frontier Scout...
                      ..."Man of the year" in Nebraska in 1888...
                Met at Rich Hall on 2nd  & 4th Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-17-A  Peak-27 in 1895   Total-54+
                      Last known members: David Browmlee died 3/28/1923...
                      ...James Light died 7/15/1924...Tom Dolan died 5/25/1929

259   JOHNSTOWN       Feb. 21, 1888-1901     Charter surrendered 4/14/1902
      E. D. Fancher   Corp. Edward D. Fancher-117th N.Y. Inf.
                      1843-1884...Brown County Pioneer...Buried in Johnstown
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-27 in 1888    Total-32+
                      Last known member: Charles McDaniel died 2/4/1922 Age 83

260    CARRICO        Feb. 25, 1888-1894     Post moved to Hays Center
260-A  HAYES CENTER   1895-1907              Charter surrendered 5/13/1907
       Iuka           Battle in Mississippi in 1862
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-37 in 1896    Total-52+
                      Last member: Andrew Nickerson died 2/24/1932 Age 86  LIC

261    FT. ROBINSON   April 6, 1888-1889     Post moved to Crawford
261-A  CRAWFORD       1890-1902              Charter suspended
       Robinson       Lt. Levi H. Robinson-10th Vt. Vol. Inf.
                      14th U.S.Inf...Killed in 1874 by Indians in Wyoming
                Met at Forbes Hall on last Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-73 in 1890    Total-101+
                      Last member:  Jason McKelvey died 6/8/1931  Age 82

262   OMAHA           April 6, 1888-1921     Combined with Post 7
      Gate City       reference to Omaha as the entrance to the West
                      (Post orginally requested name of Thomas J. Potter)
              changed January 30, 1889 to
      Phil Sheridan   Major General Philip Sheridan-
                      1831-1888...Gen. Sheridan died Aug. 5, 1888
              changed March 21, 1890 to
      George Crook    Major General George Crook-Army of the Tennessee
                      1829-1890...Atlanta...Indian Wars...Ft. Omaha...
                Met at Goodrich Hall on No. 24th St. on 2nd & 4th Thursdays
                      Membership: Charter-24   Peak-277 in 1900   Total-400+
                              See Posts 2, 7, 110, 282, 300, 337 also

263    LEE PARK       March 31, 1888-1889    Post moved to Kingston
263-A  KINGSTON       1890-1893              Charter surrendered 5/7/1893
       Myrtle         Name of original Post Office in the area
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-19 in 1890    Total-21+

264   CALLAWAY        March 31, 1888-1924    Charter surrendered Jan. 1925
      Wm. Hayes       Brevet Brig. General William Hayes-
                      1819-1875...2nd U.S. Artillery...2nd. Corp A/P...
                      ...Died at Ft. Independence, Ma. in 1875
                      (Post Commander N. M. Morgan served under Gen. Hays)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays***
                      Membership: Charter-24   Peak-40 in 1892    Total-61+
                      Last known members: Emory Whaley died 7/8/1935  Age 85
                                         Harvey Doxsee died 6/24/1936 Age 89

265   GERING          May 30, 1888-1939      Last member died
                Met in Post room above bank on 1st Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-30 in 1890    Total-72+
                      Last members: George Sowerwine died 8/21/1931  Age 88
                                      James Leslie died 8/9/1940  Age 91

266   DAYKIN          June 8, 1888-1901      Charter suspended
      Norton          Capt. Samuel E. Norton-10th Ohio Cav.       ***
                      1842-1864...Killed at Wayneboro, Ga.
                      Charter members included Pvt. James Tippen-10th Ohio Cav
                      (Post mustered by Capt. Henry Norton?!?)
                Met in home of members on last Thursday
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-24 in 1891    Total-31+
                      Last member: James Houck died 1/12/1928   Age 84

267   GREELEY         June 9, 1888-1923      Charter surrendered 12/31/1923
      Gen. Meagher    Brig. General Thomas Francis Meagher-
                      1823-1867..."Irish Brigade"...63/69/88/7 HA NY...
                      Charter members included Patrick Barry-63rd N.Y. Inf
                      (Post originally requested name of James Shields)
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-28 in 1891    Total-45+
                      Last members: Tim Cronin died 11/11/1931  Age 82
                                  Lewis Dishaw died at Scotia after 1931 LIC

268   NON PARIEL      June 30, 1888-1891     Charter surrendered 7/11/1891
      Non Pariel
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-19 in 1888

269   PALISADE        July 28, 1888-1910     Charter suspended
      Harry B. Hull   Pvt. Harry Hull-15th Vermont Inf.
                      1838-1884...Hitchcock County Pioneer killed in 1884
                Met on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-12-A  Peak-32 in 1891   Total-40+
                      Last member: David Colby died 12/21/1931  Age 90

270   TECUMSEH        July 30, 1888-1894     Charter surrender 5/22/1894
      Little Phil     Nickname of Major General Philip Sheridan
                      1831-1888...Gen. Sheridan died Aug. 5, 1888
                Consolidated with Post 47 in Tecumseh
                Met at SV Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-19 in 1891    Total-22+
                              See Post 47 in 1880 also

271   ALEXANDRIA      July 27, 1888-1892     Post dropped 12/31/1892
      A.W.Howard      Pvt. A. Warren Howard-77th ILL. Inf.,
                      1841-1884...Thayer County Pioneer...
                Met at Masonic Hall
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-20 in 1889    Total-20+
                      Last veteran: Reuben Padgett died 2/26/1931  Age 84
                              See Post 162 in 1883 also

272   BATTLE CREEK    Aug. 18, 1888-1915     Charter suspended
      J.W.Vance       John W. Vance-...Madison County Pioneer
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st Saturday***
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-25 in 1895    Total-45+
                      Last member: George Worthington died 5/11/1928 Age 83

273   LEIGH           Aug. 4, 1888-1922      Charter surrendered 9/21/1922
      Grant           Major Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
              Changed in November to
      Boston Corbett  Sgt. James H. Corbett-16th N.Y. Cav.          ****
                      1822-??...went insane and disappeared in 1880's
                      Soldier alledged to have shoot John Wilkes Booth
                      (Post originally had name of Mulligan on application
                       and then selected Grant at mustering ceremony)
                Met above F.J. Smith’s Store on 2nd & 4th Thursdays
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-29 in 1890    Total-42+
                      Last member:  Joseph Smith died 4/7/1930  Age 90

274    WESCOTT        July 14, 1888-1899     Post moved to Comstock
       Gen. Crittenden
274-A  COMSTOCK       1900-1922              Post dropped
       Crittenden     Major Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden-
                      1819-1893...Army of the Tennessee...retired 1881
                      Post originally requested several other names!...
                      (Sheridan - Redfield - James Neil - George Luford)
                Met at MWA Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-30 in 1889    Total-57+
                      Last member: William R. Maddox died 5/6/1932  Age 83

275    PLATTE CENTER  Aug. 18, 1888-1895     Post moved to Monroe
275-A  MONROE         1896-1923              Charter surrendered 4/23/1924
       Atlanta        Campaign in Georgia in 1864
                Met at town hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-29 in 1890    Total-37+
                      Last known member: William Becklam died 4/8/1926 Age 87
                      Last Veteran:  James Nunnally (Conf) died 10/22/1930

276   PETERSBURG      Sept. 13, 1888-1897    Last year listed as active
      Meredith        Brevet Major General Solomon Meredith-
                      1810-1875...Commanded Iron Brigade at Gettysburg...
                Met at town hall on Saturday on or before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-10-A  Peak-25 in 1890   Total-27
                      Last member: Charles Kinney died 12/3/1928  Age 87

277   FILLEY          Oct. 20, 1888-1897     Last year listed as active
      W.H.L.Wallace   Brig. General William Harvey Lamb Wallace-
                      1821-1862...Ft. Donelson...Killed at Shiloh
                      No reports submitted after 1890
              Reorganized in May 1894          (11) Members
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays    
                      Membership: Charter-12-A  Peak-18 in 1889   Total-20+
                      Last member: Lewis Cass Caley died 1/2/1928  Age 79

278   PENDER          Oct. 23, 1888-1895     Last year listed as active
      Drury           Pvt. Walter E. Drury-96th ILL. Inf..,
                      1843-1888...Homesteaded in Pender in 1866...
                      No reports submitted after 1893
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-26 in 1890    Total-37
                      Last member: Ashton P. Barton died 5/12/1937  Age 90

279   BARADA          Oct. 29, 1888-1892     Post disbanded 7/1/1892
      Col. Jewell     Lt. Col. Lewis R. Jewell-6th Kansas Cavalry
                      ...Killed in 1862 at Cane Hill, Arkansas...
                      Charter members included Pvt. Wm. Prosser-6th Kans. Cav.
                Met at Grange Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-18-A  Peak-18 in 1888   Total-20+

280   MADRID          Nov. 9, 1888-1897      Last year active
      S.A.Hurlburt    Major General Stephen Augustus Hurlburt-
                      1815-1882...First GAR Nat'l Cmdr...(Born in Nov.)
                Met at town hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-23 in 1889    Total-32+
                      Last member: Andrew Kiethley died 4/29/1944  Age 99  LIC

Paxton & Redington requested charter applications in 1889, but never completed

281   HEMINGFORD      Feb. 2, 1889-1890      Last year listed as active
                      No reports submitted after application
                      Membership: Charter-14-A   Total-N/A
                      Last veteran: Alvin Miller died 6/11/1935  Age 91  LIC

282   SOUTH OMAHA     May 7, 1889-1896       Combined with Post 2-A
      R.R. Livingston-Brig. Gen. Robert Ramsey Livingston-1st Nebraska Inf.
                      1827-1888...Cass County pioneer...Plattsmouth native
                Met at K of P Hall 1st & 3rd Mondays
                      Membership: Charter-N/A   Peak-54 in 1896   Total-66+
                              See Posts 2, 7, 110, 262, 300, 337 also

283   TRUMBULL        March 16, 1889-1901    Charter suspended
      W.H.Harrison    Pvt. William H. Harrison-43rd Wisc. Inf.    ****
                      ...Clay County Pioneer...buried Marshall Union Cemetery
              or      Pvt. Wm. H. Harrison-117th Ind. Inf...KIA in 1863
                      Charter members included Joshway Wilson-117th Ind. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday 4 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-22 in 1891    Total-27+
                      Last known veteran: Joseph Roggy died in 1933

284   HUNTLEY         April 4, 1889-1936     Last member died 2/19/1936
      Dick Oglesby    Maj. Gen. Richard James Oglesby-
                      1824-1899...8th ILL. Inf...Gov. of Illinois in 1889
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-22 in 1894    Total-38+
                      Last member: William Ransdell died 2/19/1936 Age 88 LIC

285   HAIGLER         April 19, 1889-1912    Last year listed as active
      Sackett         Probably Brig. General William Sackett-     ****
                      1839-1864...Died of wounds at Trevillian Station, Va.
                      Charter members included James R. Sackett
                      (Post origianlly requested names of Grant or Harrison)
                Met at Donehue’s Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-23 in 1895    Total-38+
                      Last known member: James Gray died 1/3/1923  Age 82

286   PROSSER         May 13, 1889-1901      Charter suspended
                      (Post originally requested name of A.V.Cole)
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-17 in 1890    Total-23+

287   CURTIS          May 25, 1889-1925      Post dropped 12/31/1926
      Cpl. Tanner     Corporal James Tanner-87th N.Y. Inf.
                      1844-1927...Lost both legs at 2nd Bull Run...
                      (Commissioner of Pensions-toured Nebraska in 1889)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Wednesday & 3rd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-28 in 1891    Total-65+
                      Last member: John S. Swink died 9/25/1931  Age 89
                              See Post 343 in 1896 also

288   EAGLE           June 7, 1889-1928      Charter surrendered
                Met at Handy Hall on 1st Friday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-25 in 1892    Total-29+
                      Last member: Richard N. Wright died 7/14/1940  Age 95

289   PALMER          June 13, 1889-1921     Post dropped-members to Post 23
      Gen. Willich    Brevet Major General August Willich-
                      1810-1878...Stones River...Chickamauga..
                Met at Wagner Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-30 in 1895    Total-59+
                      Last member:  Alfred Brown died 2/26/1933  Age 91

290   OAK             June 22, 1889-1910     Charter suspended
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-(11)  Peak-20 in 1899   Total-27+
                      Last known member: George W. Joy died 8/28/1929  Age 82
                      (Ruskin requested a charter application in March 1889.
                      This Post is probably a combination of Oak & Ruskin.)

291   BASSETT         Aug. 31, 1889-1930     Last member died
      J.A.Stafford    Brevet Brig. Gen. Joab Arwin Stafford-
                      1830-1889...1st/178th Ohio Inf...
                      No reports submitted after muster-dropped 12/31/1890
              Reorganized in 1898      16 Members
                      Charter members included Charles Young-1st Ohio Inf.
                Met at AOUW Hall on 2nd Thursday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-16 in 1889    Total-19+
                      Last member:  David Maurice died 12/20/1930  Age 90

292   CRAIG           Sept. 23, 1889-1910    Charter suspended
      J. B. Davis     Brevet Lt. Colonel Joshua B. Davis-122nd N.Y. Inf.
                      1833-1889...Gettysburg...Nebraska GAR Cmdr. in 1889
                Met at Neales Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-(20)  Peak-25 in 1891   Total-36+
                      Last member:  Ira Goodsell died 7/16/1931  Age 91

293   GRETNA          Sept. 30, 1889-1893    Charter surrendered 12/24/1893
                Met at Knights of Labor Hall on 4th Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-13 in 1890    Total-17
                      Last known members:  Joseph Harley died 9/14/1926 Age 82
                                       David Stoneburner died 3/19/1927 Age 83

294   BEEMER          Nov. 5, 1889-1893      Charter surrendered 12/27/1893
                Met at town hall on last Saturday 2 P.M.    
                      Membership:  Charter-11  No other records available
                      Last veteran: Jesse Lehman died 2/10/1928  Age 82

295   CHENEY          Nov. 7, 1889-1891      Charter surrendered 12/16/1891
                Met at town hall
                Membership: Charter-10   Total-10

296   BARTLEY         Dec. 4, 1889-1905      Charter suspended
      James Laird     Captain James S. Laird-16th Mich. Inf.
                      1849-1889...Adams County pioneer...Congressman...
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-(23)  Peak-34 in 1892   Total-50+
                      Last member: James H. Carr died 2/13/1936  Age 91

297   LEBANON         Dec. 5, 1889-1904      Charter surrendered 12/31/1904
      Capt. Keyes     Capt. Hamlin W. Keyes-14th U.S. Inf.        ***
                      Died in 1864 of wounds received at Spottsylvania C.H.
                      Charter members include Thomas Chersey-12th U.S. Inf.
                      No reports submitted after 1891
              Reorganized Jan. 31, 1898         13 members
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-19 in 1891    Total-26+
                      Last members: Jefferson Horton died 4/17/1932  Age 96
                                      Robert S. Gore died 7/3/1941  Age 108

298   DANBURY         Jan. 25, 1890-1912     Last year listed as active
      F.M.Graham      Pvt. Fleming M. Graham-119th ILL. Inf.
                      1844-1888...pioneer settler in Danbury
                      Charter members included Sgt. S.S. Graham-40th Iowa Inf
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-27   Peak-39 in 1893    Total-61+
                      Last member: W. Mart Nutt died in July 1933

299   KEARNEY         March 4, 1890-1917     Charter surrendered
      Smith Gavitt    Major J. (John) Smith Gavitt-1st Ind. Cavalry
                      ...Killed in 1861 at Fredericktown, Mo.
                      (First Indiana officer killed in the war)
                      Charter members included John Tottersman-1st Ind. Cav.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-64 in 1899    Total-116+
                              See Post 1 in 1874 & 1870 Prov. Org. also

300   FLORENCE        March 29, 1890-1890    Charter surrendered 1/29/1891
      James Isom      Probably James Isom-2nd Nebraska Cav.
                      1836-1863...murdered in Omaha in 1863
                      Charter members include Lafayette Shipley-2nd Nebr. Cav.
                      Membership: Charter-12   Total-12
                              See Posts 2, 7, 110, 262, 282, 337 also

301    CHAMPION       April 19, 1890-1901    Post moved to Imperial
301-A  IMPERIAL       1902-1921              Last year listed as active
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-19   Peak-46 in 1891    Total-71+
                      Last member: Thomas Standidge died 3/15/1942  Age 95 LIC
                              See Post 254 in 1887 also

302   PERU            May 16, 1890-1940      Last member died
      Martin Stowell  Sgt. Major Martin Stowell-5th Iowa Cav.
                      1824-1862...Peru resident...Killed at Paris, Tenn.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-30 in 1891    Total-40+
                      Last member:  Hiram B. Jewel died 4/28/1940  Age 98  LIC

303   MAYWOOD         May 17, 1890-1928      Charter surrendered
      Gen. Sibley     Brig. General Henry Hastings Sibley-
                      1811-1891...suppressed 1862 Minn. Indian uprising
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-31 in 1895    Total-52+
                      Last member: Carlisle Snider died 3/22/1936  Age 89

304   WHITNEY         May 21, 1890-1906      Last year listed as active
      Ed. Hatch       Brevet Major Gen. Edward Hatch-2nd. Iowa Cav.
                      1832-1889...Gen. Hatch died at Ft. Robinson
                      Charter members included Sgt. J.F.Howard-3rd Iowa Cav.
                Met at Burketts Hall on 1st Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-22 in 1890    Total-26+
                      Last member: William Kaiser died 2/6/1927  Age 87

305   HARRISBURG      May 23, 1890-1893      Last year listed as active
      George Weeks    Pvt. George R. Wicks-2nd Iowa Cav. Co. C
                      ...Banner County pioneer...buried near Hull, Ne.
                      (First Civil War Veteran to die in the County)
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-26 in 1892    Total-26
                      Last veterans: Vance Cross died 5/8/1929 Age 87
                                 Richard Skinner died 4/13/1931 Age 89

306   LUSHTON         May 24, 1890-1915      Charter suspended
      C.W.Hayes       Sgt. Charles W. Hayes-1st Ohio Vol. Cav.
                      1844-1889..York County Pioneer..buried McCool Junction
                Met at GAR Hall built in 1898 on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-22   Peak-32 in 1891    Total-49+
                      Last veteran: George Hayworth died 1/20/1937  Age 90

307   BERWYN          July 12, 1890-1895     Charter surrendered 12/9/1895
                Met at town hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays***
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-15 in 1890    Total-27
                      Last known veteran: Robert Talbot died 5/12/1934  Age 87

308   SOUTH SOUIX CITY  Aug. 16, 1890-1925   Charter surrendered 12/31/1925
      Banner          No reports submitted after 1896
              Reoganized in 1907
                      (Post originally requested name of John C. Fremont)
                Met at Woodmens Hall on 2nd Saturday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-18   Peak-25 in 1893    Total-35+
                      Last member: James B. Smith died 5/30/1931 Age 86 LIC

309   BROWNVILLE      Sept. 18, 1890-1910    Charter suspended
      Ben Thompson    Lt. Benjamin B. Thompson-2nd Kan. Cav./11th U.S.C.T.
                      1834-1887...Nebraska pioneer...Brownville resident...
                      (Post originally requested name of John C. Fremont)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-24 in 1891    Total-46+
                      Last member: Levi Clifton died 1/17/1935  Age 89  LIC
                              See Prov. Org. in 1867 & Post 103 also

310   RUSHVILLE       Sept. 20, 1890-1907    Consolidated with #223
      Rushville       No reports submitted after 1897
                      (Post originally requested name of Gen. Edward Hatch)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 3rd Thursday P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-19 in 1891    Total-25+
                      Last member:  Charles McBride died 8/22/1921  Age 85

311   SCRIBNER        Oct. 25, 1890-1908     Charter surrendered 12/10/1908
      D.A.Woodbury    Col. Dwight Woodbury-4th Mich. Inf.
                      ...Killed at Malvern Hill in 1862...
                      Charter members include Cpl. Ed C. Burns-4th Mich. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Wednesday
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-15 in 1892    Total-18+
                      Last member:  John Milligan died 7/31/1926  Age 86

312   HICKMAN         Dec. 3, 1890-1910      Charter surrendered 12/14/1910
      Jerry Sullivan  Brig. Gen. Jerrimiah Cutler Sullivan-
                      1830-1890...13th Ind. Inf...Gen. Sullivan died Oct. 21
                      Charter members included Henry Burcham-13th Ind. Inf.
                Met at K of P Hall on 1st Monday
                Picture of Post members in private hands
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-15 in 1891    Total-18
                      Last member: Henry Roepke died 8/26/1923  Age 83

313   NEWMAN GROVE    Dec. 13, 1890-1908     Charter surrendered 12/10/1908
      Emerick         Pvt. John Emerick-14th N.Y. Inf.
                      1833-187?...Madison County Pioneer...
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday 1 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-23 in 1896    Total-24+
                      Last member:  Oley Oleson died 12/21/1931  Age 82

314   SUMNER          Dec. 29, 1890-1897     Last year listed as active
      John Bryner     Col. John Bryner-47th ILL. Inf.
                      Charter members included Cpl. Samuel Kleffman-47th ILL.
                      (Post originally requested name of E.V.Sumner)
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-17 in 1892    Total-20+
                      Last veteran: Charles Musser died 3/10/1938 Age 95 LIC

315   HERMAN          Dec. 30, 1890-1901     Charter suspended
      Gossard         Pvt. Jefferson H. Gossard-7th ILL. Inf.
                      1840-1889...Washington County pioneer
                Met at AOUW Hall on 1st & 3rd Friday
                All Post possessions and records lost in 1899 Tornado
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-28 in 1896    Total-34+
                      Last members: Henry Cooper died 7/7/1935  Age 91
                                   Theodore Kipp died 1/6/1936  Age 92

316   NELIGH          Dec. 31, 1890-1895     Consolidated with #68
      A.H.Terry       Major General Alfred Howe Terry-
                      1827-1890...Gen. Terry died Dec. 16, 1890
                Met at Masonic Hall on 2nd & 4th Thursdays
                      Membership: Charter-52   Peak-61 in 1892    Total-69
                              See Post 68 in 1881 also

317   ORCHARD         Feb. 7, 1891-1898      Last year listed as active
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-23 in 1891    Total-32
                      Last member: Jonathan Ludwick died 12/3/1924  Age 83

318   UNIVERSITY PLACE  March 7, 1891-1926   Charter surrendered 8/4/1926
      Belknap           Brig. Gen. William Worth Belknap-15th Iowa Inf.
                        1829-1890...Atlanta...Sec. of War 1869-1876...
                Met at Sarver Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                        Membership: Charter-17  Peak-66 in 1909   Total-138+
                        Last known member:  Andrew R. Clark died 1/14/1938
                              See Posts 25 & 214 in Lincoln also
319   OVERTON         April 4, 1891-1892     Charter surrendered 12/5/1892
      Gen. Morrow     Brevet Major General Henry A. Morrow-24th Mich. Inf.
                      1829-1891..."The Iron Brigade"...Stationed at Ft. Sidney
                      in 1890...Nebr. GAR Cmdr...Gen. Morrow died Jan. 3, 1891
                      (Post originally requested name of Wm. T. Sherman)
                Met at Roe’s Hall on 1st Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-12 in 1891    Total-13
                      Last known veteran: Henry Wyman died 12/23/1926  Age 82

320   CATHERINE       May 2, 1891-1892       Charter surrendered 7/1/1892
      Stinehope       Major Benjamin Stinehope-          ****
                      2nd/6th Ohio Cav....died of wounds at Aldie, Va.
                      Charter members included Charles Christian-2nd Ohio Cav.
              changed to
      Porter          Admiral David Dixon Porter
                      1813-1891...Admiral Porter died Feb. 13, 1891
                      Membership: Charter-13   Total-13

321   ALLIANCE        July 11, 1891-1910     Charter suspended
      Gen. Dayton     Col. Lewis Milford Dayton-Staff of Gen. Sherman
                      ...General Dayton died May 18, 1891
           Reorganized June 1, 1902        11 members    
                Met at Hibernian Hall on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
                      Membership: Charter-31   Peak-42 in 1892    Total-54+
                      Last member: Robert Garrett died 9/6/1937 Age 101  LIC

322   CRESTON         Oct. 24, 1891-1901     Charter suspended
      Resaca          Battle in Atlanta campaign in 1864
                      (Post originally requested name of Joe Hooker)
                Met at AOUW Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-(17)  Peak-17 in 1891   Total-21+
                      Last member: Joseph Rickert died 10/19/1936  Age 89 LIC

323   GORDON          Jan. 3, 1892-1907      Consolidated with #223
      S.V.Brewer      Pvt. Steven Brewer-11th Ind. Cav.,
                      1848-1890...Sheridan County Pioneer...buried in Gordon
                      (Post originally selected name of John Gordon)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-60 in 1894    Total-63+
                              See Post 223-B in 1908 also

324   POWELL          March 3, 1892-1897     Last year listed as active
      A.N.Snyder      Capt. Abraham Snyder-35th Iowa Inf.
                      Charter members included Levi & John Cross-35th Iowa Inf
                Met at Alliance Hall on 3rd Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-(15)  Peak-15 in 1892   Total-18

325   DUBOIS          March 12, 1892-1897    Last year listed as active
      Ch. Davenport   Pvt. Charles W. Davenport-2nd Ne. Cav. Co. G
                      1844-1863...Killed at White Stone Hill, Dak. Terr.
                      Charter members included Pvt. Richard Pickett-2nd Nebr.
                      No reports submitted after 1894
                Met at K of P Hall on Tuesday before full moon
                      Membership: Charter-(14)  Peak-14 in 1892   Total-16
                      Last known member: Thomas Fellers died 10/10/1924 Age 84

326   DODGE           June 11, 1892-1899     Charter surrendered 3/30/1900
      John H. Allen   Surgeon John H. Allen-18th Iowa Inf.
                      1818-1883...Buried in Iowa...(Born June 13)
                      Charter members included Sgt. Henry Burch-18th Iowa Inf.
                Met at City Hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-17   Peak-20 in 1892    Total-21
                      Last member:  Ignac Skala died 2/19/1927  Age 89

327   ELGIN           June (23), 1892-1918   Charter surrendered 1/10/1919
      R.B. Hayes      Brevet Major Gen. Rutherford B. Hayes-
                      1822-1893...President Hayes died Jan. 17, 1893
                      (Post was not officially chartered until Feb. 7, 1893)
                Met at Woodmens Hall on last Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-15 in 1895    Total-22+
                      Last member: Jefferson Chapman died 2/5/1935  Age 84
                                   William E. Bell died 10/12/1942  Age 99

328   SPENCER         Aug. 7, 1892-1901      Charter suspended
      Wm. Burgess     Possibly Cpl. Basil Burgess-1st Nebr. Inf.  ****
                      1833-1862...Died at Crumps Landing, Tenn.
                      Post Commander was Lt. Elias Lowe-1st Nebr. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-16 in 1892    Total-23
                      Last member: Perry Marlott died 1/17/1930  Age 85

329   UPLAND          July 9, 1892-1906      Last year listed as active
      Detwilder       Major John S. Detweiler-9th Pa. Cav.        ***
                      Charter members included Charles Griswold-9th Pa. Cav.
                Met at Griswalds Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-13 in 1893    Total-22+
                      Last member:  John Seberg died 4/25/1941  Age 93

330   HULL            Aug. 22, 1892-1899   * Charter surrendered 2/1/1900
      66              Reference to a nearby mountain known as 66 mountain
                Met at town hall on 3rd Tuesday
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-17 in 1893    Total-17

331   NEBRASKA CITY   Sept. 17, 1892-1898    Charter surrendered 4/20/1899
      Dr.C.H.Wilson   Major Charles H. Wilson-Surgeon 49th Pa. Inf.
                      1839-1890...Otoe County pioneer...
                Met at K of P Hall on 2nd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-23   Peak-26 in 1896    Total-45+
                              See Post 24 & Prov. Org. in 1867 also


332   MOOREFIELD      June 7, 1893-1898      Charter surrendered 7/13/1898
      Purdam          Sgt. Elijah F. Purdam-30th Ohio Inf.
                      1839-1891...Frontier County pioneer...
                Met at town hall on 2nd Friday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-14 in 1893    Total-14
                      Last known veteran: Albert Wilsey died 12/2/1921  Age 75

333   PAGE            June 7, 1893-1906      Charter surrendered 12/30/1906
      John Lamason    Cpl. John Lamason-86th ILL. Inf. Co. G
                      Died 1890...Holt County pioneer...buried in Page
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-13   Peak-17 in 1893    Total-28+
                      Last member:  James Stevens died 12/19/1934  Age 94  LIC

334    LOOMIS         July 3, 1893-1896      Post moved to Atlanta
       Harvey Pratt
334-A  ATLANTA        June 5, 1897-1901      Charter suspended
       Harvey Pratt   Capt. Harvey Pratt-73rd ILL. Inf.           ****
                      Charter members included Thomas Hatch-73rd ILL. Inf.
                Met at schoolhouse on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-6    Peak-17 in 1895    Total-29
                      Last known veteran: Oscar Roberts died 9/29/1924  Age 91


335   DORSEY          Aug. 17, 1894-1905   * Charter suspended
      George Washington-Revolutionary War hero-First President
                Met at town hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-16   Peak-18 in 1894    Total-19+
                              See Post 224-A in 1888 also

336   DOUGLAS         Jan. 19, 1895-1901     Charter suspended
      Gov. Curtin     Andrew Gregg Curtin-
                      1817-1894...War Governor of Pennsylvania...
                      Charter members included two Pennsylvania veterans
                Met at Woodmens Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-13 in 1895    Total-13+
                      Last member: John T. Beetem died 10/11/1937

337   SOUTH OMAHA     April 16, 1895-1896    Combined with Post 2-A
      Samuel Dennis   Sgt. Samuel W. Dennis-8th Iowa Inf.,
                      1840-1892...South Omaha resident...
                      Membership: Charter-27   Total-34
                              See Posts 2, 7, 110, 262, 282, 300 also

338   BUTTE           April 18, 1895-1926    Charter surrendered 11/17/1926
      Wm.S.Hooten     Pvt. William S. Hooten-36th Ind. Inf. Co. C   ****
                      ...wounded 4/7/1862 at Shiloh...died 9/6/1863
                      Father of charter member John A. Hooten-139th Ind. Inf.
                Met at GAR Hall on 2nd & 4th Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-25 in 1896    Total-40+
                      Last members: Jacob Cart died 10/22/1932  Age 89
                                  Levi Bennett died 10/29/1932  Age 89

339   MASON CITY      April 20, 1895-1926    Charter surrendered 8/6/1926
      Stone River     Battle in Tennessee in 1862
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-17 in 1895    Total-25+
                      Last member:  Henry J. Davis died 1/29/1937  Age 96
                              See Post 237 in 1887 also
340   WAUNETTA        May 6, 1895-1901       Charter suspended
      Lester Baker    Pvt. Lester B. Baker-141st N.Y. Inf.-
                      1829-1884...Chase County pioneer...Buried in Waunetta
                Met at Masonic Hall on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-16 in 1896    Total-16
                      Last member: John J. Oliver died 10/17/1931  Age 87

341   VENANGO         May 21, 1895-1898      Charter surrendered Dec. 1898
      E.W.Ellis       Sgt. Edward W. Ellis-18th Ohio Inf.,
                      1828-1892...Perkins County Pioneer...buried in Venango
                Met at town hall on 1st & 3rd Saturdays
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-14 in 1896    Total-15


342   AXTELL          Feb. 8, 1896-1926      Charter surrendered 4/1/1926
      Capt. Cooper    Probably Capt. Robert T. Cooper-46th ILL. Inf.
                      1842-1916...Seward County Pioneer...politician
                      Met at Schenck & Miller Hall on 2nd Saturday 3 P.M.
                Met in Wilcox on 4th Saturday 3 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-(24)  Peak-26 in 1896   Total-38+
                      Last member: John M. Nelson died 3/4/1935  Age 89
                              See Post 202 in 1885 also

343   CURTIS          March 16, 1896-1900    Charter surrendered 12/8/1900
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-19 in 1898    Total-21
                              See Post 287 in 1889 also

344   HARRISON        June 16, 1896-1901     Charter suspended
      Jerry Rusk      Brevet Brig. Gen. Jeremiah McLain Rusk-25th Wisc. Inf.
                      1830-1893...Governor of Wisconsin 1882-1889...
                      Charter members include Cpl. W.D. Lafferty-25th Wisc.Inf
                      (Post originally requested name of George A. Custer)
                Met at Courthouse on 2nd Monday
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-12 in 1900    Total-14
                      Last veteran:  Theodore Baker died after 1941

345   HARVARD         June 26, 1896-1904     Charter surrendered 4/26/1905
      Fairchild       Col. Lucuis Fairchild-2nd Wisc. Inf.
                      1831-1896...Iron Brigade...GAR C.I.C. 1887
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st & 3rd Fridays
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-18 in 1900    Total-18
                      Last member:  Neri Smith died 11/28/1926  Age 82
                              See Post 60 in 1880 also

346   EDISON          Aug. 15, 1898-1903     Charter surrendered 3/23/1903
      Nathan Bailey   Pvt. Nathan Bailey-8th ILL. Cav./46th Wisc. Inf.
                      1836-1891..homesteaded in 1868..buried in Edison
           Reorganized April 19, 1902        11 members        
                Met at IOOF Hall on 4th Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-11   Peak-14 in 1898    Total-14
                      Last members: Fred Watts died 10/31/1928   Age 80
                                    Peter Fritzer died 5/5/1935  Age 91

347   HOLBROOK        Aug. 16, 1898-1901     Charter suspended
                Met at IOOF Hall
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-18 in 1899    Total-19
                      Last member: John Benson died 6/25/1929  Age 84

348   ARAPAHOE        April 22, 1899-1900    Charter surrendered 12/31/1900
                      Membership: Charter-16   Total-18
                              See Post 120 in 1882 also

349   CARROLL         Aug. 11, 1900-1922     Post disbanded
      M.L.Hayward     Pvt. Monroe Leland Hayward-5th N.Y. Cav.
                      1840-1899...Prominent Wayne County settler...
                      No reports submitted after muster
              Reorganized Oct. 15, 1909     4 members
                Met at GAR Hall on Court St. on 1st & 3rd Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-12   Peak-12 in 1900    Total-13+
                      Last member:  Thomas Groat died 10/23/1930  Age 97

350   BAYARD          May 10, 1901-1920      Charter surrendered
      Robinson        (Possibly Major General John C. Robinson-
                      1839-1897...Army of the Potomac...former GAR C.I.C.)
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-15   Peak-16 in 1905    Total-20+
                      Last member:  James Leslie died 8/9/1940  Age 92  LIC


351   STELLA          Feb. 25, 1902-1917     Charter suspended
      McKinley        Major William McKinley-23rd Ohio Inf.
                      1843-1901...25th President...assassinated
                      (Post originally requested name of Vanderventor)
                Met at GAR Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-21   Peak-28 in 1902    Total-30+
                      Last veteran:  Henry Wolf died 3/19/1937  Age 95
                              See Post 6-B in 1883 also

352   RANDOLPH        April 17, 1902-1939    Last member died
                Met at IOOF Hall on 1st Saturday
                      Membership: Charter-28   Peak-33 in 1910    Total-55+
                      Last member:  Edward W. Leicy died 6/5/1939  Age 94

353   GROSS           Oct. 23, 1903-1906     Last year listed as active
      John Logan      Major General John A. Logan-
                      1826-1886...Popular early Commander of the GAR
                Met on 4th Saturday 2 P.M.
                Membership: Charter-10   Total-10
                      Last veteran: George McCright died 12/9/36 Age 91 LIC

354   BURKETT         Dec. 12, 1903-1928     Charter surrendered  4/7/1928
      A.W.Whipple     Major Gen. Ameil Weeks Whipple-
                      1816-1863...Killed at Chancellorsville
                Met at Chapel Hall on 1st & 3rd Wednesday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-49   Peak-101 in 1913   Total-181+
                      Last known veteran: Orin Rashaw died 4/18/1939  Age 96
                              See Post 11 in 1877 also

355   MITCHELL        July 14, 1906-1913     Last year listed as active
      W.R.Akers       Sgt. William Akers-7th Iowa Inf.
                      1838-1915...Prominent settler and irrigation pioneer
              changed March 12, 1910 to
      Gen. Logan      Major General John A. Logan-
                      1826-1886...Popular early Nat'l Commander of the GAR
                Met at Helm’s Hall on 2nd Saturday 2 P.M.
                      Membership: Charter-10   Peak-11 in 1906    Total-14+
                      Last member:  Newman Bowman died 6/28/1930  Age 84

356   LYNCH           April 10, 1908-1927    Post dropped 12/31/1927
      Jack Horton     Pvt. Laurens Jackson Horton-4th Iowa Cav. Co. H
                      1842-1906...Nebraska pioneer...local politician...
                Met at Hoffman Hall on 2nd Tuesday 2 P.M.***
                      Membership: Charter-14   Peak-19 in 1910    Total-20+
                      Last known member: George Bush died 3/25/1929  Age 85

The journals from which much of this information was taken were not compiled
by the GAR until 1895.  There is conflicting information in a few cases on
muster dates, Post names, even Post location for those early years.

Membership data is also inconsistent.  Charter membership numbers come from
several sources.  1.  The number of names written on the charter, 2.  The
number of veterans names on the charter application (coded -A), 3. The number
of members on the first quarterly report (coded (XX) ),  4. A published
newspaper report.  These sources do not always agree.  Charter membership was
sometimes left open for the next meeting, not all the names on the application
would join, published articles differ with the other sources, etc.  Peak
membership numbers are more accurate, as they come from the quarterly reports
of the Post Adjutant showing the number of members in good standing.   Total
membership numbers are taken from either the quarterly reports, the
compilation done around 1909 when the Department requested a list from the
active Posts of all current and former members, or a combination of the two.
Although a few veterans joined after 1909, most had already joined the GAR by
then. For Posts closed before 1909, only the quarterly membership reports
could be used and they quit using a consecutive number log about 1895, if they
used one at all.  For those reasons a (+) is added to the total membership
number, except when a more reliable number was found.
Although possibly not 100% accurate in a few cases, the membership numbers
given are very close, and provide a more complete picture of how many Civil
War veterans lived in that area.

FOR A NUMBER OF POSTS the exact year that they were officially declared
closed is not known, as a post could be suspended and then later reinstated.
During the period between 1890-1910 large numbers of posts were suspended
and reinstated, but no specific Posts were given, making it impossible to
determine at this date the exact year of closing on those posts.  The year
listed for these posts, is the last year that I found them listed as an
active post in the official minutes.


OMAHA         Org. June 1, 1884
              Chartered December 17, 1885

                      UNION VETERANS CLUB
OMAHA         Org. Oct. 23, 1884

                    UNION VETERANS LEGION   (UVL)
                      Department of Nebraska
                     Mustered January 24, 1894

#1    Grand Island
      Fremont         See 11/19/1893 Omaha Bee or 12/31/1893 Omaha Bee
      Central City
      Clay Center
      Wood River
      Albion          Org. May (26), 1892
      Hartington      Org. Feb. (21), 1897
      Hastings        Mustered Sept. 5, 1894   40 Members
#121  Omaha
#126  Kearney

      Council Bluffs  Mustered Aug. 9, 1886    38 Members

                      UNION VETERANS UNION   (UVU)
                      Department of Nebraska
                      Org. October 7, 1897

1.    OMAHA           Org. Spring 1889
      J. W. Savage

1.    OMAHA           Org. Sept. 28, 1897

2.    SOUTH OMAHA     Org. Oct. 1, 1897

3.    OMAHA           Org. Oct. 7, 1897

4.    KEARNEY         (Never organized?)
                              Organized as Command 6 in 1898

4.    LINCOLN         Org. Oct.5, 1897         8 members
      John Logan

5.    FREMONT         Org. Oct. 4, 1897        18 members
      Joe Hooker

6.    LINCOLN         Org. Oct. 5, 1897        12 Members
                      Combined with Command #4 in 1898
                      (Possibly combined with #7 and given vacant #4 slot)

6-B.  KEARNEY         Org. Jan. 26, 1898       50 Members
      Phil Kearney
                              See Command 4 also

7.    LINCOLN         Org. Oct. 5, 1897        8 members
      John Logan

8.    GRAND ISLAND    Org. Oct. 14, 1897
      Abe Lincoln

9.    GRAND ISLAND    Org. Oct 14, 1897

      FAIRBURY        Feb. 1911?

      Colored UVU...See 2/15/1898 Page 3 Nebraska Veteran
      Omaha tried for 1890 UVU Nat'l Enc. per 7/23/1889 Omaha Bee Pg. 4

                      REGULAR ARMY AND NAVY UNION
                        Org. March 1888 in Ohio

#13   FT. OMAHA       Chartered June 7, 1891??
      Abe Lincoln

#33    Ft. Sidney
    Col. Joseph Conrad

#54   OMAHA
      John R. Brooke

#117  FT. SIDNEY      had party Feb. 1894
      H. A. Morrow

      FT. ROBINSON    Chartered Jan. 14, 1895
      John H. Alexander

      Colored Army/Navy Union...See Omaha Bee 6/27/1897


1948          35
1947          35-25
1946          35-25-7
1945          35-25-7                               13 veterans left in State
1944          35-25-7-118
1943          35-25-7-118-60-13
1942          35-25-7-118-60-13-22-147              29 veterans left in State
1941          35-25-7-118-60-13-22-147
1940          35-25-7-118-60-13-22-147-80-120-171-302   65 veterans left
1939                                                    82 veterans left
1938          Less than 100 Civil War veterans in state

Civil War soldiers from Territory of Nebraska:

                              Served in South during war          1711
                              Served in North fighting Indians    1596

                              Total 1861-1865                     3307


Posts changed their meeting dates and places as membership grew or declined.  
The days and times shown come from several sources, including 1883, 1897, 1908 and 1920 Roster books.  It was also found that sometimes when there is a reference to a GAR Hall, it was the upper story above a business, which may not have been originally constructed by the GAR, rather than a separate building used only for meetings.  Known cases are cited.

Post #
1.    KEARNEY-1883-every Friday
    GAR Hall was on east side of Ave A, north of 22nd St. beside Meth. Church.
5.     WAYNE-1883-2/4 Wednesday, 1898-1st Saturday
6.    STELLA-1883-met at Ferguson Hall on Saturday before full moon
    SHUBERT-1883-every Saturday
7.    OMAHA-1883-1/3 Monday
9.    COLUMBUS-1883-2/4 Thursday
12.    WAHOO-1883-Wednesday
15.    NELSON-1883-2/4 Thursday
16.    EDGAR-1883-1/3 Saturday
17.   HEBRON-1883-1st Saturday, 1897-4th Thursday
18.    FAIRMONT-1883-2/4 Friday
19.    SUTTON-1883-3rd Monday
23.    CENTRAL CITY-1883-2/4 Saturday
  LINCOLN-1883-2/4 Tuesday
Hall was on corner of 12th & N St.
27.    CLARKS-1883-4th Friday
28.    SHELTON-1883-2/4 Friday
31.   WAHOO-1883-2/4 Saturday
Hall at 1615 Silver St.??
33.    GRAFTON-1883-1/3 Monday
35.    BEATRICE-Hall dedicated 3/15/1889
37.    BLUE SPRINGS-1883-2/4 Tuesday
40.    ORD-1897-1st Friday
41.    WACO-1883-1/3 Friday, 1897-2nd Saturday
42.    ALBION-1883-2nd Tuesday
43.    FAIRFIELD-1883-3rd Wednesday
45.    PLATTSMOUTH-1883-2/4 Tuesday-Hall erected about 1885.  Money for new Hall
being collected in 1891.
46.    ARLINGTON-1883-4th Saturday
47.    TECUMSEH-1883-2/4 Thursday
51.    WILBUR-The IOGT met in the GAR Hall??
53-B.    NEMAHA CITY-1897 says 1st Saturday
54.    PALMYRA-1883-2/4 Tuesday, 1897-Wednesday
57-B. NORTH LOUP-1897 says 2nd Monday
    Met in town hall in 1894, GAR Hall in 1898
60.    SUPERIOR-1883-1/3 Monday
61.    WEEPING WATER-1883 says every Saturday
62.    BENNETT-1883-1/3 Wednesday
63.    SUPERIOR-Picture of Post in private hands
64.    VALPRAISO-1883 says alternate Wednesdays
66.    HUMBOLDT-1883 says 2nd Tuesday
67-B. LONG PINE-1897 says 2nd Saturday
68.    NELIGH-1883-1/3 Wednesday
69.    NORTH PLATTE-1883-1/3 Friday
74.    CEDAR RAPIDS-1883-Last Wednesday
    original charter, flag & records lost in fire in 1903
76.    EXETER-1883-1/3 Thursday
77.    FAIRBURY-1883-3rd Saturday
80.    RED CLOUD-newspaper says met in “their Hall” in 1892
81.    JUNIATA-1883-Every Friday
82.    BELLWOOD-1883-2nd Wednesday
84.    FALLS CITY-1888 says 1st & 3rd Thursday
86.    O’NEILL-1897 says 1st Saturday
87.    STOCKHAM-1883-4th Saturday
89.    DEWITT-1883-1/3 Saturday
90.    WAHOO-1883-1/3 Monday
91.    MINDEN-1883-Alt. Saturdays
98.    BROKEN BOW-1883-2nd Saturday
100.    ADAMS-1883-2/4 Friday
101.    FIRTH-1883-1/2 Thursday
103.    BROWNVILLE-IOOF Hall was above Nichols Drug Store
108.    OXFORD-another reference says they met above Pettygrove Hardware Store
115.    WYMORE-1888 says 1st & 3rd Saturday
116.    PONCA-1897 says Saturday before full moon
    Hall on main street is now a barbershop.
120.    ARAPAHOE-1897 says 4th Friday
    GAR lot was sold and money used for memorial in 1955
123.    ELMWOOD-1897 says 2nd & 4th Saturday
125.    NIOBRARA-Hall was on lot where H.E. McColley house sits today
129.    WISNER-1897 says 1st & 2nd Saturday
134.    WOOD RIVER-1888 says 2nd & 3rd Thursday
137    BEAVER CROSSING-1967 Letter says they met above blacksmiths shop.
143.    MADISON-Hall built in 1893, razed in Sept. 1956
149.    Elmwood-picture in private hands
157.    REYNOLDS-1897 says last Wednesday
164.    DAWSON-3rd Friday   3rd Tuesday
171.    AINSWORTH-Flag, Charter & records at Sellors Cabin in city park
190    STANTON-Newspaper says they met at “their” Hall in 1895
195.    SARGENT-1897 says 1st Saturday
199.    SWANTON-1897 says 3rd Thursday
201.    PLYMOUTH-1888 says last Saturday
205.    COZAD
207.    McCOOK-1897 says 2nd Tuesday
216.    REPUBLICAN CITY-Hall purchased in 1904
234.    BURWELL-1888 says 2nd Saturday
239.    CLAY CENTER-1897 says 3rd Friday
242.    LAWRENCE-1888 says Wednesday before full moon

NSHS in Lincoln has these Charters on file in RG026 Series 12:  1,2,6,14,18,28,30,31,36,37,38,39,42,43,48,49,50,55,57,62,64,68,70,71,76,79,83, 85,92,96,102,103,105,108,116,117,122,123,125,128,129,131,133,134,136,137,138,  142,144,145,153,156,158,159,161,162,167,174,175,177,180,181,183,186,187,188, 191,192,194,198,200,201,202,203,209,214,220,222,225,226,231,234,235,236,237, 238,241,242,245,246,252,253,255,259,266,268,270,273,289,293,295,297,299,300, 307,308,311,312,313,316,318,319,321,323,327,330,331,333,338,339,341,343,345, 346,348,354

                      ***MISC. COMMENTS ON POSTS AND POST NAMES***

      Some of the Post names are not clearly identified in the GAR records.
Often only the last name is given, making it highly speculative as to who they
really meant.  The Department did not require an explanation of who the
individual was or why he was being selected, although they did have some
influence as there are numerous examples where the original requested Post
name was not used.  Headquarters seemed to be more concerned with avoiding
duplication of names, than a firm control on who was being selected for this
honor.  The official department records weren't compiled until the 1890's and
a lot of details were no longer available by then.  Some Posts had closed, for
others, membership had changed with charter members dead or moved away.
      There are several cases where a living person was approved for the Post
name, like Sheridan and Lew Wallace.  Grant however isn't selected until after
his death!  Why?!  The records do not give an answer.
      On the theory that if the name is not a "nationally recognized" name,
it must then have come from the personal histories of the charter members, I
went back to the rosters of the regiments where they served to find someone
by that name that seemed a "likely candidate" for such an honor.
      Even some of the clearly identified names leave questions.  Why him?
Why then?  Because the Post names are very important, I have tried to give a
reason for the selection of each one (when it wasn't an obvious choice), and
the charter member who most likely made the nomination.  What follows is my
reasoning on that analysis and other pertinent comments, such as where the
information was found.


Prov. 1       Orig. Charter at NSHS.  See Nebraska Republican and 7/8/1867
              Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth).  See letter at NSHS for 1870 reog.
Prov. 2       Nebraska Advertiser on 8/29/1867 says "meeting to org. Post on
              30th.  On 9/19 "GAR Post organized".  On 10/3 refers to Post 2.
              On 11/7 refers to it as "Post 1 District of Nemaha County".
              No Post name given in any reference.  See also Nebraska Herald
              (Plattsmouth) on 10/10/1867.
Prov. 2       SCHUYLER-See Omaha Republican on 5/26/1878 and The Quill on
              on 4/9/1890 Pg. 9.  Also see application letter in RG026 Box 7.
              See Schuyler Sun on 5/22/1914 Pg. 6.
Prov. E3      NEBRASKA CITY-See Nebraska City Weekly News 3/24/1868     
Prov. 4       LINCOLN-See Nebr. Commonwealth Newspaper: 5/2/1868 Pg. 3 Col. 2
              says "GAR Post organized last week"; articles on 6/13, 7/11,
              8/1, 8/22.  On 10/31/1868 says Post 4 Lincoln. Omaha Republican
              on 5/26/1878 says "Sheridan Post formed in 1870 in Lincoln."
Prov. E4      FAIRMONT-Local paper says soldiers met and organized on 3/8/1873
Prov. 5       BEATRICE-See Beatrice Express on 8/14/1873.
Prov. 7       See Nebraska Herald Newspaper: 1/9/1867 Pg. 2 Col. 1 says
              "Soldiers met 1/3 to form org., will meet again 1/10." More
              comments on 1/16, 2/17, 6/28, 7/5, 7/8, 10/10.  On 6/30/1868
              said "Soldiers/Sailors conv. held in Nebr. City 4/27-meeting
              5/9 to form Post.
Prov. E8      From comments made in journal for 32nd Annual Enc. Dept. of
              Nebr. (1908) on page 55.

3 ELLSWORTH   Pvt. J. A. Murray-40/74th N.Y. Inf. was the only N.Y. veteran.
              No others had a connection.  Also, Ellsworth was born in April.
5 CASEY       Casey was probably not selected until 1882.  Original name in
              1881 is unknown, may have just been LaPorte. Pvt. A.P. Childs &
              Sgt. Charles Johnson served with the 56th N.Y. Inf., the only
              unit among charter members under Casey, and Johnson was elected
              first Post Commander.
14 RICE       No Steele City papers available!!  No insights in Fairbury or
              Hebron papers.  Several match-ups occur within the charter
              members, best of which may be Sgt. Zenas Tritt-37th Wisc. Co. A
              with Sgt. Orson E. Rice-37th Wisc. Co. B, who was wounded on the
              same day as Tritt and died of his wounds; but the initials are
              obviously wrong.  Another match is Chester Andrews-47th ILL. Co.
              Co. I with Elisha Rice in Co. A, but Elisha was not even wounded
              in battle.  Last match is S. Saunders-4th Minn. Inf. Co. E with
              Major Ebenezer A. Rice-2nd Minn. Cav.  Both Minn. boys, but ??
              Other possibility was Edwin A. Rice-39th Wisc. Co. K.  Finally,
              my preferred matchup is Brig. Gen. Samuel Allen Rice-33rd Iowa,
              killed in 1864, because there is a charter member from the 33rd
              Iowa.  It's not likely they erred on the first initial though!
15 HOLLINGSWORTH  Although the Post name was quickly changed back, it was
              officially changed by the Dept. Commander.  See letters in RG026
              Series 1 & 8 at NSHS.
21 WADSWORTH  Of the charter members only two, John Parry-1 N.Y. L.A. and
              A. A. Russell-5 N.Y. H.A. served under Wadsworth.
22 WILSON     Sentiment would say Major General James H. Wilson, but he did
              not die until 1925.  Another possibility was Pvt. George Wilson
              2nd Ohio Inf. who was one of Andrews Raiders.  Post had G.H.
              Moulton-2nd Ohio Inf., but he was not a charter member. Presence
              of Charter member from 15th ILL. Cav. is persuasive.
23 BUFORD     Webster was the first Post Commander and an officer.
30 KANE       Custer County Republican on 3/22/1883 says post name was Morton.
              Post had 3 Penn. veterans-Sgt. Jos. Copperstone-18th Pa. Inf.,
              Pvt. Samuel Hetrick-13 Pa. Cav., M. M. Cattin-150th Pa. Inf.
31 McCOOK     Two members served under McCook-H.C. Brown-87th Ind Inf. &
              J. P. Brooks-35th Ohio Inf.
32 ANDERSON   Only artilleryman in Post was N. M. Morgan-2nd U.S. Art.
33 SHIELDS    Capt. P.S. Real-90th ILL. Inf. who served under Shields was the
              first Post Commander.
34 SHERIDAN   Sheridan doesn't die until 1888, but earliest reports confirm.
36 RANSOM     At least 3 members served under Ransom-24th Ind., 11th Wis,
              21 Iowa.  None stood out as likely choice.
38 MITCHELL   Charter members J.H. Camp and Amos Peck served in 2nd Kans. Inf.
39 LENNOX     History of the Post given in Graphic 5/30/1895.
40 FOOTE      Name first appears on reports 6/30/1882.  Foote died in June!
43 OLIVER     This is the only George C. Oliver I could find and he served in
              the same company as Alexander.  Can't be just a coincidence!
50 WALLACE    Nat'l Tribune on 3/22/1883 says Post name was Leroy Key, but on
              5/10/1883 says Lew Wallace, even though Wallace doesn't die
              until 1905.
51 HARKER     Pvt. Irvin Thoman-125th Ohio Inf was only charter member to
              serve under Harker.
53 SILL       Charter members from 36/66/98 Ohio Inf-none stood out
54 MANSFIELD  Charter member Jerome Moore was wounded at Antietam.
55 DAHLGREN   Numerous Cavalry men including 1st Post Commander-Pvt. Louis
              Leisure-16th ILL. Cav., none of whom were on the raid.  Closest
              was Pvt. F.M. Fish-1st NY Dragoons.
56 WINSLOW    Reported in Andreas's 1882 History of Nebraska.
57 LOMBARD    See letter in RG026 Series 8 at NSHS.  Frank Lombard was the name
  of popular singer during the war.
58 GATES      Post had nine Wisc. veterans.  Amos L. Gates was from Co. B just
              like Riley Hart.  Can't be just a coincidence!
60 RICHARDSON Nat'l Tribune on 4/3/1884 says Post name was J.B.Richardson.
61 LAFAYETTE  Ch. Members included 4 from 29th Iowa, but could not find match.
64 SHERMAN    Wm. T. Sherman still alive, so it may be they meant Thomas West
              Sherman, who died in 1879.  Charter member Parrazo-3rd R.I. Inf.
              did serve under T.W. Sherman.  By the time Post reorganized in
              1891, Friend Post 130 had taken the name Wm. T. Sherman, which
              might suggest original name was Wm. T. Sherman.
64 EASLEY     Only charter member tie was Thomas Hull-16th ILL. Co. G., who
              served with a Barton A. Easley.  Don't see a real match there.
              Only other possible was a Lt. in the 11th Mo. Militia, but no
              matchup found.  Charter members from Iowa-9 Inf, 8Cav; Ind-100,
              11Cav; Wisc-33?, 47; MI-6HA; ILL-27,29,50,88,124,142 Inf.
65 SMITH      Gen. Smith still alive, but found at least 4 charter members
              who served under him.  (7th Minn.-27th Iowa-23rd Wisc.-101st
              ILL. Inf.)  Post had also submitted names Dick Yates as 2nd
              choice and Fairchild as 3rd choice.
66 MIX        Sgt. Germaine & Mix both from Co. E!! No other members matchup.
68 FREMONT    John C. Fremont appears on Adj. reports as early as 1881,
              although he doesn't die until 1890.
70 SCHRONTZ   Slight difference in spelling, but only person by that name
              among charter member regiments and both served in Company M!!
              Another charter member was Neal Walters-6th Mich. Cav.
72 BEADLE     Spelling doen't match, but pronounciation does!  Beadle and
              Charles & Joseph Forsha's all from Co. D.  No other matchups.
              There was a Richard L. Beadle in 24 Ind. Co. C, but tie to Post.
77 RUSSELL    Capt. Mathews was also the first Post Commander!
78 NORTON     Pvt. Sanford Slater Co. G & Pvt. James Tippen Co. D
81 GEARY      Natural selection is Gen. John Geary, however closeness of date
              to battle is very persuasive.  No direct member ties to either.
87 GRIFFIN    Hamilton county Independent says F. Griffin on 8/29/1891.
  Another possible was Brig. Gen. Daniel F. Griffin.
88 ELLIOT     So many possibilities, impossible to determine with any
              certainty.  Another possible was Lt. Col. Jonas Elliot-102 Ohio
              Inf. killed 9/23/1864 at Athens, GA.  Charter member and first
              Post Commander G.G. Pratt served in 104th Ohio Inf.
91 STRONG     Lt. Groden-100 NY Inf. was only charter member at Ft. Wagner.
              No other members found with a tie to anyone named Strong.
94 VAN METRE  Joseph and Charter member James Isbell in same Company!!
96 TUCKER     There is a picture of Col. Ira Tucker among the Post artifacts
              according to a letter recieved from the local Hist. Society.
              Also presence of Charter member from 2nd N.J. Cav. makes
              identity solid.
98 WASHBURN   No likely nominees-might have been date.
99 SILL       Two members served, but Lt. Col. Hitchcock-90th ILL. Inf. was
              first Post Commander.  Other member served in 77th Pa. Inf.
104 ROBERTS   One member in 2nd ILL. Cav. served under Gen. Benjamin Roberts
              who died in 1875 and fought in Minn in 1862. Col. George Roberts
              is listed as Brig. Gen. Roberts in Compendium.  J.B. Robertson
              and George Smedley served in the 51st ILL. under Geo. Roberts.
111 GLOVER    Henry is not listed as a Sgt., however Indiana records only show
              rank when he enlisted and there were at least 4 openings for Sgt
              while he was alive.  Charter member served with him and Henry
              died in August, same month Post mustered!  Very persuasive!
112 RENO      Cpl. George Chaffee-50th Pa. Inf. served under Reno, but...
113 WARREN    S. Jones-2nd Maine Inf. served under Warren, but...
114 WHITEHEAD Baumgardner was first Post Commander.  Another possible was Pvt.
              D.T. Whitehead who died 4/20/1862 and served in same Regiment
              as C. M. Charles Hedden-52nd Penn. Inf. Co. A, but dif. company.
115 COLEMAN   Post applied for charter near anniversary of battle of Antietam.
116 STONEMAN  Gen. Stoneman doesn't die until 1894??
117 COLLINS   Many possibilities but 10th Ohio Cav. spent most of their time
              in the West, plus anniversary month is persuasive.
119 GRANGER   Major J.B. Farnsworth-4th Wisc. Cav. was officer-no connection?
122 HUNTER    Another with several possibilities, but dead officer and charter
              member is most likely choice. Also Stevens was 1st Post Cmnder.
              Another possible is KIA in 1st Iowa Co. F, but member in Co. G
125 LANDER    Cpl. A.L.Towle-2nd Mass Inf. & Lander come from Mass, but...
              They applied for their charter in March 1881!  It took 18 months
              before charter was approved??
126 BUCKINGHAM  Kelley was 1st Post Commander.  KIA in 6th Iowa Co. C, but
              charter member is from Co. F.  Ch. Members:  Conn-18; NEB-1;
              WIS-17,27; ILL-15; PA-103; US-16; IOWA-3,6,15,18 Inf.
128 MULLIGAN  First Adj.'s report in 1881 says Gen. Mulligan.  Only charter
              member serving under him was from 13th West Va. Inf.
134 BRADLEY   Found no indication of who this should be!!!  Charter member
              list inconclusive.
142 PUTNAM    Same problem as Post 134
145 MERCER    Another Bob Mercer found was a Lt. with 18th Iowa Inf. Co.K,
              but no charter member from 18th Iowa.  Hendrix was in Co. K,
              not D, like Mercer, but easily could have known each other.
              Also Robert Mercer-7th ILL. Cav. Co. C was killed 4/11/1863
              at Lagrange, TN, but no charter members from 7th ILL. Cav.
152 HERRON    Gen. Herron does not die until 1902, so he should be ineligible.
              However, no other good candidates found and there were two
              charter members from 8th Iowa Inf.
157 POTTER    Horace was a surgeon, may have been a Major, but records don't
              show his official rank.  He's only potential major found!
158 ELDER     Elder & Raser both served in Co. A!
159 BARRY     Chamberlain Miller-10th Ind. Bat. was only artilleryman among
              charter members...
163 FREAS     Was first veteran buried in City Cemetery.
167 BALDWIN   Another possible was Col. Philemon Baldwin-6th Ind. Inf. killed
              at Chicamagua.  Norman fought there, but since he served in same
              battery as Capt. Baldwin, felt that was a more likely choice.
170 CRITTENDEN See RG026 Ser. 1 Adj. Gen. Book Page 121.  Says old name was
              Gen. Crittenden.
172 BUTLER    Post used town name of Burchard for first year.
177 STEWART   Some variance on middle initial but only Col. Stewart I found
              and presence of Ellington seems convincing.
178 HUTTON    Post Commander was Sampson Riddle-24th Iowa Inf. Co. E.  Both
              Morris and Sampson were Wagoners, enlisting just one day apart.
180 STEEDMAN  Locals want local guy named Steadman, but closeness to death of
              the General is too much to ignore.  Half of the reports say
              Steedman-half say Steadman?!?
181 GREATHOUSE  Spelling doesn't match, but no other candidates found.
              Members:  IND-99,144; IA-21; TN-6art; PA-13,6ha; MAINE-1,6;
              NT-1mtd,6cav; VT-6,3art; OH-32; ILL-7,8,16,105,132,8cav.
186 WRIGHT    Several possibilities: Pvt. James Wright-49th Wisc. Co. K, Post
              member in Co. F; Pvt. John Wright-32nd Iowa Co. killed 4-9-1864
              at Pleasant Hill, La.  Ch. Member Wm. Berry served in 32nd Iowa.
              Another possibility was Pvt. John Wright-8th Ind. Cav. Co. J.
              Ch. member R. Bickle served in Co. D, 8th Ind. Cav.  Also Capt.
              John Wright-34 PA. Inf.  Ch. Members:  WIS-18,33,49; MI-5,2cv,
              IND-1cv,8cv; ILL-12 cv; KS-5; NY-8cv; OH-30; IA-30,32,38,39;
              PA-4 Inf.
189 GARRISON  Found one reference to him being in the 111th ILL. Inf., but
              could not confirm. He may have been a Washington County pioneer.
              Maj. Amos Garrison died 8/5/1877??  Ch. Members:  IA-4,9cv;
              IND-1,73,134; WI-42; NEB-2cv; MAINE-26; ILL-7,138,2cv,4cv,11cv;
              KY-12 cav.
195 SWEET     See 6/2/1885 Burnett Blade article.  Member George Sweet does
              not appear to be a charter member, but may have influenced.
198 STOUT     See letter in Adj. reports.  RG026 Series 8
202 WILLIAMS  So many possibilities!!  Never found an explanation locally, but
              may be one buried in local papers someplace.  Ch. Members:
              OH-6; IA-22; NY-17,61,128,1 Art; ILL-14,28,42,150,3cv.
203 VANDEVENTOR  Another possiblility is Capt. George Vandeventor-48th MO. Inf.
          Son of one of Falls City settlers, but death date unknown.
205 LINDSAY   Boyer was from Co. H as was Capt. Lindsay. No other C.M. ties.
206 GOTHENBURG  Also was a Lt. Col. Thomas S. Martin-11th Pa. Inf., KIA
  8/30/1862 at 2nd Bull Run, but no charter member connection.
208 WOOD      10 Col. Wood's in Heitmans, but this is only one with a tie to
              a charter member. Local Hist. Soc. says name from early settler,
              but I believe name of Post may have given local guy, (known as
              Col Wood, but actually only a private) his nickname. Also local
              guy didn't die until 1892 in Omaha, and was in disgrace.
210 GARLAND   Only match-up I could find.  Ch. Members:  ILL-12,154; ME-1;
              NY-70, WIS-44,1cv; OH-2cv; PA-82; IA-21,39,2cv,8cv.
212 HARBINE   Lt. Col. Thomas Harbine-25th Mo. Inf.  Jefferson County pioneer.
              (This Post was part of the Department of Kansas, although the
              National Tribune mentions them on 6/27/1889 and the local news-
              paper lists them on 11/24/1892.  Situated right on the Kansas
              border most of it's members were Kansans.)
221 PICKETT   Another possibility was Capt. Edgar Pickett-8th Iowa Cav. Co. C,
              same as C.Mbr. Francis Shirley, but he did not die until 1901.
224 WHITAKER  William was an unassigned recruit who died 1/4/1865.  May have
              been last of regiment to die.  Graham was in Co. H.
228 JEWETT    There were three Jewett's in 3rd Iowa Cav. Co. G, Francis,
              George & Orin.  Ch. members Elhanon Burkes was in Co. A and
              Alexander Hinote in Co. C.  Reason, sometimes written Ransom,
              may have been a relative of the Jewetts in Co. G.
248 HARDING   Charter member W. H. Harris with 85th ILL, but no direct tie.
249 GILLISPIE This should be easy, but only other Col.'s found, Lt. Col.
              David Gillispie-10th ILL. Inf. & Lt. Col. Wm. Gillispie-41 ILL.,
              don't match up with any Ch. member. Ch.Members: ILL-18,134,12cv;
              IA-2; OH-113; MI-6ha,10cv; WI-18; MD-1; PA-135 Inf. US-4 C.ART.
              Other possible Col. Hamilton Gillispie-50th Ohio Inf doesn't die
              until 1921??!!
254 CARLETON  Often spelled Carlton in Post records, still the presence of a
              member of the Calif. Column is very persuasive.  If Carlton is
              correct, several possiblilities, although none as good a tie to
              charter member.  Col. Caleb Carlton-89th Ohio Inf....Lt. Col.
              Joseph H. Carlton-34th Wisc. Inf. (Post had two members from
              33rd Wisc)...Pvt. Richard Carlton-32nd ILL. Inf. died at home
              on 12/11/1864, served in same regiment as a charter member.
255 PUTNAM    Col. Haldiman Putnam is sentimental choice, but nothing to
              confirm him among charter members.
256 SMITH     J.L. was known as Kirby according to regimental history, also
              Post mustered during month he died.  Joseph probably a relative.
266 NORTON    Tippen served under Norton in Co. D, before Norton transferred
              to Co. B where he was killed shortly thereafter.
273 CORBETT   Post name of Boston Corbett does not appear in minutes until
              November.  Omaha Post 110 had already changed its name to Grant,
              forcing Leigh to choose another, although official minutes do
              not say anything about it, only a change at top of minutes.
285 SACKETT   Another possibility is Brig. Gen. Delos Sackett, but not KIA.
              1822-1883...1/2 U.S. Cavalry
297 CAPT.KEYES  Several possibilities-Patrick Keyes-16th U.S. Inf.-KIA Shiloh;  
  Edwin Keyes-116th Ohio, KIA 7/19/1864; Orland Keyes-12 N.H.Inf.
              but Chersey only served under Hamlin Keyes.
320 STINEHOPE  Christian served under Stinehope in Company B.
328 BURGESS   At least one early report gave Post name as Basil Burgess, not
              William!  Both Lowe and Basil from co. D!
338 HOOTEN    See letter in Adj. Gen. reports RG026 Series 8, which says he
              was killed at Shiloh.  Ind. Adj. Gen. Report on page 119 says
              he died 9/6/1863 at home and is buried in Spiceland Township.
              Regimental roster says he was discharged for disability 6/29/63,
              possibly he was wounded at Shiloh and later died at home.


      Occasionally the obituary does not call him the last Civil War veteran,
but elsewhere someone does.  There were also times, due to ignorance or error,
where more than one veteran was called "the last" in the local paper. Finally,
who do you consider "the Last Member"? The last veteran to die locally, or the
member who died later in a different town or state and may not even be buried
locally?!  It was particularly difficult to find the last member for the
smaller Posts and towns that did not have a local paper.  When noone is found
who is called the "last member", the last known member is given.  Those cases
are discussed below.  The last veteran in the county is noted by (LIC).

6     Went through papers from 1922-1941...no LMD (last member died) found.
22    The Signal calls John Whited the last member on 11/3/1939, but the GAR showed two left at that time.
33    Nebraska Signal (Geneva) says he was last.
46    Only three attended MDay services in 1929. Crane, Wm. Ely and Wm. Murley.
        Neither is ever mentioned again. One lived in Iowa, other unknown.
49    Tecumseh Chieftan has obit, says he is last in Elk Creek section.
50    Hebron Register in Hubbell section says he was last on 5/30/1935
51    Republican on 6/2/1922 calls Ross only resident C.W. veteran.(3 left in 1918...Jacob Slider-Alonzo Robinson-Ross)
52    Last active member was Sheldon Peck who died 2/28/1932.
53    See Nemaha County Herald on 1/24/1935.
54    Local paper says he is only one on MDay 1931.
56    Lewis was last burial in Milford.  Knight is buried in Panama.
65    Went through papers 1915-37...No LMD...1925 veterans list showed only 3 at Doniphan. 
        Dewitt, Wm.Hendricks-10/25/1931 & J.P.Spellman-11/18/1931
67b   Journal in 1930 says 3 were at MemDay.  Davisson, Hutson and Mike Thrall of Johnstown.  Has article on Hutson on 5/25/1931. 
         Davisson spent most of his time in Omaha, but was long time resident of Long Pine.
72    Herald on 1/24/1929 says Royer is last.
79    Nice article on Wheat on 6/2/1933.
87    Aurora paper MDay 1931 says Driesback was one of 4 in county.
88    Peoples Journal says only 2 left on 6/5/1931.  Cyrus Eaton and Wm. Hall.
94    Last active member, Charles Potter, died 7/31/1931.
100   Globe says he was last on 7/19/1934, but Thomas is listed in 1928 MDay.
101   Vets list in 1925 listed only 4 at Firth. Heckler,Long,Vendewege,Graham. Graham moved away.
         GAR Annual Journal says last member died in 1929.
102   1926 newspaper says Weiser was only resident Post member left. 1924 article said Weiser and Jacob Schmid were only 2 left.
106   Monitor on 5/29/1930 says only 3 left in County.
107   Wilhelm was gone from Dorchester a lot, died at GISH, but local burial.
116   The last vet was a Conf.-Cummings Gilmore 12/26/1932.
119   Paper on MDay 1935 says Olbrey is last of the GAR in Decator.
121   Clipper says Cronk only one left on Mem. Day 1928
123   Post made Louisa P. Spears an honorary member on 7/27/1895,for supplying
      a recruit at her own expense per letter in NSHS RGO26 Series 8.
124   John Hutson died in Long Pine 2/27/1937, but was a former member of #124
125   Tribune said 3 left in 1919.  Hiram Harding-A. Wright-Jack Peniska. Says
      none left MDay 1920.  Obit implies he was last.  Wm. Pease (5/8/1922) &
      Hathaway not members of Post?
130   Only 2 at 1932 MDay...obit DSL (doesn't say Last).
131   Advocate in 1933 MDay says he was last.
132   Vets list in 1925 listed only 3-John Welty, Wm. Kirkpatrick & Sperry.
      Went through papers 1917-1940...3 at 1922 MDay.
139   Sun on 6/4/1930 says Robinson is last member.
145   Vets roster in 1915 listed only Long, none listed in 1925.
149   Gazette says Carnes was only one present in 1931 MDay.Coleman in Lincoln
150   Review on 6/1/1916 says 2 left. Andrew Leonard 12/22/1916 & McQuire.
152   Hastings Democrat has obit...DSL...
154   McCook Republican cites both as Last in County
158   Central City Repub. has obit.  Thomas Gosnell is buried in Central City.
159   Only two left 1926 MDay...James Goin at 1929 MDay but he had moved to Beatrice.
         James Stewart (10/2/1931) had also moved away years earlier.
166   1913 Register listed 13 vets in Rulo.  Johnson is last of them.
167   Aurora Paper says Hendricks one of 4 in County in 1931 MDay.
168   Local paper says he is only one left in obit for Wm. Macy on 8/1/1931.
169   Pawnee Chief says Richardson last of Post on 8/20/1924.  Tecumseh Chief has Keiber obit...Not Post member??
170   So. Souix City paper says "he is one of the few left". LIC was 5/31/1931
172   Pawnee Chief has obit on 1/7/1925.
174   Waterloo Gazette says he is last.
175   Courier says one left on Mem. Day 1922, None left in 1923.
180   obit DSL...5 listed in 1925 vets list...Wm. Copsey 1/5/1929??
183   Atkinson Graphic says last in 5/10/1929 obit.
184   Pilgrim on 5/27/1927 says he is last.  He is also listed in 1919 group.
185   No local paper...local Hist. Soc. doesn't know either.
190   Last active member Barrett Recklard died 2/9/1933
192   Obit says he is one of few left...LIC 1934!
194   Syracuse Democrat says he was last.
198   Chase died in Juniata, but was early member of Post.
199   Ellemeier was only C.W.vet at 1922 MDay...obit DSL...
200   1916 paper says 6 vets at Mem. Day services.  Fox was last of them.
203   Paper in 1916 lists two in attendance on Mem. Day.  J.D. Griffiths &
      Silas Case.
204   See article in Oxford Standard on 7/11/1940.
205   Cozad paper says he was last on Mem. Day 1933.
209   Wilkinson is called only veteran left in 6/6/1929 Wave.
215   1931 paper says two left in County-A. Brisco, died 1/3/32 & J.H. Cannon.
226   Pioneer lists 7 survivors of Post in 1914.  Kunkel last known of them.
      Fox was not a member of original Post but LIC.
228   Paper lists 12 at 1909 MDay.  No papers after 1911!
229   No local papers after 1912!  2 other from 1925 vets list-Geo. Kimball &
      Wm. Nixon but no dates.
230   Monitor says Cunningham was last on Mem. Day 1930.
232   Vets roster in 1925 lists only 2 at Lodgepole. Withers and Jason Sparks
      who died in 1928 in Sidney.
235   Ord Quiz says last on 6/27.
238   Went thru papers 1908-31...no vets listed in 1915 or 1925 rosters.
240   Went thru papers 1905-33..1913/4 MDay says only 2 present..Berney/Kilmer
243   Citizen in 1927 Mem Day says 2 left, no names..1934 says Comrade Gentry
      is sole C.W. vet...he is Minden member?!
245   Pvt. Kelley held Grant's horse at Appomattox.
248   Herald says Hampton was last on Mem. Day 1921.
250   Paper lists 4 at 1919 MDay. Shelley is last of them. No paper after 1928
258   Another early member David Pickeral died 7/15/1931 in Kearney.
264   No local paper-Sevan Valleys Hist. Soc. says Doxsee last, but he died in
      Gibbon. Other possibles W.W. Collins & Jos. Readhead no dates!
265   Custer County Chief says Sowerline is last.  (Leslie had moved away).
266   1931 Mem. Day article says Houck Last C.W. Vet.
267   Obit for P.F. Brown on 1/17/1931 says only 2 left in County.  Tim Cronin
      obit on 11/11/1931 says Dishaw still alive.
275   News on 10/30 says Nunnally last C.W. veteran.
276   See Albion Weekly News on 12/13/1928.
278   Wakefield Republican newspaper said he was last in Pender in May 1937.
285   SV Camp was named for David Benson who had ties to Benkelman.  1925 vets
      list also showed Charles W. Smith (1932) and John Connor at Haigler.
288   Weeping Water paper says Wright was last of Lincoln Post, but must mean
      last of Eagle Post.
290   Oak paper lists 5 vets at 1916 Mem. Day ceremony.  Joy was last of them.
294   Times calls Lehman last on 2/16/1928.  Last of 5 listed in 1922-3 MDays.
298   So. Side Sentinel says Nutt last on 6/5/1930. Charles Puelz last Burial.
304   See obit in Chadron Journal.
305   Went thru papers from 1911-1928, no names given! 1925 vets list shows
      only Cross and Skinner in Harrisburg.
308   Dakota City Herald says he is last in county.
309   See Nemaha County Herald on 1/24/1935.
310   Gordon Journal on 9/1/1921 says he was last.
312   Enterprise says he is last of old Post on 5/4/1923.
313   1929 Mem. Day says 2 left-Oleson & James Martin. Martin died 6/1929
322   Humphrey Democrat obit on H. Lueschen on 5/31/1934 says his death leaves
      only one in Creston.  Hastings Tribune says Lueschen last Post member.
327   Only 3 in 1929...A.E. Atkins-1929...J.T.Chapman-1935..James Sharp-1931
      William Bell died at GISH, where he had been for some time.
336   Enterprise on MDay 1927 says Beetem only one.
342   Minden Courier on 3/14/1935 says Nelson last in Axtell.
344   GAR report in Annual Journal says he is alive and well. No record after.
347   MDay 1929 says Benson last one.  Daniel Jenkins 5/25/1936 died at GISH.
349   Wayne obit says he was last in Carroll, 4 left in county.
351   Falls City Journal on 3/25/1937 says he is last.
353   1932 Butte paper on Mem. Day says 3 left in County...other two at Butte
356   Lynch paper in May 1928 says 5 left in county.  Others are at Posts 328
      & 338 & 353.  Although obit doesn't say last, he must be.

Unsure of Last Member:  6, 46, 65, 117, 130, 132, 137, 145, 156, 180,
                185, 192, 199, 228, 229, 238, 246, 250, 252, 253, 258, 259,
                285, 290, 293, 305, 307, 318, 319, 325, 332, 334, 354, 356

The following Posts give a list of burials on Memorial Day in the year given.

Post #-Year

11-1911, 15-1935, 23-1925, 32-1893, 34-1914, 45-1892,1905, 47-1895
56-1933/5, 71-1932, 81-1914+, 88-1940, 91-1921, 100-1934,  107-1914,
115-1921,  119-1917,  132-1938,  148-1928,  159-1925,  175-1922,  180-1924/32,
192-1921,  196-1933/4,  223-1936,  228-1909,  238-1931,  239-1926,  266-1929,
275-1931,  276-1921/31,  313-1932,  314-1930/32,  321-1930,  354-1901

                      MISC. REFERENCES

5/30/1890 Wilbur Republican-GAR altar in church
1892        Albany NY Telegram Memorial Day paper printed on blue paper     
1/16/1923 Louisville Weekly-Omaha Woman Soldier
4/20/1923    "         "   -Ref. to Plattsmouth Jornal article on 1st. Nebr.
1/17/1935 Nemaha City Herald article on 1st Nebr.
See Omaha W.H. on 6/18/1961, 7/9/1961, 10/14/1962
Monument to Col. Stotsenberg in Arlington Nat'l Cemetery-Pawnee Chief 3/23/06

1916 Memorial Day services at Friend were the first by a Catholic priest in Nebraaka