History of Nebraska Encampments and Reunions

Dec 4, 1996  


Provisional Organization 1867-1877                Permanent Organization 1877-1948

Compiled by Dave Wells   Omaha, Nebraska

The Encampment was the official Dept. (state) business meeting where new officers were elected and all official business was conducted. They were originally held in January or February, but were switched to May in 1899.

A Reunion was more of a social gathering, where the veterans got together to renew old friendships and tell "war stories" to all who would listen. There were three types of reunions; Department, District, and County. To hold the Dept. Reunion a city was required to provide 240 acres of ground and food and water for up to 3,000 horses and 30,000 people.  In addition to the Dept. Reunion, there were numerous district reunions each year.  On this list, the Dept. reunion is listed first, in bold italics, followed by the district reunions.  Because very little information was kept on the district reunions, that portion of the list is very incomplete.  Some counties felt they were too far away from even the district reunions and held their own.

DEPT. ENCAMPMENT/Dept. Reunion/District Reunions   Dept. Commander

1877  OMAHA         June 11        Paul Van Dervoort of Omaha

1878  OMAHA         Jan. 16        Reuben H. Wilber of Omaha

1879  OMAHA      Jan. 31-Feb. 1    James W. Savage of Omaha
                 July 2-Dept. Reunion-Bellwood in Warren's Grove in October

1880  LINCOLN      Jan. 26        James W. Savage of Omaha
                   Sept. 17-Dept. Reunion-Camp Buford at Central City  Sept. 13th-18th

1881  AURORA        Jan. 26-27     Samuel J. Alexander of Lincoln
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Abe Lincoln at Lincoln  Sept. 5th-11th

1882  LINCOLN      Jan. 24-26     Samuel J. Alexander of Lincoln
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Lyon at Grand Island  Aug. 28th-Sept. 3rd
            District-Brock           Oct. 28               
                       -Syracuse       Sept. 21-23

1883  LINCOLN      Feb. 19-21     John C. Bonnell of Lincoln
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sheridan at Hastings  Sept. 4th-9th
            District-Long Pine            Oct. 2-4
                       -Weeping Water    July 3-5
                       -Stromsburg          July 3-5

1884  FREMONT      Jan. 29-31     Henry E. Palmer of Plattsmouth
    Dept. Reunion-Camp McPherson at Fremont  Sept. 1st-6th
            District-Fairfield       Sept. 24-25
                       -Kearney         Aug. 21-23
                       -York            Oct. 9-10

1885  BEATRICE     Jan. 28-29     Albert V. Cole of Juniat
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Howard at Beatrice  Sept. 7th-12th
              District-Fairmont        July 2-4

1886  RED CLOUD    Feb. 17-18     John M. Thayer of Grand Island
        Dept. Reunion-Camp Grant at Grand Island  Aug. 31st-Sept. 5th
             1st  District-      (Republican Valley)     
             1st                    (Northwest)
             1st                   -Norfolk    (North)    Aug. 17-21
                                    -Shelton                    July 2-4
                                    -Red Cloud

1887  OMAHA     March 15-17    Henry C. Russell of Schuyler
          Dept. Reunion-Camp Logan at Omaha   Sept. 5th-11th
             1st  District    -Cambridge  (Southwest)  3rd          
                                  -Oakdale    (Northeast)     July 1-4 
            2nd                -Norfolk      (North)          Aug. 23-27     
            1st                 -Ravenna   (Loup Valley)    July 4-     
            1st                 -Hardy  (Republican Valley) Sept. 9-11

1888  LINCOLN   Feb. 29-March 1   Walter C. Henry of Fairmont
        Dept. Reunion-Camp Sheridan at Norfolk    Aug. 27-Sept. 2
             3rd  District-Holdrege  (Republican Valley)  Aug. 8-14
                               -Holdrege   (Interstate)    Aug. 14-17

             2nd          -Atkinson?  (Northwest)     July 1-4     
             1st                      (Northeast)                
                            -Kearney                    Sept. 17-22
                             -Dorchester                 July 3-5     
             2nd          -Valentine                  July 3-5
                           -Bloomington                Oct. 1-                  
                            -Hardy      (Stateline)     Aug. 3-                  
                           -Broken Bow   (Central)     Aug. 14-16

1889  KEARNEY    Feb. 20-21     Joshua B. Davis of Wahoo
                                Samuel H. Morrison of Nebraska City          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp John Brooke at Kearney  Aug. 12th-17th          
        District-Chadron    (Northwest)     Aug. 27-30                  
            -O'Neill      (North)       Aug. 19-24     
        1st     -Red Cloud  (Interstate)    Sept. 17-20
                 -Hardy     (Rep. Valley)    Aug. 20-23                  
                 -Tekamah    (Burt Co.)      Sept. 25-27     
        3rd     -Broken Bow  (Central)      Aug. 6-10                  
                  -Bloomington                Sept. 26-                  
                  -Rep. City                  Sept. 25-                  
                  -Madison                    Sept. 6-                  
                  -Plainview                  Sept. 11-13                  
                  -McCook                     Oct. 9-12                  
                  -Wymore                     Aug. 1-

1890  GRAND ISLAND  Feb. 19-20     Thaddeus S. Clarkson of Omaha         
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Crook at Grand Island  Sept. 1st-6th          
        District-Crawford   (Northwest)     Oct. 1-3     
        1st     -Hebron     (Southeast)     Oct. 7-10     
        2nd    -Superior   (Interstate)    Aug. 4-9                  
                 -Plainview  (Northeast)     July 2-5                  
                 -North Platte   (West)      Sept. 16-19                 
                 -Auburn      (Eastern)      Sept. 24-26     
        4th    -Ansley   (Loup Valley)     Aug. 26-29                  
                 -Filley                     June 16-19     
        5th    -Hardy    (Stateline)       Aug. 19-22                  
                 -McCook                     Aug. 8-22                  
                -Greenwood                  Aug. 21-23                  
                -Albion                     July 11-12                  
                -Alma                       July 4-5                  
                -Craig                      Sept. 17-                  
               -Crawford    (West)         Sept. 3-5

1891  PLATTSMOUTH   Feb. 18-19     Joseph Teeter of Lincoln          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sherman at Grand Island   Aug. 31st-Sept. 5th          
        District-North Platte  (Northwest)  Sept. 15-19          
        3rd     -Red Cloud   (Interstate)   Sept. 17-20                  
                  -Creighton   (Northeast)    July 1-4          
        1st     -Greenwood   (Eastern)      Aug. 3-                  
                 -Nebraska City (Southeast)  Sept. 8-11          
        5th     -Ord       (Loup Valley)    Aug. 25-28          
        6th     -Hardy     (Stateline)      Aug. 18-21                  
                  -McCook    (Southwest)      Sept. 14-19          
        2nd    -Ohiowa                     Oct. 22-23                  
                  -Valpraiso                  Aug. 26-                  
                  -Atkinson                   Aug                  
                 -North Platte  (Western)    Sept. 15-18          
        4th     -Hay Springs  (Northwest)   Oct. 7-9                  
                  -Gering                     Oct.-Abandoned                  
                  -St. Edwards                Sept. 16-18                  

1892  COLUMBUS     Feb. 17-18     Caleb J. Dilworth of Hastings          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sheridan at Grand Island  Aug. 29th-Sept. 3rd          
        District-Superior   (Interstate)    Aug. 31-Sept. 3                  
                   -Greenwood     (East)       Aug. 9-14          
        3rd     -Oakdale      (North)       July 1-4                  
                  -Curtis     (Southwest)     Sept. 13-17                 
                  -           (Central)       Sept.-Called off                  
                 -Auburn     (Southeast)     Aug. 16-19                  
                 -Hardy      (Stateline)     Aug. 16-19                  
                 -Pawnee City                Aug. 2-4

1893  FREMONT      Feb. 15-16     Alonzo H. Church of North Platte          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Logan at Grand Island  Aug. 28th-Sept. 2nd          
            -Broken Bow                 Aug. 22-25                  
            -Long Pine                  
            -Chadron     (Northwest)                  
            -Dewitt      (Southeast)    Aug. 7-12                  
            -Superior   (Interstate)    July 31-Aug. 7                  
            -Greenwood     (East)       Aug. 22-26                  
            -Curtis      (Southwest)    Aug. 21-24                  
            -Randolph                   June?                  
            -Fullerton                  Aug. 17-          
        6th     -Bourdeau    (Northwest)    July 3-7

1894  LINCOLN     Feb. 21-22     Church Howe of Auburn         
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Morrow at Grand Island   Aug. 27th-Sept. 1st          
        District-Tecumseh   (Southeast)     Aug. 14-17                  
            -Superior   (Interstate)    July 30-Aug. 4                  
            -Neligh     (Northeast)     July 1-4                  
            -Weeping Water   (East)     Aug. 21-24                  
            -Norfolk                    Aug. 9-12                 
            -Carrico                    Sept. 25-27                  
            -Broken Bow                 Sept. 25-29                  
            -Valentine   (Northwest)    Sept. 12-14                  
            -Battle Creek               July 2-4                  
            -Bourdeau                   July 3-5                  
            -Hayes Center               Aug. 23

1895  HASTINGS    Feb. 13-14     Clare E. Adams of Superior          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sherman at Hastings  Aug. 26th-31st          
        District-Hastings   (Interstate)    Aug. 26-31                 
            -Beaver City   (Southwest)  Sept. 13-16                  
            -Neligh        (Northeast)  Aug. 8-11                  
            -Harrisburg                 Sept.                  
            -Republican City            Sept. 23-28                  
            -Broken Bow  (Central Vets) Sept. 17-21                  
            -Creston                    July 3-5                  
            -Curtis                     Sept.                  
            -Weeping Water

1896  OMAHA       Feb. 12-13     John H. Culver of Milford          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Fairchild at Lincoln  Aug. 24th-29th          
        District-Superior   (Interstate)    Aug. 10-15                  
            -Neligh      (Northeast)    July 14-18                  
            -Gering      (Northwest)    Sept. 21-24                  
            -St. Paul                  
            -Weeping Water  (Eastern)   July 1-4          
        1st     -Sutton         (Central)   Sept. 28-Oct. 2                  
            -Curtis       (Southwest)   Sept. 15-18                 
            -Falls City   (Southeast)   July 20-25                  
            -Bourdeaux                  July 12-15                  
            -North Platte  (West)       Oct. 12-15          
        5th     -Newport       (North)      July 2-4                  
            -North Bend                 Aug. 4-7          
        5th     -Silver Creek               Oct. 13-15                  
            -Newman Grove               June 2-4

1897  HASTINGS    Feb. 10-11     John A. Ehrhardt of Stanton          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Lincoln at Lincoln   Sept. 13th-18th          
        District-Nebraska City   (East)     July 5-9                  
            -Nebraska City (Southeast)  July 5-9                  
            -Neligh        (Northeast)  July 13-16                  
            -Silver Creek               Aug.                  
            -North Loup  (Loup Valley)  Aug. 17-19                  
            -Sutton      (Central)      Aug. 30-Sept. 4                  
            -Indianola   (Southwest)    Sept. 7-11                  
            -North Platte    (West)     Oct. 14-17                  
            -Superior    (Interstate)             
            -Republican City            Aug. 16-20                  
            -Greenwood                  Oct. 14-                  
        9th     -Harrisburg                 Aug. 27-

1898  NORFOLK    Feb. 9-10     Thomas J. Majors of Peru          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Dewey at Lincoln   Sept. 12th-17th          
        District-Plainview  (Northeast)     July 12-15                  
            -Superior   (Interstate)    Sept. 19-24                  
            -McCook     (Southwest)     Sept. 26-Oct. 1                  
            -Sutton      (Central)      Sept. 26-Oct. 1                  
            -Falls City                  
            -St. Paul   (Loup Valley)   July 4-7                  
            -Beaver City                Aug.                  
            -Long Pine

1899  YORK      May 10-11      John E. Evans of North Platte          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Otis at Lincoln   Sept. 11th-16th          
        District-Wymore      (Southeast)    Aug. 21-26                  
            -Wymore      (Interstate)   Aug. 21-26                  
            -Cambridge   (Southwest)    Sept. 4-9                  
            -Greeley    (Loup Valley)   Aug. 29-31                  
            -Plainview   (Northeast)    July 11-14                  
            -Elmwood     (East)         July 1-4                  
            -Sutton      (Central)      Oct. 2-7                  
            -Republican City            Aug.                  
            -Long Pine

1900  BEATRICE     May 9-10       John Reese of Broken Bow          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Lawton at Lincoln  Aug. 13th-18th          
        District-Cambridge   (Southwest)    Oct. 1-6                  
            -Pierce      (Northeast)    July 10-13                  
            -Syracuse    (Eastern)      June 30-July 5                  
            -Sutton      (Central)      Sept. 10-15                  
            -Genoa    (Platte Valley)   Aug. 6-11                  
            -Elmwood     (East)         July 1-4                  
            -Dodge                      Aug. 9-11                  
            -Plainview                  July 10-14                  

1901  PLATTSMOUTH   May 8-9        Robert S. Wilcox of Omaha          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Lawton at Hastings  Aug. 26th-31st          
        District-Cambridge   (Southwest)    Aug. 26-31                  
            -Weeping Water  (Eastern)   Aug. 20-23                  
            -Neligh      (Northeast)    July 9-12                  
            -Bourdeaux   (Northwest)    July 15-20                  
            -Crawford    (West)         June 30-July 5

1902  OMAHA       May 22-23      Calvin F. Steele of Fairbury          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sherman at Hastings  Sept. 8th-13th          
        District-Cambridge   (Southwest)    Aug. 25-29                  
            -Beatrice    (Southeast)    Aug. 13-20                  
            -Beatrice    (Interstate)   Aug. 13-20                  
            -Neligh      (Northeast)    July 8-11                  
            -Weeping Water  (Eastern)   Aug. 19-22

1903  FREMONT     May 13-14      Lee S. Estelle of Omaha          
    Dept. Reunion-Camp Sherman at Hastings  Aug. 31st-Sept. 5th          
        District-Cambridge   (Southwest)    Aug. 31-Sept. 5                  
            -Niobrara    (Northeast)    Aug. 11-15                  
            -Fairbury    (Interstate)   July 27-Aug. 1                  
            -Fairbury    (Southeast)    July 27-Aug. 1                  

1904  KEARNEY     May 11-12      Harmon Bross of Lincoln          
    Dept. Reunion-Omaha-Canceled at Encampment in May          
        District-Cambridge   (Southwest)    Aug. 22-27                  
            -Elmwood     (Eastern)      June 30-July 4                  
            -Pierce      (Northeast)    July 12-16                  
            -Franklin                   Aug. 15-18                  
            -Red Cloud    (Interstate)  Sept. 5-10                  
            -Silver Creek (Platte Valley)  Aug. 22-27


1905  GRAND ISLAND  May 17-19      John Lett of York          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 14-19          
        Syracuse       (East)               July 1-4          
        Bardo          (Northwest)          
        Wymore         (Southeast)          Aug. 28-Sept. 2          
        Wymore         (Interstate)         Aug. 28-Sept. 2          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 7-11          
        Meadow Grove   (Northeast)          July 11-14

1906  LINCOLN     May 16-18      John R. Maxon of Minden          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 21-25          
        Red Cloud      (Interstate)         Aug. 28-Sept. 1          
        Oakdale        (Northeast)          July 10-13          
        Weeping Water   (Eastern)           Aug. 7-10          
        Wymore         (Southeast)          Aug. 21-24          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      July 31-Aug. 3     
        Chadron        (Northwest)          
        Valentine        (North)            June 5-8

1907  FREMONT     May 15-17      Thomas A. Creigh of Omaha          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 20-24          
        Weeping Water          
        Neligh         (Northeast)          July 2-5          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 19-23          
        Minatare                            Aug. 27-30          F
        Franklin       (Interstate)         Aug. 20-24

1908  HASTINGS     May 19-21      Eli Barnes of Grand Island          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          
        Red Cloud      (Interstate)         Sept. 7-12          
        Tilden         (Northeast)          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 3-7          
        Chadron                             Sept.

1909  YORK        May 11-13      Lucuis D. Richards of Fremont          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 30-Sept. 4          
        Weeping Water  (Eastern)            Aug. 24-27          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      July 26-30          
        Bloomington    (Interstate)         Aug. 23-28          
        Niobrara       (Northeast)          Aug. 24-27          
        Hastings                            Aug. 31-Sept. 5

1910  FAIRBURY    May 17-19      John F. Diener of Syracuse          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 23-26          
        Lynch          (Northeast)          Aug. 2-5          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 8-12

1911  KEARNEY      May 17-19      Albert M. Trimble of Lincoln          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Aug. 22-25          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 7-11          
        Pierce         (Northeast)          July 11-14     
        22nd Bloomington    (Interstate)         Aug. 2-

1912  BEATRICE     May 14-16      Martin V. King of Geneva          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 5-9          
        Randolph       (Northeast)          July 2-5          
        Omaha                               Sept. 17-          
        Falls City                          Oct. 12-          
        York                                Oct. 10-

1913  FREMONT      May 20-22      John A. Dempster of Omaha          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          Sept. 15-20          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 11-15          
        Greenwood      (Eastern)            Aug. 5-8          
        Bloomfield     (Northeast)          July 16-18

1914  GRAND ISLAND  May 13-15      Oliver H. Durand of Fairbury          
        Cambridge      (Southwest)          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 10-14          
        Coleridge      (Northeast)

1915  MINDEN       May 18-20      George Humphrey of Grand Island     
        (Last) Cambridge    (Southwest)          Aug. 31-Sept. 5          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 9-13          
        Pawnee City                         Oct. 21-          
        Tekamah                             Sept. 3-

1916  LEXINGTON    May 16-18      William H. Stewart of Geneva  
        Last? Central City   (Platte Valley)      Aug. 7-12          
        St. Paul          
        Table Rock                          Oct. 19

1917  COLUMBUS     May 16-18      Wilson E. Majors of Peru          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1918  SEWARD       May 14-16      Joseph S. Hoagland of Noth Platte          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1919  YORK         May 19-21      Jesse B. Strode of Lincoln          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1920  FREMONT      May 17-19      Joseph H. Presson of Omaha          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1921  HASTINGS     May 23-25      William J. Blystone of Lincoln          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1922  LINCOLN      May 9-11       John S. Davisson of Omaha          
        Central City   (Platte Valley)

1923  LINCOLN      May 1-3        Ortha C. Bell of Lincoln

1924  FREMONT      May 6-8        Samuel F. Sanders of Holdrege

1925  OMAHA        May 5-7        Edwin F. Brown of Lincoln

1926  HASTINGS     May 4-6        John O. Moore of Palmyra

1927  KEARNEY      May 3-5        David Bryson of Grand Island

1928  SCOTTSBLUFF  May 22-24      Henry V. Hoagland of Lincoln

1929  HASTINGS     May 21-23      Thomas J. Smith of McCook

1930  McCOOK       May 20-22      Francis A. Damewood of Lincoln

1931  FREMONT      May 19-21      Lewis F. Ruppel of Sargent
                                  John Berger of Omaha

1932  HASTINGS     May 17-19      Commodore P. Lomax of Lincoln

1933  LINCOLN      May 16-18      Isaac D. Evans of Lincoln

1934  BEATRICE     May 22-24      George Johnson of Tekamah

1935  GRAND ISLAND  May 21-23      Charles H. Kinney of Raymond

1936  COLUMBUS     May 19-21      Adam Rexford of Omaha

1937  LINCOLN      May 18-20      John Seberg of Upland

1938  FREMONT      May 17-19      Richard E. Coleman of Lincoln

1939  HASTINGS     May 16-18      Homer S. Woodworth of Lincoln

1940  OMAHA        May 21-23      John S. Davisson of Omaha

1941  BEATRICE     May 20-22      Alfred Hendee of Panama

1942  KEARNEY      May 19-21      John H. Allbee of Minden

1943  FREMONT      May 18-20      Richard E. Coleman of Lincoln

1944  LINCOLN      May 16-18      Richard E. Coleman

1945  NO ENCAMPMENT               Richard E. Coleman

1946  OMAHA        May 21-23      Richard E. Coleman

1947  HASTINGS     May 22-24      Richard E. Coleman

1948  FREMONT      June 8-10      None

1949  LINCOLN      May 3-5        None                  

            Other Reunion Groups in Nebraska                  

    SOLDIERS & SAILORS OF NEBRASKA               Org. Jan. 22, 1870  Omaha, Nebraska     
These meetings were open only to soldiers who had served with the 1st and 2nd Nebraska, 
Curtis Horse, or other Nebraska unit during the Civil War.

1st  Lincoln        July 4, 1870
2nd  Omaha          1871          

    NEBRASKA SOLDIERS ASSOCIATION             Org. December 19, 1889
1.   Plattsmouth    Dec. 19, 1889             Organizational meeting
2.   Plattsmouth    Feb. 26-27, 1890          Permanent organization formed
3.   Lincoln        Sept. 15-18, 1891
4.   Nebraska City  Jan. 12-13, 1892
5.   Nebraska City  Dec. 13-15, 1892
     Omaha          Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 1894      2nd association in Grand Island invited to join.     
     Tecumseh       Dec. 26-27, 1894
7.   Tecumseh       Jan. 22-23, 1896     
     Ashland        By Jan. 20, 1898

Org. April 4-6, 1893  York   April 4-6, 1893   9 veterans attended
David City   April 4-6, 1894
Lincoln      April 4-6, 1895
Milford      April 4-6, 1896
Stromsburg   April 4-6, 1897
Seward       April 4-6, 1898
Aurora       April 4-6, 1899
Columbus     April 4-6, 1901  Pictures in Omaha Bee. 
Lincoln      April 4-6, 1902 
Lincoln      April 4-6, 1903